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Christie F is a Betta splendens hobbyist that enjoys spending time caring for her fish and helping new betta keepers learn the ropes.

New Betta Fish is Sluggish and Not Eating

Q: H wrote, Hi there – Firstly, I wanted to say that I’ve been reading your (beautiful) site for a while now, before I bought my first betta, and it helped tremendously – many thanks! Secondly – I’m hoping you can give me some advice or suggestions. My betta came home on Saturday of last [...]

Nippyfish – Swimming Upstream

Hi readers. Sorry I have been absent these last two weeks. I am in the process of buying a house (yay, more fish!) and have a killer deadline looming at work. My email is overflowing with reader questions which I will get back to answering next week when life slows down a bit. Thanks for [...]

Betta Fish Twitching

Close Up of Sara, originally uploaded by shagajr. Q: AH wrote, I have a question about my betta fish and, because your site is so informative, I thought you would be a great resource. I’ve had my little betta, Sam, for about 3 weeks. He lives in a 2 gallon tank filled with tap water [...]

Betta’s Head Changing Color

Blue Fighting Fish, originally uploaded by Rae134. Q: DH wrote, I have had my betta Lapis for a little over a month now, and he’s been through quite an ordeal. About a couple weeks ago he managed to get stuck against the old filter system I had in the tank and ripped his caudal fin [...]

Betta Fish with Lump on his Head

Lump on Betta’s Head provided by LH LH wrote, I’ve seen your site and figured I’d get an opinion on my fish if you don’t mind taking the time. I’ve had him since the end of January and about a month after I got him, he had a spot on his face that just grew. [...]

Betta Fish Won’t Eat From the Surface

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!!!, originally uploaded by louie imaging(busy). Q: EW wrote: I have had betta fish before, and I get them from my local pet stores (in those horrible little bowls) I usually have to wait a couple days for the betta to start eating and acting like a normal betta, but my [...]

Elevated Ammonia Levels in Empty Aquarium

2006-10-18 20gallon freshwater, originally uploaded by caseylrauth. Q: CD wrote, I’ve started my cycling experiment with a 1 gal betta bowl (no fish, of course – he’s in a different one). So far, so good. The ammonia got up to over 1.0ppm (not quite 2.0, but greener than the 1.0), and today it was down [...]

Betta Fish Poll Results: Which Common Betta Illness has you Stressed?

tema röd, originally uploaded by miluhe. In the last Nippyfish Poll we asked our readers; which common betta illness has you stressed? The results are in and they are all over the board. 54% (13 Votes) Fin Rot25% (6 Votes) Swim Bladder Disorder12% (3 Votes) Parasites (Ich, Velvet, Etc.)20% (5 Votes) Fungus (Cotton Wool or [...]

Selecting the Proper Sized Aquarium Heater for Your Fish Tank

Soma, originally uploaded by J Koyanagi. Q: MS wrote, Great blog, I wonder if you could give me a little advice please. I have a 5.5 gallon filtered aquarium with 1 betta. I am heating it with a 25w Hagen Elite which says on the pack it’s right for the volume of water. Trouble is [...]

Shatterproof Aquarium Heater is my new BFF

I have gone through many different aquarium heaters over the years and my reason for buying a new one is always the same… because I have smashed the old one to bits. Any glass that goes in my aquarium will inevitably explode into a thousand tiny shards to nobody’s fault but my own. My old [...]

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