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Flavobacterium columnare (Cotton Wool Disease)

Tito, originally uploaded by guerogrande. Q: AS wrote, Hey. I have been in a dilemma over this problem for a whole week. My Betta fish lives in a rather big fish bowl with plastic plant. Recently, the tips of his fins have begun turning white and has two strands of whitish substance stuck to the [...]

Betta with a Curved Body

Firefly, originally uploaded by BettaBerries. Q: CBN wrote, ,/b> Hey Chistie, I need your urgent advice again. After a great recovery, Titan made a bubble nest and all (his 1st one) I was really happy. 4 days after that, he suddenly stopped eating and became a bit lethargic, less active. He now seems to have [...]

Hot Hot Hot! Betta Bowl Temperature Spikes

betta femmina, originally uploaded by altiebassi. Q: AC wrote, I just got a betta fish a few days ago and have been keeping him on a heating pad to make sure he doesn’t get too cold. However, I think someone may have bumped the control accidentally, heating my poor fish to about 10 degrees higher [...]

Common Signs of Stress in Betta Fish

full glory 2, originally uploaded by littlerottenrobin. Q: G wrote, [I] found your web site to be most informative and that is why I am contacting you. Attached please find a picture of sparky, my 8 year old helped to name it. Here is the set up that I have in place right now. It [...]

New Male Bettas Have a Difficult Adjustment

IMG_3573, originally uploaded by +kdis. Q: KW wrote, Your website and blog are very useful to a first time betta owner, but I am having trouble deciding whether or not my betta is sick. I bough two bettas five days ago and have noticed some changes. When I first got them, Redfish was very active, [...]

Betta Fish Just Laying Around

betta_01, originally uploaded by james_b_b. Q: B wrote, I have been all over trying to get help for my betta, Fritz. He has been sick for over a week now. Color is dim and he just lays on the bottom, rarely tries to swim or eat. I have changed the water, even tried lowering the [...]

Bettas and Ich Parasites

Q: JK wrote, I am a new Betta owner and I have a dilemma. I have one very healthy Betta in a Biorb (do you think he hates the bubbles?) and one that is very sick. The sick guy was in a group tank with mollies and a cory catfish. He is (I think) suffering [...]

Lethargic Betta Floating Vertically

siamese fighting fish, originally uploaded by davidhartstone. Though it may seem counterintuitive, smaller aquariums require a great deal more vigilance and maintenance. If you are a casual aquarist you and your fish will benefit from a larger tank. Q: RF Wrote, Hello,I have a betta that I’ve had for 2 months. He is only my [...]

Chronic Betta Illnesses

portrait of a fish, originally uploaded by olya. Q: SF wrote, I have a betta who is about 2 years old. He’s not well. He is quite lethargic, sits at the bottom regularly, has just developed a few white patches and has had popeye in one eye only for about 7 months. I have tried [...]

Oops! You Forgot to Change Your Betta’s Water… (when serious time lapses)

angry stick training one, originally uploaded by revs45. Q: J&J wrote, Christie, [We] have a beautiful dark blue and radiant red Beta Splenden (or at least I think that is what it is called) He has long flowing fins. His name is Earl. Two weeks after my parents gave him to me I received orders [...]

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