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Betta with Clamped Fins

Q: RF wrote, Hi Christie,I recently bought a betta fish. It was the healthiest looking one I couldfind but one of his fins is clamped. I don’t know why and like to cure itif I can. On the previous site I could find clamped fins under theSymptoms/illness & disease but now I can’t see that [...]

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Housing Males with Females

Q: KD Wrote, Can you put a male and female betta together? What are the precaustions we should know.Is nipping at each other common? A: Unless you are spawning you really don’t want to keep male and female bettas together. Even when you are trying to breed them it’s not uncommon for one or both [...]

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Constipated Betta

Q: LR Wrote: Hi Christie, I really need you help. My betta is severely constipatedand I have tried to do everything possible, I tried to give him the Daphniaand he won’t eat anything but pellets. He was eating bloodworms when thishappened. I have soaked him in Epson salt bath, but that doesn’t seem tohelp. What [...]

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I have reposted the new There are still some issues to work out. I have noticed that Explorer makes it look a little funny but all in all, I’m pleased. I could not have anticipated it’s success. It’s had over 30,000 hits since its original launching in January 2005. I think the new layout [...]

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