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Alternative Constipation Treatments for Betta splendens

daphnia, originally uploaded by charlieu. Last weeks article discussed how to prepare a green pea as a remedy for your constipated Betta. Some Bettas are picker than others and occasionally you’ll have one that won’t eat the pea even after several attempts. If you suspect your Betta may be constipated and have already tried feeding [...]

Heavy Current in Betta Tank

AquaOne 215L, originally uploaded by KittyKat3756. H wrote, I just bought a new female betta, Finona, who is quite young and small. I have her in the Eclipse 3 gallon but I noticed the current is quite strong for her. Do you have any recommendations to lessen the current? I am thinking it might get [...]

Older Bettas & Dropsy

Dropsy itself is not a disease but a symptom that can be caused by several things including a bacterial infection, virus or even parasites. It’s very common in tropical fish, especially Betta splendens and sadly it is usually fatal.

Mystery Source of Ammonia Hurting Betta Brood

Blue, originally uploaded by spyzter. EK wrote, I’m also a betta enthusiast, and recently also became a betta breeder… I’m raising my second spawn now. I use beanie boxes because of their convenience — I have a set of shelves holding 96 boxes (24 on each shelf), though I’m only using 72 of them right [...]

Abdominal Bleeding in Betta with Dropsy

The pineconing and bloating you see is believed to be caused by internal organ failure and the accumulation of fluids in the body. Once it becomes noticeable it’s usually too late.

Avoiding Mini-cycles

Mini-cycles generally occur during the fragile period when the tank is new and happen because of something we do to either remove nitrifying bacterial colonies (like removing the filter media) or by rapidly adding food for the bacteria (like adding additional fish).

Light Sensitive Goldfish

the smile, originally uploaded by glenn.. Q: MM wrote, You’ve helped me in the past with one of my Bettas (he had swim bladder trouble). I have a quick question about one of my goldfish. I have 2 large goldfish (almost about a foot long, each), also one large algae eater and a small bottom [...]

Aquatic Veterinary Specialists

First 10g, originally uploaded by John_Zhang. Hey Nippyfish Readers! It’s late and I’m sort of tired so rather than posting the usual Q&A, I’m just going to reprint this really nice email I got today from a reader. It was so thoughtful, it made my day. The emails I get from readers are really what [...]

Betta Changes Color

When the fish goes from cold dirty water at the store and is placed in a clean warm environment their true colors begin to intensify in their vibrancy and often the change can be quite drastic.

Proper Disposal of Aquarium Fish

Oscar fish., originally uploaded by Nekominn. In the grand scheme of things many fish have a relatively short lifespan and as sad as it is eventually we will be faced with the loss of our dear little pet. For todays article I’m going to discuss appropriate means to dispose of the body. For many hobbyists, [...]

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