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Christie F is a Betta splendens hobbyist that enjoys spending time caring for her fish and helping new betta keepers learn the ropes.

Darting Betta Stuck on One Side

Glisten, originally uploaded by liyah73. Q: MM wrote, Hi…I bought a betta about 2 months ago. He was swimming on his side so I bought him on purpose so they wouldn’t just “flush” him before he had the chance to be treated…I treated him with Maracyn-2 and in a matter of a day or 2, [...]

Euthanizing Aquarium Fish

Fish Out Of Water: DOA, originally uploaded by mybluemuse. Q: TSM wrote, How do I know when I should put down my betta? He has all the obvious signs of dropsy (bloated abdomen and pine coning scales) and is laying on the bottom of the tank gasping for air. I feel terrible watching him suffer. [...]

Nippyfish: On Yahoo! Messenger

Hicks watching the fishes, originally uploaded by jonnyfez. Just a quick announcement today folks. I signed Nippyfish up for a Yahoo! Messenger account. If you guys are on and ever want to chat about bettas, aquaria or just say hi feel free to do so. My Yahoo! Messenger ID is: nippyfish Hope everyone had a [...]

Even Filtration in a Divided Tank

Were big bettas, originally uploaded by liyah73. Q: NB wrote, I’m setting up a divided 10 gal for my two males. I have a store bought mesh tank divider, which should work fine but I’m afraid the filter is only going to clean one side of the tank. The holes in the mesh are so [...]

New Male Bettas Have a Difficult Adjustment

IMG_3573, originally uploaded by +kdis. Q: KW wrote, Your website and blog are very useful to a first time betta owner, but I am having trouble deciding whether or not my betta is sick. I bough two bettas five days ago and have noticed some changes. When I first got them, Redfish was very active, [...]

Advice on Getting Betta Advice

green & blue, originally uploaded by mivella. Play Podcast: Advice on Getting Betta Advice – LISTEN NOWor Subscribe to the Podcast Thoughts and tips on finding good aquarium advice in stores and online. In the last couple of weeks I have gotten a lot of emails from readers who have gotten false and even dangerous [...]

Changing Color Around Betta’s Gills

Close up of betta gills by EM Photo of fin rot provided by EM Q: EM wrote, Hi Christie- Thanks so much for the website! It has been so helpful to me already, but my poor Betta Warren seems quite sick, so I’m writing for a little more help. It turns out the pet store [...]

Betta Gulping Underwater (Yawning)

Photo of Phoenix submitted by SS Q: SS wrote, Hi Christie, As somebody new to bettas, I just wanted to say that your site is one of the best built, most comprehensible and user-friendly that I’ve found! Keep up the good work! I have a (hopefully) quick question for you about what appears to be [...]

Betta Won’t Blow Bubble Nest

Blush, originally uploaded by Gankaku. Q: Anon wrote, I have had my betta for almost 6 weeks now and he still hasn’t blown a bubble nest. He is in a 5 gal with a filter but the filter is set very low and it doesn’t create much current at all. My understanding is that males [...]

Torn Fins from Plastic Plant

Betta, originally uploaded by Fabiz Rabbit©. Q: T wrote, My betta has been ripping his lower fin on a plastic plant I had in his tank. After the second time I took out the plant but I’m not sure what to do to fix the rips. Please help. A: Ripped fins caused by physical damage [...]

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