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Tank Cycling & Bacteria Blooms

Bacteria Bloom, originally uploaded by attack11. Bacteria blooms are caused by heterotrophic bacteria not the autotrophic nitrifying bacteria that are responsible for the cycling process. Q: RM wrote: Hi Christie, I thought I’d give you an update as I’m still looking for some advice. I have been making sure to put in enough Amquel and [...]

Tail Biting Bettas

Sarge1: Crowntail Betta Originally uploaded by Aimzee. Healthy crowntail male Betta splendens. Q: N wrote, I think I have a tail biter. His caudal fin is shredded and there is nothing in the tank that could be doing it to him. No sharp plants or other fish. I have dealt with fin rot before with [...]

Bettas Fins are Melting Away

Q: TT wrote, My bettas fins look like they are melting away. They started to fall off a couple of days ago and then this morning they looked even worse. He isn’t swimming much. I don’t understand what is happening and I can’t find the fin pieces anywhere in the bowl. I am really worried [...]

Fin Rot & Poor Water Quality

Q: R wrote, My betta has tail rot and your site says poor water quality is probably the cause but I don’t think that’s it because my water is totally clear. Could something else cause fin rot? A: Fin rot is caused by a bacterial infection. Different types of bacteria are usually present in the [...]

Pinhole in Betta’s Tail Fin

Q: FP wrote, My betta has a pinhole in his tail fin. What kind of medicine should I use to fix this? Is this a case of fin rot? A: A pinhole is nothing to worry about. They happen occasionally and will heal themselves in a few days. Fin rot is a bacterial infection and [...]

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