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Oops! You Forgot to Change Your Betta’s Water… (when serious time lapses)

angry stick training one, originally uploaded by revs45. Q: J&J wrote, Christie, [We] have a beautiful dark blue and radiant red Beta Splenden (or at least I think that is what it is called) He has long flowing fins. His name is Earl. Two weeks after my parents gave him to me I received orders [...]

Tank Cycling & Bacteria Blooms

Bacteria Bloom, originally uploaded by attack11. Bacteria blooms are caused by heterotrophic bacteria not the autotrophic nitrifying bacteria that are responsible for the cycling process. Q: RM wrote: Hi Christie, I thought I’d give you an update as I’m still looking for some advice. I have been making sure to put in enough Amquel and [...]

Water Changes: Frequency

Killer, September 4, 2004 Originally uploaded by flaring. Q: R wrote, How often should I change my betta’s one gallon bowl? Some people say once a week and some say ever other day. I don’t know who to believe. Thank you. A: There are several variables that affect how often you should change your betta’s [...]

Adjusting Aquarium pH Level

Q: WC wrote, Bettas like slightly acidic water but my tap water is basic with a pH at 7.8. Should I add pH down? How fast should I let the pH fall? A: This is a great question. PH can be confusing and even when you know the numbers knowing what to do with them [...]

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