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Christie F is a Betta splendens hobbyist that enjoys spending time caring for her fish and helping new betta keepers learn the ropes.

Internal Parasites and Swim Bladder Disorder in Betta Fish

Laverne’s color has also developed quite a bit., originally uploaded by Krista76. CM wrote I have a one year old red VT betta, Baron. He was such an active guy, great personality, flared nearly all night long (would only flare at night with the room lights off and his tank light on), and ate like [...]

Betta Fish Poll Results: Will You Continue to Buy Veil Tail Bettas?

Just one biiig bite and…, originally uploaded by Mean and Pinchy. The answers to the last Betta Poll are in: Will You Continue to Buy Veil Tail Bettas? The masses have spoken and despite the greatly reduced numbers of veil tail bettas available at large commercial fish stores, betta keepers are still interested in buying [...]

Moving Your Aquarium Fish

Fish in plastic bags loaded on a bike, originally uploaded by Jungle_Boy. Q: TF wrote, My wife and I will be moving in a few weeks to a new home. It’s about a half hour drive from our current place, but I was wondering if you could offer any advice on how to best move [...]

Betta Fish and Well Water – Conditioning Well Water for Aquariums

Betta fish named Shelbi by BSBS wrote, First off I would like to say that your website has been the most resourceful betta page I have ever found and I will be checking in very regularly; it has helped me so much! I am so excited to have found it. I have one question that [...]

How to Feed Frozen Brine Shrimp to your Betta Fish

Frozen Brine Shrimp in a Cube PackBL wrote, I really enjoy and rely on your site, and wondered if you’re still taking questions. I got some frozen brine shrimp in a grid of little packets and am wondering what I do with it – how long will it take the betta to eat through one [...]

Can Betta Fish Regrow their Fins?

Jack White, originally uploaded by Tiara Damage. Q: NR wrote, Can bettas regrow their fins? A: Yes, bettas will regrow their fin tissue once it has been lost due to fin rot, physical injury, or tail biting. When the new fin tissue begins to grow it is often clear resembling Saran Wrap and very thin. [...]

10 Reasons Why Betta Fish May be the Pet for You

Personality, style and size are just a few great reasons for getting a Betta fish.

Betta Fish Poll Results: Where Do You Buy Your Betta Fish?

fighter, originally uploaded by emilysaurus. The answers to last weeks Betta Poll are in: Where do you buy your betta fish? It seems that most betta keepers are getting their fish at large retail stores but local fish stores are not far behind in the rankings. 59% (13 Votes) Large Pet Retailer (PetCo, PetSmart, Walmart)40% [...]

Betta Fish Breeding Injuries – Male Betta Wounded by Female Betta

A Twist of Fate, originally uploaded by fairydancer1975. Q: A wrote, I have a male and female betta in a 10 gal tank. I purchased both of them at the same time and introduced them both to the tank at the same time as well as to not have one dominate over the other. They [...]

Betta Tank Filter Current – Checking Out the MiniBow 5 and the Eclipse 6

1-A, originally uploaded by movingsale168. Q: LB wrote, Hi! I am an old hand at tropical fish keeping and used to run both a 50 gallon and a 90 gallon tank. However, I’ve been out of it for 10 years or so. My daughter is in college and bought herself a Betta for a pet, [...]

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