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Top 5 Must-have Betta Fish Supplies

Anybody who has kept fish, whether it be a large built in aquarium or a small betta bowl, knows there is a lot involved with creating an ecosystem that can sustain life. We have filters, lighting, food, nets, testing equipment, medication, sponges & scrapers, dechlorinators, and the list goes on. There are a lot of [...]

New Betta Fish is Sluggish and Not Eating

Q: H wrote, Hi there – Firstly, I wanted to say that I’ve been reading your (beautiful) site for a while now, before I bought my first betta, and it helped tremendously – many thanks! Secondly – I’m hoping you can give me some advice or suggestions. My betta came home on Saturday of last [...]

Elevated Ammonia Levels in Empty Aquarium

2006-10-18 20gallon freshwater, originally uploaded by caseylrauth. Q: CD wrote, I’ve started my cycling experiment with a 1 gal betta bowl (no fish, of course – he’s in a different one). So far, so good. The ammonia got up to over 1.0ppm (not quite 2.0, but greener than the 1.0), and today it was down [...]

Cycling a Small Aquarium

Betta tank, originally uploaded by deedoucette. Q: CD wrote, I’d like to keep my water as stable as possible, and cycling a tank seems to be the best way to do that, from what I’m reading online. But I have a small “tank” for my fish, and no real place for anything bigger (we live [...]