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Interview with TYNK7: Breeding Bettas

playing Originally uploaded by flaring. TYNK7 is a Bettas splendens enthusiast who has been keeping Bettas for 28 years and breeding them for 20 years. This self titled “backyard breeder with a conscience” represents many of use who have an interest breeding quality bettas but who haven’t gotten involved in fish shows or large scale [...]

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Glossary: Labyrinth Fish

Me and Dad Originally uploaded by Mean and Pinchy. Paradisefish, like Bettas, have a labyrinth organ used to breathe from the atmosphere. As I mentioned in a previous post I am going to integrate glossary terms with book, web forum and equipment reviews to supplement the usual Q&A on the Blog. Since this is primarily [...]

Read More A Web Forum Review is an online community dedicated to the art of fishkeeping. I choose to do my first web forum review on Aquamaniacs because they have been a tremendous help to me throughout my own adventures with aquaria. These folks get top marks for being knowledgeable in all areas of the hobby as well as providing [...]

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Betta Constantly Flaring in New Tank

Dodie Originally uploaded by Mean and Pinchy. Q: PZ Wrote, We recently moved our betta to a cycled, planted, 10-gallon tank with a filter and a heater. He is acting VERY oddly, now that he is in the tank. He hangs out right next to the filter, flaring and puffing out his cheeks, and bumping [...]

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