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Lea Maddocks has been a long-time fish enthusiast, SCUBA diving since age 15. A biologist (BSc, Hons, MPhil), Lea has developed a fascination with aquarium science. Lea now operates a Acumen Aquatics, providing in aquarium assistance, maintenance, and supplies her own FinSafe betta ornaments and silk plants safe for betta fins. Lea also contributes to several fish forums; and has written for the RSPCA on the nitrogen cycle, goldfish and betta care following significant research. Lea currently owns three planted tanks, two accommodating bettas, and routinely maintains several freshwater tanks, a turtle tank, and a marine reef. Lea is a moderator at

The Native Betta Habitat – Separating Fact from Fiction

My Sad Introduction to the Betta Myth I recall the first time I ever laid eyes on Betta splendens.  Like most people, I was wandering about a local pet store and thought I’d pop through the fish section.  I had not owned fish since the deaths of my tropical fish in a grossly overstocked 10g [...]