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Christie F is a Betta splendens hobbyist that enjoys spending time caring for her fish and helping new betta keepers learn the ropes.

Common Signs of Stress in Betta Fish

full glory 2, originally uploaded by littlerottenrobin. Q: G wrote, [I] found your web site to be most informative and that is why I am contacting you. Attached please find a picture of sparky, my 8 year old helped to name it. Here is the set up that I have in place right now. It [...]

Dangers of Over Salting a Freshwater Aquarium

Betta…, originally uploaded by Fabiz Rabbit©. Q: CLP wrote, I got my male betta – Will on November 5th, so he’s still young. He is in a 2 1/2 gallon tank, heated to 76 degrees. I do weekly water changes of 25% and the pH is at 7.0. My betta has started having fin rot. [...]

How Many Days Can Bettas Go Without Food?

Calendar Dates, originally uploaded by Mr.Lee2007. Q: Anon wrote, I have a bit of an unrelated question. I was wondering how long can a betta go without being fed? I am a student and am planning to travel home for spring break. I take the fish home on longer vacations but was wondering if it [...]

2.5 MiniBow Aquarium Kit for Bettas

Q: LE wrote, I recently bought a betta fish (a male, bought from WalMart) and he has been living in a huge vase (no plant) for the time being, I now need to get him a proper aquarium, and was hoping that you could help, I have my eye n this one here… 2.5 Mini [...]

Live Betta Foods

artemia_saline19, originally uploaded by Hopping rabbit. ***NOTICE*** Hey guys n’ gals. Just wanted to let you all know that I was having some issues with access to my email last night so I haven’t been able to read any emails from March 4th or 5th. Hopefully, it’ll be back up and running tonight and I [...]

The Nitrogen Cycle & Fishless Cycling Method

In an aquarium or fish bowl the fish give off waste, which over a short time breaks down into toxic ammonia.

Betta Fish Names

The whole concept of naming fish seems to be fairly unique to Bettas and a small handful of other fish. Maybe it’s because they have varying characteristics.

Two Parts to Treating Fin Rot

betta close-up, originally uploaded by Stephie189. Q: SU wrote: I am a college student at Radford University. My poor betta has developed fin rot. I have had my betta for almost a year now. He has had ich before and has cleared up fine. But now he has fin rot. I first thought the light [...]

Betta with Severely Swollen Abdomen

Q: SK wrote: I came across your website by the recommendation of a few people. My betta seems to be having a pseudo-unique health problem. He seems constipated but really grossly, but he swims as energetically as always and his appetite hasn’t waned in the slightest. He is however, grotesquely swollen. For the past week, [...]

Yucky Floating Debris in Betta Tank

Photo provided by reader JE. Here you can see all the floating debris suspended in the water. Is this detritus or something else? Q: JE wrote, I hate to be a bother but I can’t find any literature that describes what on earth is going on with my Betta Elton. I’ve had him since October. [...]

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