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Christie F is a Betta splendens hobbyist that enjoys spending time caring for her fish and helping new betta keepers learn the ropes.

Common Diseases Bettas Bring Home from the Fish Store – Velvet Disease

betta femmina, originally uploaded by altiebassi. Q: CSM wrote, Hey there, I was wondering if I could trouble you with a quick question. Three days ago I purchased a betta. At the time, he appeared to be in good health, and when i brought him home, he swam in his new tank and ate all [...]

Betta Fish and Filter Current

IMG_4794, originally uploaded by Bassline Audio Visual. Q: M wrote: WOW I have to say that your website is quite the place to find the answers your looking for so thank you so much in helping people find the right answers to keep their wonderful fish alive and well! I was wonder now if you [...]

How Bettas Handle Temperature Fluctuations

mitai May2, originally uploaded by misa212. Q: LAB wrote, I’ve been looking through your blog – so much helpful information. I’m currently cycling a tank (without fish), and am trying to regulate the temperature. During the day, I’ve got a light on for the live plants, and the water gets to about 80-82 degrees F, [...]

Heavy Current in Betta Tank

AquaOne 215L, originally uploaded by KittyKat3756. H wrote, I just bought a new female betta, Finona, who is quite young and small. I have her in the Eclipse 3 gallon but I noticed the current is quite strong for her. Do you have any recommendations to lessen the current? I am thinking it might get [...]

Female Betta: Eggs Causing Lethargy

Homegirl was practicing her MySpace pose., originally uploaded by mandynickel. YC wrote, Hi Christie! I have a quick question for you. When female bettas arepregnant with eggs, and a male is no longer in sight, do they becomelethargic and have trouble eating? I was wondering how much energy reabsorption of the eggs cost them. A: [...]

Older Bettas & Dropsy

Dropsy itself is not a disease but a symptom that can be caused by several things including a bacterial infection, virus or even parasites. It’s very common in tropical fish, especially Betta splendens and sadly it is usually fatal.

Heating Betta Bowls

Betta Display, originally uploaded by Joseph Hoetzl. AK wrote, Hey there, Just stumbled across your website and i think its great. I am a first time owner and am so excited. We named him Jean-Michel, after the famous eighties art star:) So we did decide to go with a 1 gal. bowl. I understand that [...]

Mystery Source of Ammonia Hurting Betta Brood

Blue, originally uploaded by spyzter. EK wrote, I’m also a betta enthusiast, and recently also became a betta breeder… I’m raising my second spawn now. I use beanie boxes because of their convenience — I have a set of shelves holding 96 boxes (24 on each shelf), though I’m only using 72 of them right [...]

Installing an Air Stone

Betta Bubble Maker, originally uploaded by devroka. Q: MS wrote, I recently rescued a Betta fish from being the leftover of a center piece at a wedding and I just setup a tank for the little guy in my apartment. I purchased 1.5 gallon tank and the tank came with an airstone system in it. [...]

Unstable PH Looks Like Common Bettas Disease

castor, originally uploaded by haleyluna. Q: J wrote, I have a Crowntail Splendid Betta; named Bartholomew, whom I’ve had for 1½ years now. I keep him in a 5½ gallon tank with a filter, heater set at 73 degrees, and an air pump with no added tank mates. The tank environment consists of two plastic [...]

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