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Choosing a Substrate for a Betta Tank

Miles with Glass Fish Originally uploaded by Unkoine. Q: TI wrote, What is the best substrate to use in a Betta tank? A: There is more than one answer to your question because, truthfully, it depends. There are a variety of substrates out there ranging from fine sand to gravel to rocks or marbles. Choosing [...]

Gill Tissue and Hyperplasia in Betta Fish

305px-Bettaflare Originally uploaded by armchainmstenw. Q: SC wrote, We have a betta who has been living happily in a community tank. About four weeks ago, he started to get a bit off colour and seemed to spend a lot of time resting on the pump. About ten days ago we noticed that he was holding [...]

Turning your Aquarium Hobby into a Business: An Interview with Carl Strohmeyer

Carl’s Family at Fish Lake, Utah. It’s not that unusual, as a serious aquarist, to think about turning our hobby into a business especially as we consider the hours spent doing water changes, acclimating fish and perched outside our tanks with camera in hand waiting for that perfect shot. Certainly, if you’ve calculated the dollars [...]

Glossary: Water Parameters

Red Originally uploaded by bikeracer. Glossary: Water Parameters When your Betta is sick and you turn to a seasoned aquarist for advice, whether it be at your local fish store, an online web forum, or aquarium club; one of the first things you will be asked is for information on your water parameters. We throw [...]

Buying Doubletail Bettas Online

doubletail butterfly Originally uploaded by revs45. Q: Anon wrote, I’d like to buy a doubletail male Betta splendens. Currently my LFS only sells crowntails and veiltails. Can you recommend a breeder or online store that sells DTs? Thanks in advance. A: Doubletail Bettas (sometimes called twin tail bettas) are beautiful and I totally understand why [...]

The Freshwater Aquarium: A Newsgroup Review

The Freshwater Aquarium discusses all aspects of freshwater fishkeeping. Tropical fish, aquatic plants, and their care. African cichlids, bettas, goldfish, oscars, koi, tetras and discus. Also discussion of fish tank setups, pond design, filters, heaters, gravel, lighting, and anything that applies to aquaria or ponds. I wanted to review the The Freshwater Aquarium newsgroup because [...]

Terracotta in the Aquarium

Killer, September 4, 2004 Originally uploaded by flaring.      Q: C wrote, Is it ok to add a small terracotta pot to my betta’s aquarium? A: While it’s always safest to add only decorations to our tanks that are manufactured specifically for aquarium use, often we are inspired to add everyday items to our [...]

Blind Betta: Lunges at Food

balls Originally uploaded by john.nathaniel. Q: AC wrote, I think my Betta might be going blind. When I drop pellets into his tank he lunges several times before he catches them and sometimes doesn’t catch them at all. I feel bad for him. A: I get this question more often then you’d believe. I think [...]

Interview with TYNK7: Breeding Bettas

playing Originally uploaded by flaring. TYNK7 is a Bettas splendens enthusiast who has been keeping Bettas for 28 years and breeding them for 20 years. This self titled “backyard breeder with a conscience” represents many of use who have an interest breeding quality bettas but who haven’t gotten involved in fish shows or large scale [...]

Glossary: Labyrinth Fish

Me and Dad Originally uploaded by Mean and Pinchy. Paradisefish, like Bettas, have a labyrinth organ used to breathe from the atmosphere. As I mentioned in a previous post I am going to integrate glossary terms with book, web forum and equipment reviews to supplement the usual Q&A on the Blog. Since this is primarily [...]

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