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Christie F is a Betta splendens hobbyist that enjoys spending time caring for her fish and helping new betta keepers learn the ropes.

The Many Faces of Dropsy

Walter, originally uploaded by Mean and Pinchy. Q: Anon wrote, Hello. I enjoy this site and am wondering about a strange condition. I have a male betta that has bloating on only one side. He has not pine-coned and has been this way for weeks, so I don’t believe it is dropsy. I have him [...]

When Stress Overcomes your Betta

Cat Fish, originally uploaded by phlora. Q: LL wrote, I am struggling with the death of my betta. I lost him on Friday, after having him for a year and 4 months. He was doing just great until 2 months ago when he started hanging around at the bottom of the tank more. I did [...]

Stand-up Against Betta Fighting on April 10!

April 10 is ASPCA Day. Go orange for animals! Here’s a message from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: “On April 10th 2007, the ASPCA will be celebrating ‘ASPCA Day’ and encouraging animal lovers nationwide to ‘Go Orange for Animals’. In our hometown of New York City, many Big Apple buildings [...]

Hot Hot Hot! Betta Bowl Temperature Spikes

betta femmina, originally uploaded by altiebassi. Q: AC wrote, I just got a betta fish a few days ago and have been keeping him on a heating pad to make sure he doesn’t get too cold. However, I think someone may have bumped the control accidentally, heating my poor fish to about 10 degrees higher [...]

Preparing a New Home for your Betta

oops..had an accident on his chair, originally uploaded by missyum. Q: SO wrote, I am so glad to have come across your extremely helpful website! Finally, somewhere to find answers that make sense. About 1 1/2 year ago, we adopted a betta that my daughter’s class could no longer care for. At that time, he [...]

Upgrading Your Betta Bowl

Jonah, originally uploaded by Jon & Brigid. Q: JL wrote, I have a 10 gl tank that I started in December 2006. I purchased a goldfish and 2 snails. After about a month the goldfish died and I have had the 2 snails in there since. I change the water partially weekly (can you recommend [...]

Spring Cleaning: The Feng Shui Aquarium

Black Velvet in motion, originally uploaded by RyanThomas. HG wrote, I have a black betta fish that is living in a feng shui glass containerwith bamboo and rocks. How would I go about cleaning the glasscontainer? A: I’m not really well versed in feng shui but I can tell you that spring is good time [...]

Rod Bacterium & Secondary Infections

Niles, originally uploaded by SecretAgent99. Q: LP wrote, [I] just discovered your site and blog. So well done and informative. Thank you for your interest and time in sharing with others. I understand you probably have tons of ??? sent your way so I understand if you cannot answer here or on your blog. My [...]

How to Feed Frozen Fish Foods

Blush, originally uploaded by Little Hound Dog. LD wrote: OK, if you buy a female w/ no intent to breed her, what happens to the eggs? Does she spawn them w/ out a male and they just don’t get fertilized, or does she re-absorb them? Also, frozen food has us a bit stumped. It comes [...]

First Betta: Size, Lighting, Water Changes & Other Great Questions

betta3, originally uploaded by girlpirate. Q: CBN wrote: Hey Christie! Great site. I’ve enjoyed reading your site and Blog. I’m a new enthusiast from Colombia, and wanted your advice on my new baby, Titan!. Despite all the ideal recommendations, I’ve made my adoption and aquarium the way I wanted it, trying to make it ideal, [...]

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