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Christie F is a Betta splendens hobbyist that enjoys spending time caring for her fish and helping new betta keepers learn the ropes.

Betta Fish: The Perfect College Pet

.splendens., originally uploaded by brokenlenses. The first Betta I ever had I bought when I was in college. I kept him in my dorm room my 4th year, where I lived alone as an RA. Many students have animals back home and long to care for a pet at school but housing rules, hectic schedules [...]

Female Bettas: Sorority Sisters Fight Too

Quick Tip Female Betta fish can be feistier than Christian Bale on theatrical rampage. Many fighting fish enthusiasts keep female only tanks because they are more communal than their male counterparts only to be surprised later by nipped fins and missing scales. If your girls aren’t playing nice consider spreading out the aggression by keeping [...]

Alternative Constipation Treatments for Betta splendens

daphnia, originally uploaded by charlieu. Last weeks article discussed how to prepare a green pea as a remedy for your constipated Betta. Some Bettas are picker than others and occasionally you’ll have one that won’t eat the pea even after several attempts. If you suspect your Betta may be constipated and have already tried feeding [...]

How to Prepare Pea for a Bloated Betta

The Fishie and the Pea, originally uploaded by Mean and Pinchy. Green pea, either fresh or frozen, is often used by betta keepers to alleviate mild constipation sometimes caused by flake, pellet or freeze dried fish foods. While it does little nutritionally for bettas, it is high in fiber and contains added moisture which often [...]

Selecting Aquarium Substrate

Betta Baby, originally uploaded by acoustic*blinK. Q: ZJ Wrote: What kind of aquarium substrate do you recommend for a 2 gallon Betta tank? A: Choosing the appropriate aquarium substrate for your tank is an important decision. First, I define aquarium substrate as the material(s) used to create the bed or floor of the aquarium. There [...]

Nippyfish- Now on Facebook!

Blue, originally uploaded by spyzter. I’m happy to announce that A Site for the Modern Betta Enthusiast now has a presence on Facebook in the form of a group called, “Fans of”. If you’re a fan of or have found useful information on the Nippyfish website or blog, and have a Facebook [...]

Tips for Hiding Your Bettas Reflection

Angry Titan (RIP), originally uploaded by c4lin. Q: L wrote, I got a betta for Christmas this year and he won’t stop flaring. I upgraded the small bowl he came in for a larger, 2 ½ gallon tank with a mini-heater. I think he can see his reflection in the glass. Is there anything I [...]

Giving Your Betta up for Adoption

Too often people choose to ignore their fish until it succumbs or decide to euthanize a perfectly healthy fish without first attempting to find it a new home.

Betta Bouncing Back From Ammonia Burns

Lovely the Fish, originally uploaded by steve xavier. DO wrote, I received a 1 gal. wall bowl w/ bamboo plant, few rocks and red male Betta in March as an anniversary gift from my husband. Up until 1.5 weeks ago he was active, had a routine, seemed happy and healthy. We went out of town [...]

Betta Showing Stress After Aquarium Upgrade

abyss, originally uploaded by sanoi. MD wrote, First, I want to tell you how impressed I am with your website! Thank you so much for providing such a rich resource to betta enthusiasts! I am concerned about my betta fish, Nino. I have had him for three months and he has been a great companion [...]

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