Sick betta fish can be cured, much of the time, if you can figure out what is ailing your betta. Tiny white speckles, like sugar granules are probably a sign of Ich parasites while swollen body with puffed out scales is likely a signal your betta has Dropsy. Fins melting away? Fin rot is probably to blame but what if these obvious symptoms of disease aren’t present? What if your betta is showing more general signs of illness? The following is a list of common symptoms displayed by sick betta fish.

1. Loss of color

General body color begins to dull or fade. Darker fish loose their vibrancy and turn a more muted version of their usual shade or begin to turn a muddy brown or gray color. This could signify any number of things from poor water quality to an internal bacterial or parasitic infection. If the body becomes splotchy or one confined area becomes dull or gray you may have a bacterial or external fungal infection. Keep in mind that it is normal for a betta’s color to change slowly as it ages and older bettas will often get a “beard” or an area under the mouth that becomes dull or gray in color. Again, this happens slowly as bettas mature. Rapid color loss may signal illness or a visual sign that the water is inadequate. Test your aquarium’s water.

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2. Clamped fins

What are clamped fins anyway? Clamped fins are when a betta holds his dorsal and anal fins close to his body and keeps his caudal fin closed tight rather than displayed open like a fan. Bettas don’t typically swim around in full display all the time but will often spread their fins wide from time to time, especially when another betta is in sight or when they can see their reflection. Bettas who rarely open their fins up wide may be telling you that they are unhappy with the state of their water or are feeling unwell.

Again this is one small piece of the puzzle. There is no medicine for clamped fins. If you find your betta is keeping his fins clamped, start by checking that your water is warm enough and is free from toxins like ammonia, nitrite and high nitrates. Rapid changes in pH may also cause this reaction. If you notice clamped fins over a long period of time (say, several days) watch closely for other signs of illness and keep testing that water!

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3. Lethargy or Sluggishness

For me this is the tell-tale sign of a problem. It won’t take but a few days for you to get to know your betta and his normal activity level once you bring him home. If you notice a sudden loss in energy, don’t ignore it. Bettas typically explore all day and sleep soundly (hardly moving) at night. A betta that lies on a plant or at the bottom of the tank all day is not a healthy betta.

Sluggishness can signal virtually any illness but it also signifies that the water may not be optimal for good health. (Test that water – are you seeing a pattern in my answers here?) Lethargy may even be a sign that he isn’t eating a balanced and nutritious diet. If your boisterous betta suddenly becomes a couch potato, you’ll need to review all aspects of your care regimen.

4. Loss of appetite

This is another worrisome symptom of illness. In my experience, loss of appetite signifies that an illness has gone unchecked. Bettas, whose instincts are to survive, will continue to eat even when sick until they can no longer and must conserve vital resources (like digestion) in order to heal. This is why a betta that won’t eat really concern me; not to mention some of the most effective antibiotics are administered orally. A betta that won’t eat may not be getting the best medicine. The causes of appetite loss can be many, from bacterial to viral to parasitic infections. Usually poor water quality alone does not cause loss of appetite unless severe.
None of these symptoms of betta illness points to any one specific sickness but instead should be a signal to you, the betta parent, that something is wrong. If you observe any of these, take a few minute to assess what the problem might be. Look for other signs of disease, check all your water parameters and review your betta care regimen. The answer may be as simple as a water change, a couple of ticks on the aquarium heater, or a new brand of betta pellets.

You should also read the complete guide to betta fish diseases and treatment.

The Golden Dragon, originally uploaded by pattpoom.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I got a betta fish two weeks ago and i put it in its tank its a very active betta, but today I noticed that there was this redish brownish thing floating in its tank and was wondering if that means im feeding him 2 much or if his tank isnt the right conditions or what. I feed him 1-2 flakes in the morning and 2 pelets at night. i clean his tank once a week . please reply. thanks in advance.
    from- stressed out

    • Halfmoon says:

      I need help with my betta fish. I used to have my little male hm betta in a 1 gallon unfiltered bowl.. But recently I got him a 3 gallon cycled filtered/heated/full of plants tank and put him in it. Immediately he seemed to mope around and sagged/clamped his fins (which usually is fanned out around him). I left him for a few days and he seemed to be getting worse. He used to come to me when I offered him food and is usually active, but in the tank he just hung out near the surface in the back of the tank. I took him out and now he seems to be able to get back to his normal self. I’m not sure what is wrong with the tank environment a the other fish seems to get along??

      • Halfmoon says:

        He’s still not back to his normal self yet, he still mopes around and is sagging but he doesn’t seem to look so uncomfortable now. He’s still not swimming up to me =(

        • Erika says:

          Hey. What happens if my Betts is losing his color and just stay in the bottom of the tank and dosent want to eat or swim

          • Mckinzie says:

            I know my female Betta is doing that to

        • Aquarium Mom says:

          Bettas doesn’t like filters. They cannot stand the current moving waters, it stresses them out.

        • Parker Burleson says:

          my betta is in the top and in the back of my tank and not active he seems very bloated and has a lump in the back of his body. if you could help that would be great. thanks.

        • Lisa says:

          My beta has bladder issues. I noticed he was sluggish and wouldn’t eat. I did not know that they can eat cucumber, zucchini, banana, kiwis, peas – read how to give peas. He was LAYING on the bottom of the tank and I thought he was dying. Turns out, not feeding him for 3 days and black worms just might do the trick I hope.

      • Cassie says:

        The filter can hurt your betta fish. Filters are for tropical fishes.

        • Manisha says:

          Actually filters are really good 4 ur betta and beta fish are tropical fish from Asia. I just want people getting the right information.

          • Caaya says:


            Actually, actually, many filters are often too strong for bettas. Their fins are swept up in the current created in the filters and cause them to get constantly stressed out and exhausted.

            You are spreading misinformation.

          • Ciara I Thomas says:

            But if the current is too strong he may not like it. It’s like having 39mph winds in your house all day long

        • Jaylynn says:

          Bettas are not tropical they don’t even live in the wild. They were bread to be pets not brought from the wild. And although you can have a filter, its better not to and just clean the tank yourself.

          • nessa says:

            No.. Betta fish will be absolutely fine with a filter. Mine actually prefers one. He will start showing signs of stress if he doesn’t have his water flow. He was in bad shape when i got him, and i put him in the tank and he instantly started responding to the decorations and bubbles. Plus, a filter greatly reduces toxins, making his water quality better than a bowl. betta fish need at least 5 gallons for optimum care due to the toxins and lack of space. Bettas are from Asia and ARE in the wild. They thrive in shallow but SPACIOUS areas.

          • Lyndsey says:

            You are wrong my friend dead wrong. dont give out information when you dont know what you are talking about. Bettas are wild and show up in random puddle in murky dark water, even in flooded basements or random puddles ina basement. They were not breed for pets.. They are completely wild in Asia.. Filters are good for Bettas but are not necessary unless they are housed with other fish. Bettas are accustomed to poor water conditions thats why they are easy to keep, with or with out a filter.. Please do your research before telling someone something

          • Bette says:

            ou are right.I had a beta for over 5 yrs and it lived in a little round glass bowl without a heater or filter.It traveled with us in our RV all that time in cold and warm weather.It would let me pet her and she was always happy until the end.I just bought a male beta and am doing the same thing but with a gallon bowl,so far so good !!!!!

          • Peace Jaway says:

            Bettas only ‘live’ (many die due to overcrowding and lack of resources) in mud puddles and dirty water when the dry season in their native habitats makes doing so necessary. They do live in dark water, colored by tannins which help prevent a whole host of potential diseases and parasites as well as helping to bind impurities and undesirable heavy metals and carry them out of the water column, but their usual habitat is very clean, quite shallow, and tends to have open areas confined by heavy plant growth with slow-moving currents. Despite the slow current, because their preferred habitats are shallow and open they’re generally quite well-oxygenated. They *can* live in the kind of environment you describe, but it’s cruel to make them do so when any other option is available.

          • Janine says:

            I’m sorry Jaylynn, Bettas ARE considered tropical fish and they do live in the wild. They do not live/come from the warmer areas of the ocean (normally referred to as Marine Fish), they originate from the warm, shallow waters of the rice fields in Thailand. There are many breeds of fresh water tropical fish such as gourami’s, cichlids and tetras to name a few. You are correct about not using a filter in a Betta tank. Filters cause too much water movement and will stress out a Betta.

          • Bettabuns says:

            BettaBums fish are originally from Thailand found in rice puddles. They are bred also in captivity, like many fish, but must be accommodated for their instinctual needs. As tropical fish, bettas need heaters and filters, but it is best to use a sponge to lessen the flow.

          • Maria says:

            Bettas ARE tropical. Look it up

          • Cassidy says:

            Well… they’re tropical puddle fish and are bread frequently in captivity due to their “hardiness”. They live in miles and miles of shallow streams and the current is good for them as long as it isn’t too strong as they’re not tough swimmers.

          • emma says:

            Betta fish are tropical fish from Asia. They are fighting fish, but since they are full in color, they are bred to be brighter and less aggressive. These are the fish they sell in stores. So, yes, they are tropical, even if they are not from the wild.

          • Nicole says:

            That is incorrect. Bettas are in fact tropical and do live in the wild. Just not as many that look like we have as pets. Ours have been breezed to live in tanks and be pets. Wild Bettas live well together and live in warmer areas prominately in Asia

        • shannon says:

          betta are tropical……

          • Joe says:

            I have had my betta in a tank with a filter for 4 years and the only problems I’ve ever had has been a couple of issues with ick from trying to put other fish with him but he kills the other fish he doesn’t want anything else in his tank but the filter is fine. Healthy and happy with his filter he even likes to play in it

      • Ashley Wilson says:

        I would try going to Pet Smart or where ever you got him and get him some fish buddies that way he has some company and is not very lonely and just me I had a betta for seven years and he was very happy with just a glass vase, like the ones you would use for flowers or carnations but make sure that it is very big and that you put some gravel down for him and you can also put a fake plant in there if you wanted to and you can get them at Joanne Fabrics or Walmart and he should be a very happy fish!

        • Missmeliss says:

          Hello, please do NOT give your betta a fish buddy! These guys are very territorial and someone (one of your fishes!) is going to get hurt. I’ve heard about large groups of females being okay, but I would need to do more research.

          • Terry says:

            Bettas don’t care about other fish-they are only territorial to other bettas or betta-looking fish.

            All of my betta live with school fish and dwarf aquatic frogs and they all make giant bubble nests.

      • leashpeash says:

        hi your teperature needs to be 80-75 dagrees.if it is test your water go to petco they got it all infact im having the same problem i searched the net and about to have lazy fixed in a jiff.also but honestly i think he was a lil scared he has to explore and get compfortable with the tan just wash it without soap.take halph of the water hes currently in and poor it in the new bowl then add spring water to the rest of the bowl and take out some plants he needs alot of room to swim but u really should have it in a five gallon or bigger.mine is in a ten.but the lil guy will be fine 🙂

        • leashpeash says:

          eed him two for the day and mabe one at night you dont want to constipate him and old food in the tank he didnt eat or spit out can do harm to the water and then him.but my fish are allways hungry so start with one a day then night after three weeks then you can do like i told u at first

      • Janine says:

        From what I have read in my Betta research, filtered or aerated water moves too fast for this fish breed. Bettas are gentle swimmers, they have to work to hard to swim against the “currant” that is created with tank filters or aerators, basically overworking them/ wearing them out. The constant battle against the current can also cause them to become depressed.

      • Karen says:

        I bought this liquid stuff called Melafix. Walmart has it. My betta had ick and fin rot. Says to use it everyday for 7 days. I’ve used it for 5 days and now my Oliver seems too happy. Great stuff. Might try that.

      • Grimmy says:

        Probably new tank syndrome. My betta got it when I gave him a new 1 gal tank. He mopped and hung at the top till I came around. That was 1 week ago. He went back to normal gradually, you aren’t over feeding. You might be under feeding a tad. I would also offer him blood worms if you want him very energetic.

    • Owliy says:

      You’re over feeding you’re beta, You should only be feeding you’re beta 1 pellets a day
      I don’t know what the “redish brownish” stuff is, But stop feeding you’re fish so much!

      • yodoso says:

        ur suppose to feed the betta as much as he can consume within 1 minute. ur starving ur fish!

        • ashley says:

          well actually that might kill it cause don’t forget bettas are small fish they eat very little ure not feeding jaws here cause hed eat ure whol hand yet it would take foty five years for a little fish to do that

          • kaylie says:

            but on the paper that came inside of the tanks box it said to feed your beta as much in 1 to 2 minutes so if you do not then you are starving your beta fish expenley if only give on pelete pour day and i am stephaniecooks doughter sorry for the missed spelled words.

          • Ashley Wilson says:

            You are only supposed to feed any betta six pellets a day and no more than that!

          • Jaylynn says:

            You feed ur fish a pinch of food once a day

        • me says:

          you’re not supposed to feed it every day. It says to feed it three times a week, and for it to be able to consume the food within 2-3 minutes.

          • Lyndsey says:

            You are starving your betta they are to be fed every day even twice a day as much as they can consume with in a few minutes. Not only 3 times a week.. That is horrible in my opinion as well as others Im sure. Please feed your Betta

          • heather says:

            i was always told 3 or 4 pellets every 2 or 3 days i dont wait that many days but they have small tummy’s i think it also depends on the food i have some that says a few times a day and another tells me feed as much as they can eat in 7 minutes. you got to just figure out what works with your fish.
            cus you dont ant to over feed it.
            i have had a fish live for about 7 years.
            i had to get smaller food for my newer betta the ones i had before was to big for him

          • Sonis707 says:

            Please do not feed it three times a week. You are starving and torturing your Betta. You should feed it about once a day, giving it around 3-5 pebbles

        • Rafael says:

          actually Ur supposed to feed his 4 pallets and if he doesn’t eat it in 3mins then start giving less

          • Jay says:

            As others have mentioned, betas are very small fish. Because they all vary in size, you cannot give a universal pellet amount and expect it to fit everyone. Betta’s stomachs are about the size of their eye, so as long as you are feeding them about that much, you should be ok. Also, Bettas out in the wild can go a while without eating, and giving them a day to detox can be good for them. For this reason, it is suggested to feed Bettas once a day, 6 times a week. Make sure to provide other types of food as well!!! Bettas are actually quite carnivorous, so look into the type of shrimp and worms etc they can eat to make sure they’re getting all of their nutrients! If you overfeed your fish you will see it growing a little belly. If this happens, make sure to cut down on feeding.

        • J says:

          look up betta swim bladder disease

        • Cassidy says:

          Just so you know your bettas stomach is the size of his/her eye. So feeding a few pellets 3 days a week is plenty. The owner is over feeding not “starving” their fish.

      • Kate says:

        I need help I had my betta for two years and he can’t swim right and won’t eat much and at the bottom of his tank

        • Ally says:

          Start by changing the water. Did that? He might just be old. Most betta fish sold in stores are between 6-12 months old, basically when their color is the brightest. So in reality, your fish is probably around 3 years old. If he is just old, he’s had a good run. I had a betta once that had a perfectly cycled tank, but he only lived a year. It’s all in their genes

      • Janine says:

        The reddish/brownish stuff that is being discussed is a very serious fungus and should be treated right away or it can, and will, kill your little friend. I recommend visiting a web page called Betta Talk. There you will find very useful and knowledgeable information on all things Betta such as diseases, tank set up and conditioning, what kind of water is best, best types of food, etc.

    • Joy says:

      Great question!!! Actually, Bettas only eat 2-3 Special BETTA pellets. Their stomachs r the size of their eye, so 3 pellets per day is quiet enough. I feed my gorgeous betta 2 pellets in the morning, & 1 @ night. By the way, u mentioned that I had him In a tank. Your tank should be at least 5 gallons or more. For more information on all of this, I have a very helpful video in YouTube that can answer most of your questions. It’s titled “Basic Betta Fish Care”. In terms of red things floating around, that is because you r probably feeding to many flaks. Again, Bettas eat special Betta pellets. I had this problem when I started my other 10 gal. Aquarium. I was feeding to many flaks, and they were dirtying the tank. I have that straitened out now now though. if u r overfeeding, that can raise the amonia levels Hope this helpful!!!

    • ashley says:

      well first u should probably clean out he tank then if that dosent work take him to the stor and ask the employe or manager etc, whats wrong with him. that’s all I can say

    • hilary says:

      you have to clean the tank every 4 days since you got it. A -lso try feeding it bloodworms or shrine shrimp..

    • Ruby says:

      I think you are feeding him to much because I was told your supposed to feed them 3-4 times a week

    • Orly Liu says:

      my better fish is turning from red to gray, he usually swims a lot but he is not moving. It has only lived for one year and half. what should I do

    • K says:

      Your fish just used the bathroom it’s normal

    • Shawn says:

      If it’s a female, it could be the eggs,, if it’s a male, I’m sorry I can’t help..

    • Carissa says:

      Try and clean the tank a lil less I clean it about once every two weens bc he might get stressed if you do it every week

    • Bob says:

      Your feeding him too much only 1-3 flakes or pellets every other day

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh and also once a week I feed it 1/8 of a mashed pea and nothing else that day and one day a week it fasts. or am i underfeeding it or is that just normal. he likes laying under the coral reef plant 2 is that normal.

    • SeaUrchinCove says:

      Your Betta doesn’t need to eat a pea, and do not starve him any day of the week, for shame, poor wee fishy, no wonder he just lays around inactive. He is not happy!! Please learn how to properly care for your Betta. He should be always active (except at night when he sleeps soundly), happy to see you, attentive, curious, and looking forward to his meal times of proper Betta flakes, pellets or better yet feed him Nutrafin basix-Betta Food-Fish food for all Bettas (which is freeze dried red grubs) A complete nutritionally balanced diet that provides all the nutrients your Betta needs. Good luck. Thanks for writing in your concern, you are a Betta parent trying to do the right thing.

      • Kalani fong says:

        this is really late but fasting a day is actually good for their digestions. Bettas live longer the less you feed. Bettas can live up to 7 – 10 years if you don’t feed them every day more like 3 times a week. I have many reputable breeder friends and they know much more about Bettas than any one here or from what you have read from google.

    • Janine says:

      DO NOT feed your Betta peas or any other people/dog/cat or bird food. You must only feed food made especially for Bettas. In the wild Bettas eat mosquito larvae. In captivity you should feed Betta pellets, flakes once a day. If you want to give your Betta a treat every once in a while, try freeze dried brine shrimp.

  3. Angel Duran says:

    I have a question, My crowntail “SOMETIMES” doesnt open his fins. Like you said, not always open like a fan that made me not worried. But for past 2 days only his tail clamps up but his bottom fin seems to be open like a fan. Is this normal? Also he sometimes lay on the bottom of the aquarium. Does that mean hes sleeping, or is he ill?

    • keanan says:

      my betta fish is blue it is always laying around but at day it wont stop moving swimming fast at night is that normal and it is always swimming against the glass because i have a mirrow in the tank is it suppoesd to do that?

      • Elle says:

        Take the mirror out!

      • Waras says:

        My new betta does that to and he sits on that bottom of the bowl he is purple and red and hasent aten since i have gotten him it has been 5 days.

        • Waras says:

          i have tried feeding him frezed dried blood worms, omega one flakes and wardley betta food but he still doesent eat what should i do

          • Cassie says:

            The same thing happened to me. I tried Tetra BettaMin and my betta fish loved it!

          • kaylie says:

            but do not feed him/her blood worms because i read that if you feed it blood worms then they will not live as long.You should feed it pelets and flakes.

          • SeaUrchinCove says:

            Feed him “Nutrafin basix-Betta Food-Fish food for all Betta’s”. Buy it at your pet store. That’s all he needs to keep him healthy and active!!

        • Ashley Wilson says:

          first off how long did you get him and If I were you I would take him back to where you got him from and ask them, So you get better information on what could be wrong with him!

      • ashley says:

        well first ill answer the ” up against the glass thing with the mirror” well bettas need to be kept in separate tanks so e probably thinks theres another betta. now as for the first thing u need a professional to tell u that cause I don get what ure trying to say

      • SeaUrchinCove says:

        FOR HEAVENS SAKE REMOVE THE MIRROR IMMEDIATELY!! Your fish is extremely stressed out thinking there is another beta he must fight at all times, when it is only his own reflection in the mirror.

        • liz says:

          why do so many people think it bad for them to flare I have 2 males with a divider and they are very happy being at it most of the time I never see them just laying around and there fins are perfect seems they get depressed in a bowel with nothing to do and if you have a free swimming betta in a 10 gallon tank you can feed him a tad more mine love peas and worms they get 3 pellets a day a worm or to when I walk by the tanks because they really get mad if I don’t and a couple more pellets just before I turn out the lights haven’t lost one yet
          I also use spring water as oppose to tap much better quality

    • Waras says:

      My new betta does that to and he sits on that bottom of the bowl he is purple and red and hasent aten since i have gotten him it has been 5 days is that normal HELP

      • ashley says:

        well I can only tell u what he has if he starts getting bloated if he does tell me and I will tell u everything u need to know

    • Emma says:

      I think that he is ill if he is hanging around the bottom alot because mine just died in sunday, and she was only 9 months old and I noticed she was hanging around the bottom alot. And I didnt know what was wrong, so I went to my dads that weekend and I came back and my grandma said she died. I mean I dont know how but she was a very healthy fish and I took good care of her. So I have another one named spyro, and he is a male crown tail. And he sometimes has his fins closed and its normal, but I think yours might be sick. Even when he hangs out on the bottom alot. I cried for 2 hours when mine died. So I think yours is sick.

    • secret says:

      good question when your fish layes at the bottom of it’s tank it is slepping.For example there is a little hole in my fishes tank and I sometimes find him in it but when i give the tank a little tap he gets right up and if this didn’t help and you truly think he is ill bring your fish to a pet shop and ask.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have a vibrant colored betta, but this morning I noticed the ends of his fins are grey. I feel awful for him what should I do? Is he in pain when this happens? I don’t have much money, and Iam afraid to buy the wrong stuff for him. Sometimes at the pet store I think there just acting like they know all the answers to my ?’s, to make a sale! Someone please

    • me says:

      Sorry to tell you this but your betta has FIN ROT. Jungle Fungus Clear (or somthing to that effect) is a good brand of medicine, you can find it at PetSmart.

    • ashley says:

      its probably just becoming old, or it is ill anyway give me more symptoms and I can indeed clarify whats wrong with ure betta cause I had a betta that I used to examine a lot and he got sick so im farmiliar with his illness cause my fish dd loose most of his color. when I got him he was dark blue but when he was ill his colors faded hope I helped u. xoxo

  5. robbi says:

    my betta is laying at the bottom all day, he wont eat at all, he’s breathing realy hard, and im scared. what do i do?

    • ---- says:

      i have the same problem and im really worried that he may die

      • heather says:

        i have had one do that before i dont know what was wrong with him but he seemed to get better he is a crown tail betta.
        i could not find out what to do for him.
        but mine would try to swim now and then and he could not swim that well i felt really bad for him.

  6. TRISH says:


    • bob says:

      mine is coming up to the top and like breathing air or something and he burps up the bubbles to i also dont know why but he is only eating his food at the bottom it is weird.

      • Maddy says:

        He probably can’t digest his food, depends on what you’re feeding him… and my betta Kurt will rarely eat his pellets when they are at the top. I don’t have time to soak them in water, but really I think it’s better when he eats them as they descend to the bottom of his bowl because then I know they won’t expand with any more water in them when he consumes them. Kurt is pretty happy, though his head and a little bit of his body have been consistently gray since I got him. It’s probably just age. I feed him a few bloodworms/daphnia/mysis in the morning, like 2 or 3 (I rotate off every morning) and a pellet or two in the evening. He is very active and blows a lot of bubbles.

      • secret says:

        well I am not sure but thats what my fish did when i first got it and its now been 1 year later and he still does it but also when i feed him the pellets he eats it than spits it back up but i find that if i crush the pellets he eats it so im thinking that the pellets are to big if you know the awnser please help me

      • Amanda says:

        He may be making a bubble nest. Males do this. Completely normal

      • Kristin Rizzo says:

        It is a bubble nest…perfectly normal…youre fish will be sad when you do a weekly water change…but another bubble nest!!

    • ashley says:

      hes probably just puking cause its a symptom of some sort of illness.

    • ashley says:

      if my last reason wasn’t helpful I think I found a new answer. my fish used to spit out his food 10 seconds after he ate it so hes probably spiting out the food and the burping thng is natural cause my fish did it too. they usualy do it after they eat

      • secret says:

        thank you for helping im glad to know my fish isn’t the only one

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have a betta hes a white solid betta im selling him

    • debby says:

      i really think u shouldnt sell him.he is a person too not just a thing.U r really messed up

    • ashley says:

      fastinating :l

  8. Anonymous says:

    robbi my fish does that its just that their small fish they don’t do a lot. Betas usually just hang around the bottom or if the is a sudden light they will move.

  9. Sophia says:

    My fish swins very fast shaking his body left to right
    is he happy? or what because he doesnt seem sick

    • Christie F. says:

      Sometimes bettas swim and wiggle their tales when they are healthy and content. Often they show this behavior when their human approaches as they beg for food. On the other hand, they can also show jerking and spasmodic movements which are different. This can be a sign of stress. If they are bouncing all over the tank it can be because they are frightened of movement outside the aquarium or even from their reflection. Scratching his body against the tank or darting around can also be caused by Velvet Disease, Ich Parasites or Cotton Wool Disease.

      • rebekah says:

        i just treated my betta for “ich”.. he is a red male, he has long flowing fins but the ends are a little curled, is that normal and what can i do if its not. he is in a 10 gallon tank with 3 other mollys and one of those sucker fish. he doesnt seem to mind them but i notice that he has been more aggressive lately(no harm has been done or anything) please email me and tell me what you think!

      • Jerrica says:

        I got a red and purple male betta. I have had him for about a month and the whole time I forgot to clean the tank. I did some research and changed out 20% of the water and added 20% of the chlorine stuff. (It is a 2.5 gallon tank by the way.) He seemed okay for awhile and then suddenly got extremely lazy. He normally stays near the top but now he lays on the bottom of the tank all day barely moving and the gills or whatever by his mouth fan out very rapidly. I need help soon since I am afraid he will die. Please help me by sending an email to Please help!!!

      • heather says:

        yep i know mine id a total beggar XD its cute as heck.
        i used to have one that would stop swimming and pose for photos.
        he was funny a bright pink one to

    • joe says:

      he is displaying, and challenging something he sees. i use the end of a bic lighter to immitate another male intruder to get the same response and then feed him a little as a reward. its kind of a trick and works on other peoples fish as well. it is fun to do this trick for people that are long time beta lovers.

      • Grrrrrr! says:

        Does that work for goldfish???

  10. Stephanie says:

    my male betta i love him so much and i want to help him his tail and his fins have deteriorated, he is not eating, he has a white spot on his right eye but the spot is very small, his scales well body still has his colors but is becoming pale,he stays in his log most of the time, when he swims around his tank he will have a burst of energy and go fast but then stay put and swim slowly, i think his gills are a little red but i can be wrong, he also swims and bumps into the walls of the tank, this has been going on for a few days and i dont know what is wrong with him i want to know what to do i dont know if he is sick or dying please help me with a solution for him

  11. shannon says:

    I,v had a number of Bettas and I adore them!!! One of my three rite now is continuously seeming sick. I noticed color fading and lethargy,but just today he’s got the fluffy white stuff on his dorsel. I feed him twice daily,change his water weekly,use water conditioning,and even started using the natural tea tree liqued in his weekly water changes when I first saw whte stringy slimey stuff a couple months ago wich did disminish!! I hate to see his health diminish and I,m running out of ideas.I almost wonder if he’s a bit older than the petshop first thought because he seems much larger than my other two. If you could give me any other suggestions I would appreciate it.SC

    • kaylie says:

      Well is he the same kind as your other two because if he is a different kind then they might be different I think you should do some research of what kind were the other two and what kind you have right now then do some research but only if they are different kinds i hope I can help you.

  12. Huh says:

    Hi i have a male betta and he started making a bubble nest. I got him a female and he keeps making this freaky bear what does that mean?

    • abby says:

      never put two betta fish together. They will fight. A bubble nest is normal. That means that they are happy and healthy

      • paul says:

        the bubble nest means he is in condition to mate, and this is the only time a female should be introduced to his tank. also if he is puffing up, this is normal. It will be ok if you just keep an eye on them they should eventually start to mate. if not after a day or 2 it may either be too early for one of them, or he just doesnt want to mate with the female you have selected

    • Kate says:

      Maybe get them diffrent tanks or if happy they have kids after they get kids keep them away

  13. TORIA says:

    Hi, I’ve had my fish for almost a year now and he’s lost most of the color in the bottom fin now I’m not sure what to do or get him!

  14. Steven kayser says:

    Hi I have a beta in my 80 ltr tank I recently added a African rope fish two days later my beta started lieing on the bottom of the tank barely moving, upon further inspection I realized that my beta had been bitten just behind his gill right down to the flesh, what can I do to assist my beta other than isolate the tank,will this continue to be a problem in the future?? Thanks:)

  15. Danielle says:

    I just got a new betta on Sunday. He’s in a heated, filtered tank. It’s only Tuesday but he seems to spend a good amount of time laying on the bottom of the tank behind a plant. Also, maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but i think he’s looking more silver in his face area. Do you think he may just be getting used to the tank? Or do you think somethings wrong with him?

    • abby says:

      If you have a small tank,I would take the plant out, so that your betta has room to move around.

  16. macell says:

    I got a betta fish Monday, so I don’t quite how it acts on regular basis. It sits around doing nothing but breathing- litteraly! My brother and sister got one too and their is moving around when someone comes up to the tank and it actually swims!!!!! My poor fishy will just sit there. It is not eccepting food- the store told us to feed it 2 pellets every other day. Is that correct?? I think the body shrunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a little creeped out and very concerned. It floats all day. The mirror thing doesn’t even work…

    • Emily says:

      Check your betta’s water. See if it is okay. It might be sick too. Is it’s color fading? Any unusual marks? I also think your brother and sister are feeding too little. Try feeding 2 pellets twice a day. If your poor little guy just sits there, try getting better food, like freeze-dried bloodworms. My little guy goes crazy over those. Now the mirror thing, its called flaring, and dont worry, my betta didnt flare when I first got him. All you need is a heated, filtered tank, and clean water. Soon, it might get better. Hope this helped! Sorry I couldnt get you the max amount of info I would have!
      Good luck!!!!

    • brooke says:

      the betta fish might be sick research about sicknesses of bettas. theres might be warmer than yours.The pet store owners say the warmer they are the more they move.

    • rebekah says:

      my betta doesnt like the pellets..

  17. Lily says:

    My betta is starting to get lethargic,and he just sits at the top of the water like a floating statue!!Only once an hour does he ever move!

  18. abby says:

    my betta fish has been laying around it’s tank at the bottom and won’t move or eat. She had swimbladder before and so I didn’t feed her,as the website said not to. But then she got better after a day, and then I fed her again and she got terribly sick. She also has a really small white lump on her stomach. Her eyes are big,and they have red in them. She’s pale,and her fins are clumped together. She’s a female veiltail.

    • Tiffany says:

      Hello abby,
      Your fish seems to be very sick. It has popeye and clamped fins. The white dot is normal, it is where the eggs will come out during mating. I suggest going to, the person there, Faith, is quite experienced and there is alot of information on the website. Good Luck!

  19. briley s. says:

    hi im 11 and i have had my fish for about 1 year and two days ago he started to not move and now he has lost his color i have looked at alot of other websites and yours looks the best i really love him and i hope you can help lucky

  20. serena f. says:

    Hi, I’m eleven and I just got my Betta. The first day,he was swimming but after that it stopped and just sat at the bottom. It’s refusing to eat and is only swmming to get air. I change the water fully twice a week and have all the necessary food and even water-neutralizers. I had my betta for five days and it hasn’t eaten. Is he sick? I’m really worried! Also the tempertaure in my house is about 67 degrees. I try to feed it every day.

    • rebekah says:

      bettas get stressed out where your contently changing the water its better to get a tank with a filter

    • betta says:

      try a heater your betta may be to cold and you may need to try a new food also if your water stays clean enough you may want to change only 1 time a week i hoped this helped i may not be completly right though 🙂

  21. Dani Hope says:

    I have a blue and white delta tail betta that I got a little over a week ago. He acts normally, seeks out food with a great appetite, and appears to be completely healthy….except for one thing….
    I noticed that when I purchased him, the water was too full in the cup, and to eat, his head would rub on the plastic that reaches down in the center. This caused a red sore. After placing him in my “vase tank” this red sore disappeared slowly …think this but with a lot less plant in the top for a better air space; also plant is okay betta: (
    In turn, as the red sore spot healed, I noticed that the scales around it started to turn whitish. I first believed that the white was merely the scales healing from the rub wound. However, now the whiteness has slowly spread over the majority of this face in a fashion that would lead me to believe something is wrong. It is Not fuzzy, or flaky, merely, whitish, as if the color is leaving. My sister says that betta do not replace their scales, but it really appears that the scales are forming new ones.
    Overall, I am confused.
    Is it a fungus that needs treatment immediately?
    Is it a problem with the water, or his stress level?
    Is he performing some sort of “molting” to repair the scales that were damaged before?
    Or, is here merely loosing color?
    Sorry for this being so long. I love my pets, but I haven’t had a betta before, so this fish thing is a little new. As I said, besides the coloring on his head, he is completely healthy as goes for betta.
    -Dani H

  22. Chris L. says:

    I am a new betta owner of about 3 weeks and have really been enjoying “Gonzo”. He had no problem adapting to his new home (5g, filtered, and heated tank). He would swim all around his tank, inside his little “cave” home and through his plastic bush, and has always had a healthy appetite. This past week he has been swimming around very spastic and jerky and stays at the front of the tank. He doesn’t swim in his house or bush anymore. He is moving non-stop to the point where it’s exhausting just watching him. Is this “crazy” non-stop swimming normal, or should I be worried? Everything I have read on signs of sickness only mention them being lethargic, not hyper. Plus I miss him exploring his tank. Any suggestions?

  23. Skye says:

    I am just wondering can bettas eat ticks? I have a dog and he always has ticks. Can I feed it to my betta instead of flushing it into my toilet?

    • joe says:

      to large a bite for his tiny mouth. stick with pellets.

    • Brenda says:

      No. Do not feed ticks to your betta. And I’d be worried about ticks eating your dog alive. You seriously have to spray your home and yard for ticks. Very serious problems can affect your dog caused by ticks… even death. Tick fever is very seriuos

  24. cristina says:

    hi, i have 2 crowntail betta and when I woke up today, they are very dull and just floats in the tank. they swim weirdly and doesn’t move often. although they still eats, it seems they’re sick and i don’t know what to do. I just changed their water, clean their aquarium and hoping them to cheer up. one of the crowntail betta’s color also fades from red to almost peach. help! :c

  25. Heather says:

    I just bough a gorgeous crowntail betta a few days ago. He is very active. He lives in a 10 gal tank with some live plants and large scarce pebbles on the floor. ( I don’t like gravel) He has been acting very energetic and puffing up at every little rock and his reflexion. Lately he has been burrowing into the potted leafy plant at the bottom of the tank or wedging himself between a large pebble and the tank. Then he pops up for air swims around for a bit and goes right back to complete stillness. Freaked me out when I saw him laying on the plant I thought he was dead. The temp is set at 78. He ate real good the first day I brought him home now three days later I haven’t seen him eat. I know they can go up to a week or two without eating, I have grown up with bettas most my life and have never seen one act energetic and then go limp, kinda lime he taking a nap or resting. He has no signs of ick/ puffy wyes or swollen belly. He looks absolutely wonderful even the pH is good…. Does any body know what’s wrong or is this normal behavior?
    Thanks Heather 🙂

    • Meredith says:

      The temperature might be a tad too warm; try turning it down to 73ish and see if he calms down a bit.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hi when I got my beta (second one veil tailed male) he wasn’t in the best conditions. So my mom got him hoping that he can have a better life. I had him for a few months and on Thursday he layed on flat on his gravel and I thought he died. I asked my mom to change the water but now I think he discovered his reflection:( what do I do

  27. Ricky says:

    i have a red vibrent betta. He is a boy and right now he has these air buubles all around his body and i dont know what to do all he is doing is breathing and staying near the top of the tank and my females skin is fading it was a hot pink and now its turning white i clean there tanks at least twice a week and my female is pregaunt i put her with the male for one day and all the eggs were at the bottom of the tank stuck between gravel so i cleaned the tank i dont know what to do my male still has bubbles around him can somebody please help me

    • IDK U says:

      I think your betta fish is making a bubble nest. If they are tiny air bubbles at the top, it is to be a bubble nest. Hope I helped 🙂
      Then again I’m only 11…

    • liz says:

      if your going to mate tem you must remove all pebbles and debris from the bottom so they can identify the eggs its possible the male has lost sight of them in all the gravel

  28. Jessica says:

    I have a red betta I had him for 3 days and I am sooo scared that he Is going to get sick but he seems happy he been eating swimming and I can even get him to flare but I notice today he looks out side the tank and he robs his body on it he doesn’t do it a lot but I don’t know if that good or not do u think I am just worrying to much about my betta named rose please help me I want him to live as long as he can

  29. Me says:

    I got a new Betta fish, two days ago. He has ga a previous owner but he doesn’t seem to like the pellets much.. and when he puts the pellet in his mouth and goes to the bottom the pellet fall out of his mouth and he doesn’t go after it again to eat.
    Should I change his food to flakes?

    • joe says:

      they only eat what is in front or above. if the pellets are collecting on the bottom then you are over feeding!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Trajick says:


  31. Roy says:

    I just notice that the scales on the gill covers of my betta has fallen off, revealing red parts, when i shine a light on him. This is very strange, as my betta is happily eating all the pellets given to him, and I have a 100% water change of his small tank (about 1gallon) every two days. Is my betta sick? He still seems active as below and I would not notice it had I not shine a light on him. Pls help, what can I do, will his scales grow back?

  32. rick says:

    my betta is new to the hous i got him yesterday and all he does is sleep at the bottom of his one gallon tank and he wont eat AT ALL i tried flake food and he just ignores it and that idiot never sees his food even when hes hungry pleease respond

    • joe says:

      temperature is important. 65-70 they are less active than 70-80.

    • Sonis707 says:

      A one gallon tank is much to small.betta fish should be kept in a 5gallon tank or more. Mine is a 10 gallon, and my Betta is happy and healthy

  33. Anonymous says:

    I just got my betta fish today, I am so excited, but I got worried, because I have been of fin rot and now I’m not sure if my betta fish has fin rot. He is very beautiful and he is a male.

  34. alex says:

    my betta fish is acting really weird lost his appitie lays at the bottom of the tank he sometimes diggs his face into the rocks and sits there he does have this black clump at the end of his tail it doesnt match tail rot i dont know what it is it wasnt there before he was happy yesterday i dont know what to do

  35. unknown says:

    hey ! my betta`s fins are eating away and his tail is shredding 3 days after all my other bettas got the same diseas.can someone please tell me what kind of disease it is and what is a good cure? thanxx <3

    • paul says:

      hi, did you have all the bettas in the same water??….
      or did you buy them all from the same lfs??
      if they are all in separate tanks, but still all from the same source of water, then it may be the water you are using.
      or if your purchased the bettas from the same lfs, then they may have came with the disease. as for what it is and how to cure, i would agree with Fish Pathologist it sounds like an agressive case of fin rot. i would suggest following his/her instructions.
      Also IME ‘Waterlife Myxazin’ works wonders on fin rot, i saved my neighbours betta from the brink of death using this, as they were keeping it in a tiny 2g cold tank WITH another betta!! (female), this stuff was brilliant. IMHE

  36. Fish Pathologist says:

    Unknown – You did not discuss the water conditions. So I will assume you have change the water, proper temp and ph…etc. Betta fish sometimes bite their own tails, but if was not the cause you must treat for fin rot. Two methods: conservative (salt treatment) and aggressive (medication). It sounds like you may have an aggressive case, in which, simple cures will not work. If it is fin rot you will need a gram negative antibiotic. Use tetracycline and FOLLOW the directions. If you have a small tank then you will have to adjust the dose (most treat 10 gallons at a time).
    Good Luck,

  37. Mysterious says:

    Actually my betta has everything, its fins are clamped loss of color, not that hungry, and slow. I have a filter and a heater, also I put in a thing that makes tap water safe for bettas. I feed it regularly, but it is still sick. Help?

  38. Mysterious says:

    Also I only had it for about 2 weeks, at first it was in a small bowl but now is in a 5 gallon tank.

  39. betta lover says:

    my betta fish eye is red and white is their any thing wrong.plese tell me.

  40. betta lover says:

    how do i know if my fish is a girl or a boy and why does my betta fish chase my silver pen plese tell me

    • Amanda says:

      Males are brighter in color and have long flowing tails. Females have short tails and fins. Also when you buy them the container will tell you what kind of sex it is

  41. Chicken Pox says:

    My betta is blue with a white tail and just today i noticed little red spots on his tail. I use treated water in his tank, and other than the dots he’s acting completely normal. Are red dots normal?

  42. Daisy says:

    My betta won’t eat regular betta food, he’ll eat the blood worms but not the flakes. He’s starting to lay on the bottom today. What can I do to help him?

    • Lemming says:

      That’s not entirely unusual. I have a Dragon Scale and a Crowntail who are both picky about their food. The Dragon Scale will only eat pellets, and the Crowntail, only blood worms. If your betta is a Crowntail, it would not surprise if he just sort of, chills at the bottom of the tank. Mine has done that, and I have had others that did that as well. As long as he’s active on and off, and he has plenty of room to swim, he should be fine.
      HOWEVER, it never hurts to check the PH levels in your tank to make sure the water is safe for your fish, as well as the temperature.

    • betta says:

      2 things that might help is trying a new more balenced food and checking the tempature of the tank it should be aruond 70 or 80 degrese F if im not mistaked

  43. Lucy says:

    Hi, l’ve had my betta for almost a year now and l upgraded and got him a two gallon tank. however, he seems to spend an awful lot of time laying on the bottom. He also has a little white on his back where his dorsal fin starts, and a little on the bottom by his otherr fin. Any ideas or suggestions?

    • Sonis707 says:

      A 2 gallon tank is not an upgrade at all please keep your Betta in a 5 gallon tank or higher. Even though they can survive in smaller tanks, doesn’t mean you should make them. They hate it.

  44. Sarah says:

    I am concerned about my fish. I tried to feed him this morning but he just kept swallowing them spitting out his pellets over and over again until I took them out of the tank. Also, when I bought him, the people in the pet shop said to clean his tank once a month, and that is what I have been doing, but apparently that’s wrong? And I have never seen him fan his fins, he always tucks them to his sides. He’s never been particularly active either, he spends most of the time at the bottom of his tank. What should I do? Am I killing him?

    • Meredith says:

      What is the size of your tank? Do you have a filter? A month seems like a VERY long time to leave a Betta tank without cleaning it; you should probably try to clean it once a week. If he’s not very active, he may be too cold. Do you have a heater in the tank? If not you may want to get a small Betta heater; they sell some that keep the temperature at a constant 72F. Did you just get your fish recently? My Betta refused pellets for a week after I brought him home, but eventually started eating after he got used to his new tank. Now he greets me when I walk up the the tank and waits for his food at the top of the water. 🙂

  45. sophie says:

    Ok so, i go to a daycare and we have 4 bettas in seperate tanks. One of them does not eat and it’s face is getting white. It doesn’t move around much unless someone shakes the tank. This betta used to have a different food that it liked but someone threw it in the garbage can. It will come close to the new food and then swim away. We clean her tank a few times.She lives in a timhortons coffee pourer. S.O.S!!! Help me!

    • Eugenia says:

      I suggest that the first step is to put it in a real tank that’s at least three gallons. I gallon minimum. Never shake the tank. It may shock the Betta. Get the same kind of favorite food it liked before instead of the new one that he doesn’t eat. Hope he gets better!

  46. Sabrina says:

    Sorry this is long but i really need Help! i have 2 bettas! Blue Clues and Carp. I’ve had blues clues longer than Carp but they both have the same kind of tank and get the same kind of care, but recently Blues Clues has been acting lethargic, he hasn’t been eating alot, and his dorsal and caudal fin look stuck together, he has always been a happy fish then this happened somewhat overnight. I’ve went to several different petstores and talked to many different people each saying that they usually act like that, but i know his behavior and this is unusual. I havn’t noticed any white spots or anything. and Carp seems to be just fine with his tank, hes very active and happy. I just dont know what to do about Blues Clues..please help!!

  47. Brooke says:

    My batta fish had a big tail but then one day I started to see rips in the tale and something that was red then before I knew it the tail was gone now my fish have a short tail and it’s a little faded is this because of my tank is it too small? Why is this happening?!

    • Survivor says:

      I got my fish yesterday and I’m planning on changing him to a 2 gallon tank rather than the betta fish tank they sold at petsmart. He’s been really sluggish and NEVER flares. I think it’s because the waters too cold so i’m buying one today. But he also wont eat. I know I just bought him but he’s like family already.

      • Sonis707 says:

        For one, you will want a beta tank 5 gallons or larger.even though they can survive in small tanks, they hate it. Also flaring and mirriors are not good for bettas, as it can be very stressful. The cups they sell bettas in are not tanks. They are small containers that a bettas should never have to experience living in.

  48. Justin says:

    I have had my betta for about 2 years now and when i bought him i got one of those tetra 1.5 gallon lighted, filtered “tanks”. about 3 months ago i started a 5 gallon and had two dwarf gourami’s in it. they both died soon after…i think its because i wasnt rinsing the blood worms before i put them in and they were a little too big to have in a 5 gallon together. anyways i have done a few water changes and got the phosphates down to .5 ppm and nitrates to 5 ppm. I wanted to put my betta in there so he had more room. I tested the neglected water in the 1.5 gallon tank and both were higher and i figure in a week or two of water changes i can get these levels down to 0…my only worry is that in the first 2 years i have had him i have never seen him push water through his gills and when i put him in the 5 gallon he started pushing water through his gills. The aquarium is fully planted (his 1.5 was too but not as much), its heated to 76-78 (im guessing 77, its one of those stick on thermometers) and the 1.5 was heated to about 80. do you think its the temp change or perhaps a breath of fresh air from his neglected 1.5 gallon tank. anyone have advice? should i just do something like a 90% water change and call it good? i know a betta doesnt need an established tank to live in. Thanks in advance for any advice 🙂

  49. Terri says:

    I’ve had my betta for about two months now. We took him on vacation with us and brought water from home so i could change the water. But throughout the week, he stopped eating and lost virtually all of his color. He also lays fully on the rocks on the bottom of the tank or floats vertically with his nose on top of the water. Already tried “bettafix” and it didn’t work. I’m extremely conserned and scared. Any explanations and/or treatment suggestions??

  50. Eugenia says:

    My Betta is always lying at the bottom of his tank or sleeping on his Betta bed. His fins aren’t as spread out as much. He loves to eat though. When he makes his bubble nests, the bubbles are yellow. Also, his scales are looking a little clear, like his body is becoming translucent

  51. KKawesomest says:

    I have a blue veiltail (I think) and I’ve had it for a few months. I noticed that his dorsal fin is getting shorter from the front. He’s losing color, and he just floats at the top against the glass. Hes leaving some sort of gray stuff on the side. He used to swim around more. We tried cleaning the tank but it didn’t work. Please help REALLY WORRIED!!! – KKawesomest <3

  52. Tay says:

    Hi I just got a male betta fish, named it Abu, and have a 1/2 gallon tank (that’s all my parents will allow) with a Gary statue (from spongebob). It’s been happy and moving until yesterday when I picked up little plants for Abu. They sold plastic plants only, and they were in the betta section, and said betta plants on them. I put them in and 10 minutes later his bottom fin was torn in 2! I feel so guilty and up set. I feel so bad for my fish. All I wanted was to make it happy. Not miserable. I wanted to make it happy with a life out of the pet store. It’s been five days since have had it. So my first question is…:;
    A.) what should I do to make it happy? P.s. I cannot not get a bigger filtered/heated tank so please try not to mention that, please.
    Second question…:;
    B.) is there a way to heal it’s fin? And how can I tell if there are signs of infection?
    On with the story…sorry it’s long…!
    Well ever since I got it, it’s been darting in downward motions and turning it’s body to the side, every once in a while?..
    My third question is..:;
    C.) why is he doing that? It seems like he’s board…
    Well anyways he isn’t eating too much either.
    D.) why isn’t he eating? I’m gonna change his water every week also.
    Next. I was trying to put the plants in his tank and was gonna clean his water when I was scooping him out to put him in a same temp. bowl, he jumped out of the net and landed a little less than a foot down on the counter top. I did all I could,which was scooping him into my hands and placed him carefully in his water again.
    E.) will he be ok? I feel awful.
    That’s all for the moment. Please can you give me serious answers thought? I really need help…I’m only 12…!

  53. Emma says:

    -Tay….Fins usaully heal in 5 to 8 months. I know because my fish got beat up by the other when they first met. I felt really bad. Thats all I can help with really. But I can tell you that my friends fish jumped out while she was cleaning its tank then deid a day later. Both my fish are females and thats why they get along. unfortunatly the one that DID NOT get beat up deid today from a disease called dropsy. she lived a year.

  54. Scared/ worried says:

    We have had Finn, for 2 1/2 years, with that being said he hasn’t wanted to eat for the past few days plus now he only lays at the bottom of the tank:-( the tank is clean and being heated to 78 degrees, plus i’ve put in the water a stress coat and water conditioner- what else can I do? Not happy he’s become a part of our family…

  55. Nilsa Santiago says:

    I have a betta which had a blue metalic color. Its a Crown beta, but I’ve notice that he is losing his color. He is turning reddish. What is causing this and what can I do?? Very worried.

  56. Carly says:

    I got a new betta fish be he wont eat, what should i do?

    • secret says:

      he isnt eating because he doesnt like the food or he is un happy

  57. pamela says:

    Hi there, wondering if anyone could help me?
    I got my betta fish a few weeks ago and he was perfectly fine but over the past few days i’ve noticed he hasn’t been swimming around as much as he usually does. Instead, just floating around sometimes on his side. His fins don’t seem as flowy and smooth looking, his color seems to have gone a little paler than usual, and his skin seems to look like its developing little white spots!! I have taken him out the tank and put him in a tank with clean water on his own giving him little bits of pellet food and trying him with boiled peas but nothing seems to be working 🙁 i really don’t know what’s up with him or what else to do i hate to think he is suffering!

    • karina says:

      my betta does that to but when I got him a little pottatoe head stautu it stated to swim all over

    • secret says:

      well you might be under feeding him and if not than bring him to the pet shop and ask them

  58. betta owner says:

    HI,I recently purchased a Male crowntail and female crowntail betta fish..within the last cpl days i’ve noticed my female wants to sleep all the time.The fish are in the same tank..That’s all we have right now..I have some plastic plants in the tank and that’s it..anyone on here have any advice on what I should do? And do you think If i seperate the fish If that would work,thanks!!

  59. karina says:

    hi i berly got a beta fish yesterday and today i fed it food and it
    started to come out yellow things. does this means that its throw up or its getting sick please any one reply

  60. Tay says:

    Thanks Emma!
    Now my fish has been doing ok but last night he jumped out and onto the floor. He is alright now but now has Ich and he is bloated and has white around his neck. What should I do? I feel awful. I’m going to the pet store Tom. To purchase some antibiotics for him. Does anyone no what to do?

  61. althea says:

    my fighting betta fish is acting weird, he’s breathing but his body isn’t moving. Also it keeps swimming to the top.

    • Sonis707 says:

      Hello. I’m sorry I can’t help you much, but it is completely normal for him to swim to the top as he just needs air. All bettas fish will do this.

  62. Tay says:

    My betta just died of bloating and all… Thanks to whoever help answer my questions and good luck to whom ever is having a sick betta I feel so upset and hope your fish recover. I wish you all the best of luck

  63. Viri says:

    I have a blue male Betta fish. It’s been a couple of months that I have changed his food. The food that bought helps hus color change. He is completely blue but at the bottom of one of his fins is red and the tip is white. Should I be concerned? Or is it just the color changing?

  64. pete mcintyre says:

    My beta sits at bottom of tank , won’t eat, Lost color, holds fins close doesn’t seem the same..he has been doing this for a month what’s wrong…test water fix..feed not to much just don’t get it

  65. pete mcintyre says:

    Oh ya real cloudy eyes to

  66. Unknown says:

    I really need an answer!!
    My betta has not been eating for over 3 months!
    It is getting me worryed, it has fin rot and I just did a water change. I am thinking about feeding it blood worms,
    He is laying at the bottom at the tank or the top of the house where the water level is and he is rejecting the pellets! He lives in a 1.5 gal tank with a separator and he is with a male betta ( they are not together) I do not know the gender for the sick fish.. But the other healthy betta on the other side is healthy and eats the pellets.
    I need to know how to help my betta…

  67. Unknown says:

    And now, it had white scales near its face!!!
    Help please I don’t know what to do

    • Kristen says:

      Go to
      Then go to betta dieseases
      That got to help you they have almost all dieseases there Go Try it!!!

    • Joy says:

      The white scales could b ich disease

  68. Soul says:

    I can’t seem to find out why my betta fish has been starting to get a gray bluish color growing on its fin. I’ts getting bigger and I don’t think its a beard because its really low….the other one is starting to get one on the top fin as well. Maybe it is, but I’m not sure….professional answer please?????

  69. Sarah says:

    I have a red crowntail fighter, but recently he has lost pretty much all colour, he’s still as active as ever and eating like it’s going out of fashion (I swear he has a little black hole inside him), his fins have gone pretty much transparent and all bar one section has gone paleish grey. He lives in a 2.5L bowl unfiltered, water changed weekly, water has ammonia chlorine eliminator in it in the proper ratios, i’m worried, because my other fighter is just fine under similar conditions, might his water be too cold?

    • Brina says:

      Check the temp. And maybe try putting your fighters in separate bowls. If they fight, they might be fighting each other. I heard you shouldn’t put two fighting fish in one bowl or else they’ll fight each other and may kill,hurt, or injure each other!
      Um, can you try to answer mine for me too (it’s near the bottom of the page)?!?!?! It’s under the name Brina. Thanks Sarah!!!!!

  70. sierra says:

    I’ve had my betta, Skipper, for almost a year. he usually swims up when i go to the tank, he plays chase with my finger and he follows me around in his bowl. he’s very lively and well looked after. For the last couple days, he hasn’t been eating when I feed him and just sorta picks at the sunken pellets throughout the day, and he’s been laying down on the bottom of his tank, and only coming up for air. he also sometimes lays completely vertical next to his plant. It’s very unlike him to act so lethargic and calm, and i’m very worried about him:( He doesn’t have spots, he isn’t gaining weight and i dont believe its tail rot. anyone have any idea how to fix it? I’ve tried changing his water and his bowl’s location

  71. Arielle says:

    my betta was once a purple\violet but it is turning blue\gray it still eats it moves but I’m still worried. This is my first betta that has done that. What does that mean.Send me a email at
    i’m still worried this is my first

  72. Arielle says:

    My betta was once a pretty purple but it is turning blue. It still eats and moves around but I’m still worried this is my first betta that did this. Send me a email at

  73. Shania says:

    HELP. My pet fighting fish’s tail has been fadeing away these couple of weeks. Before it used to be a huge beautiful tail and now it’s shrunken small. Please help me and tell me why is this happening. Please help and get back soon

  74. Izzy says:

    I got my betta fish Sheldon a few weeks ago. He was fine up till now . His tail is shrinking and long string is hanging from it. What do I do? Please help

    • Ron says:

      There could be a number of things. What is the water temp? Have you been doing regular water changes? Have you tested for ammonia?

  75. Tara says:

    Hi, so my fish keep floating to the top of his bowl involuntarily. He tries to fight it by swimming downwards but in the end he always ends at the top of the bowl again. I was wondering if anyone knows what exactly is going on? I’m afraid that he might be dying…

  76. jeneen says:

    hi tara just put him in a different tank and clean his tank every day and in a couple of days he will be back to normal 🙂 i had two betta fish that did it often and it helped.

  77. Reggie says:

    Hi. I have my male betta, Reggie, in a 2gal tank (can’t afford a tank much bigger) with a heater and a few small decorations and have monthly 50% water changes (do I need to change his water more often?). I used to have a filter in his tank but when i took it out a few days after I got him, he was much happier. I’ve also recently put in some Betta bulbs which are the only live plants I have right now. I feed him Tetra BettaMin flakes every two days and give him one frozen bloodworm on the occasion. He swims around casually and doesn’t have as playful a personality like the other bettas I’ve had. Well, about a month or so after I took out the filter, he’s been floating at the surface of the water. I wasn’t sure if that was good or bad because he would swim around just fine and act like his normal self. I read somewhere that if they did that, they couldn’t breathe very well. I know a bubbler is a bad idea and putting my filter in again would make him unhappy. Well about a month or so later I find him a little less active than he normally is. He scared me when I saw him tilted somewhat on his side but he was still very much alive. I tried giving him a pea to see if that would help the possibility of a swim bladder problem but he doesn’t seem interested in the pea. Now he either hangs out at the bottom of the tank or just floats at the top. At one point I even found him floating vertically at the bottom of the tank with his nose in the gravel. I checked his water and everything was in the safe zone. I don’t know what to do. Also, every betta I’ve had so far starts developing a light horizontal line on their face and the scales on the edge of their gill cover turn white after a month or so of getting them. The white isn’t fungus or ich or anything else I’ve heard of. They just turn a whiter color. It’s weird and I have no idea what that means.

  78. Maddy says:

    My Betta, Kurt, has started swimming very quickly and kind of spastically, and ramming his head into the pebbles at the bottom of his 1.1 gallon bowl. I change his water regularly and use water conditioner, I feed him freeze dried blood worms in the morning and pellets at night. his bowl temp is about 77 though it gets a little lower at night and sometimes hotter in the day but never lower than 72 or higher than 85 that I know of. I am getting concerned about my little Kurt. He displays his fins, though, and usually stops jerking around when I feed him.

    • Maddy says:

      I know his bowl is very small, but it is a half moon shape that is up against the wall at the back of my desk in my room. Is there a chance that he is afraid of his reflection? I have noticed that he swims up and down in the corners, then darts away from there… and also, I have a small plastic bonsai in the tank. it is very pretty, and he likes to swim through it and under one of its branches a lot but he is now spending a lot of time pacing the surface of the water and swimming up and down the corners. He blew a bubble nest that is floating on the rim of the round part of the tank, and I’m thinking that maybe I angered him by messing with it a little so he would be able to get to his food that was kinda stuck in the bubble nest (?) and all of his jumpy, spastic behavior has just been happening today.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve heard that being near mirrors is not the best thing for a betta. Also, that is a large temperature range for a betta to go through (or so I’ve heard… I’m no expert and have just started research for my own betta…) anyway, make sure you aren’t feeding him too much/not enough… (a betta’s stomach is the size of their eye)… And he will probably get to his food, even if it’s stuck in the bubble nest. I know ours did. Maybe give him a scenery change? I would. We are trying to get ours back up to color…

      • Spar says:

        Our cute little Spar was purchased by my sisters, so the budget was… smaller. So Spar lives in a maybe one liter tank. He was in our bathroom, sitting on the counter, but seemed unhappy. His color has been fading and he just kinda lies at the bottom of the tank. So he’s been out of the bathroom and in our living room for the past few weeks, but still seems kind of unhappy. Anyway, we changed his water today, and he already seems to be getting back his color and being more energetic, but I’m not sure. What can we do to make Spar feel better? 🙂 Any help would be much appreciated.
        SPAR 🙂

  79. Jess says:

    So I recently purchased a beautiful, male double tail betta with a black body that faded to white in his fins. This is not my first betta, so I am aware of his basic needs. However, when I got home today I noticed his colouring was off-the black in his body faded quite a bit, but his fins were as vibrant as ever (it should be noted that this has never happened with any other bettas). I attributed this to stress (his environment is completely different from what he experienced in the plastic jar at the store, of course) but I just wanted to make sure he would be o.k. He was also hiding close to the plant at the bottom.
    Update: I removed the plant and now he’s swimming around and his colouring is back to normal.
    Should I be concerned or is he just trying to aclimate? Also, should i keep the plant out or put it back in? His tank isn’t large (debating on getting a larger one), so i know that the plant takes up a portion of his space.
    Sorry for the length of this, and thank you.

  80. Misha says:

    Our Blue Betta has been swimming sideways and upsidedown for just over a week now. He doesn’t seem to be able to stay upright for more than a second or two. Most of the time he just hangs out at the top of the tank, lying on his side and flapping one of his fins slowly.
    What can we do?

  81. Ash says:

    My betta has not been eating over a week, he just floats around, and just today i saw some white thin hanging out in between his gills and his eye. i dont really know what to do. I have been changing his water. Do i need to add some disinfectant?

  82. missy says:

    My blue betta died yesterday but i cant find the illness tht killed him. He turned white pure white on his body except his face and fins but he died fast like an hr after he turned white he wasnt spotted or anything

  83. Brina says:

    I have a red beta that is very active and likes to display his fins. I just recently went on a vacation though, for six days. I came back today and half his body was white! I tried feeding him right away… But he wouldn’t eat. I cleaned his water bowl multiple times but all he does is stay at the bottom of his tank. Now he even flips upside down and floats around lke he’s dead (he’s not really dead but acts like it)! He has been kind of sick before but it got better. Oh! This is what worries me the most when I checked the thermometer it was only 20 degrees!!!!!!!! Please help me!?!?!?!?!?

  84. Don says:

    HELP HELP HELP, My Beta Fish is name is Clarence Hugo! He has been stuffing his face into the rocks and twitching a lot also floating and swimming sideways. He usually eats 1 time per day every morning as i walk out the door. Im not sure what to do. Around Christmas i changed his bowl and he seemed to take to it well. This bowl is a square cube with a small filter and he likes to rest near the filter. His Bowl is clean and im looking for Help im worried about him!!!!!

  85. Piffer says:

    Piff,my betta fish, has his light on all day and I turn it off when I go to sleep and my tank gets colder when the light is off, at least i think. How do I keep my tank warm without a heater?????

    • lazy_bum says:

      a heat lamp? make sure not to fry the fish though lol check the temperature regularly no matter what your try.

  86. lazy_bum says:

    who’s got some expert advise for me? I have a baby betta(not sure how old it is) thats barley an inch long,.. anyway. i’ve had it for a day and it hasnt eaten simce i brought it home, is that symptom of an illness? Not only that, the little fish also started darting across its bowl today and began swimming relentlessly. All my other betta are calm and docile, which is why this behavior worries me. Is there anything wrong with it?

    • Keelin says:

      Not eating for several days after coming home is quite normal, and the betta may be stressed out or afraid of other betta if it’s swimming around quickly. This could also be an indicator of the baby’s activity levels.
      Always keep betta fish in a tank. They will not thrive in a bowl. C:

    • Bubbles says:

      No just as humans they calm down more as they get older he will grow out of it. As for eating adult pellets are to big u can buy smaller pellets for babies

  87. Jessica Bailey says:

    Hi my betta fish has white stuff coming out of his mouth!!!! WHATS WRONG

    • Bubbles says:

      Eww dose it have rabies

  88. Lily says:

    Hello!!! I just got my new beta fish about three days ago. He had been swimming around fine the first couple of days. (i had a moss ball and a floating log in there for decor) Now, he is always in the corner. (i have two fake plants in the two back corners a fake coral decoration and the moss ball) I just need help. I noticed that the filter was way too strong for the betta (i use a aqueon evolve 4 tank) so i turned it off. I noticed the water was a little bit cloudier, and also when the filter is not on the heater is not on. So i also noticed the tank was cold. Is that the problem? He is just sitting in the corner staring out of the tank. I put the floating log in there today and he is not playing in it. I put three pellets of betta food in there today but they just sank to the bottom. Im not sure if i should put more in, because i noticed that he (franklin) is not eating it, when the food floats down. Please help! Is this normal for a fish not to be comfortable with his new enviornment the third day? Please help ASAP! Thanks

  89. Todd says:

    I got a Batta from walmart a week ago, he was black with a bit of blue, but he started to turn a steelish color when he got into a clean treated tank. He’s stopped at a grayish color with blue highlights and his fins were gaining more blue, but stopped so only the edges are blue and the inside is grey. is he sick or just changing color? he’s in a 3 gal unfiltered tank that gets water changes twice a week, it has an airstone that is set on a low setting as to not disturb the water. the heater i had didn’t work so i’m watching the temp with a thermometer til my parents can afford one, most likely next month. oh and the tank is a bit too small for a filter. i plan on getting him a larger tank with a filter for christmas.

  90. Verena says:

    I have a betta and have had him for probably 3-4 months. He is in a 10 gallon tank and is pretty active, especially when its feeding time. He was a beautiful blue when i got him but about 1 month ago he started losing his color. Now he is almost entirely white, his fins are red and some small areas still have a little bit of blue. He eats fine and acts normal but it still doesnt seem normal. I feed him betta pellets and flakes and as a treat sometimes a blood worm just to keep it interesting for him. He has two guppies in the tank with him but he doesnt seem to be bothered by them. I test the water regularly and clean the tank weekly. Anyone know why he could be fading so severely?

  91. Bubbles says:

    My betta either lays at the bottom or head at the top and tail facing the bottom!! He barely eats and has white specks coming off him!! What am I doing wrong and how can I help him

    • Bubbles says:

      Never mind bubbles died this eavning

  92. Bubbles says:

    My betta either lays at the bottom or head at top and tail facing bottom!!!

  93. Virginia says:

    Hi my betta lays on the bottom of his tank or on a plant on his side. He comes up for air and to eat daily but it is a struggle. He has been this way for about 8 months. I have moved the other beta tank away from him. He is still doing this. When he comes up for air he spins around like a top with his head looking up. The pet store said he is probably old. I have treated him with stress coat and quick cure. Neither worked. I also have aquarium salt in the tank. It is a 1 gallon tank with a bubble stone. Thanks.

  94. Falcy The Hedgehog says:

    So I have a betta fish and it had the Ick. I cured it, but it’s still showing those symptoms, clamped fij, lethargy, ect. Now it has a milky residue near it’s tail fin, and it’s somewhat clumpy. It’s become very skittish and swims around like a raving lunatic when you move to look at it. I have him in a cookie jar that I’ve used as a teporary or hospital tank, so it won’t infect the other fish and I can keep an eye on the water. But after a a week or so in this other tank, it’s showing no signs of getting better. I began adding API Stress Coat and Aquarium Salt. And also the water is heated. Help? ;^;

  95. Stella says:

    I bought a betta fish who lived with me for 2 weeks, but he ended up dying. He was a really happy fish- his tank was big, he had colorful rocks, a little cave to swim into, a filter, and some plants- I had a heater, but he died before I got to put in the heater. He started to slow, he was sleeping all the time, he refused to eat, and his tail/fin had holes (it looked like fin rot, but I was going to give him medicine later today, but he died before I got the chance to..)
    I loved him so much, I can’t believe he’s gone…
    Please, I just want to know where I went wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I worry about my betta fish everyday, scared that i’m going to wake up and he’s dead. My betta fish is currently in a vase because my parents won’t hurry up and buy me a tank. I think he died because you put in the heater at last minute, maybe the heater could’ve prevented it

  96. lina says:

    My betta fish “Sam” is not in a good shape… He has been sick for a while. maybe 2 long months… he started with a white patch on one of his gills.. I treated him with some medication but did not work much.. this issue went away and the he started to get bloaded… he still is like this.. we’ve tried many options…but nothing works.. he was eating until like two days ago and then yesterday I noticed that he has one popeye…. It is so frustating seeing him like this.. He just doesn’t move at all, lays ion one side at the bottom f the tank and does not wanto to eat… I feel helpless and sad… any word of wisdom…

  97. maria says:

    If a fish is bouncing around his tank because of his reflection, how do you make him feel better? How do you give him comfort for his home? What can i do to calm him? There is no mirror, but his tank is made of glass. Is there a way to stop it from reflecting?

    • heather says:

      there is some kind of sticker like things for tanks i have one for my lizard tank maby something like that would help you just put it on the outside of the glass

  98. mandy jessi and grayson says:

    My crown,tail betta use to be active and play but now he wont eat and is digging in his rocks and is staying at the bottom of his tank. Please help

  99. anish says:

    hii, i just got a betta fish (3 days ago), on the first day he was ok, but now the betta fish is not eating, it is staying a bit at the bottom and sometimes at the top. it is not eating but he has made the bubble nest.
    what should i do for him to eat??
    plzz help

  100. Ashley Wilson says:

    I just bought a Half moon Betta and he is either stressed out or something is very wrong! What do I do for him? He is very young though so is it possible that if I have traveled far that he is very stressed out?

  101. _BJ says:

    My simease fighting fish is laying on the bottom of his tank
    He lays there and randomly swims what is wrong with him

  102. Anonymous says:

    I have a halfmoon plakat beta who used to love to eat and swim around in his old bowl 1 gal. Soon though, he started to sag around and hide under his artificial plants. He still ate though. Then soon, he started to stop eating as much. I always cleaned the tank, once a week. But he didn’t get better. When Christmas came, I got a 1.5 gal talk with a led light and a filter. That didnt help. I changed his diet from 3 types of flakes. Then I moved to works, which is now. It seems that only the first flakes worked, but whenever I go to petco, they are always sold out of it. My beta only eats once every five days, and I am worried. PLEASE HELP!

    • Luna says:

      Have you checked whether he’s throwing up? If he puked out whitish-transparent things then it means that the bacteria in his stomach is getting out of control. He’ll die if not treated.

  103. Vicky says:

    Hi, i got my betta nearly two weeks ago and since i have not seen him eat. he goes to eat but then spits it out again and is looking rounder around his abdomen than he is anywhere else. Water quality is perfect. Have tried feeding flake, frozen, pellet and live but am getting nowhere. Is there anything i can do?
    Please help

    • Anonymous says:

      I would say this sounds like constipation. Maybe take him to the vet.

  104. april says:

    my betta just died. He was a happy fella, but recently started laying on the bottom of the tank (2.6 gallons, heater, filter) he would not eat/swim and his top fin disappeared. The petco people thought it might be fin rot…bought melafix….

  105. april says:

    i would like to get another fish, but am afraid it will happen again….any ideas?

    • Luna says:

      Hmm….filters aren’t usually good for betas, because it can slice their delicate fins. Also, make sure you get the right medicine (they usually are $6 to 10 dollars) for fin rot, the reason why your first betta’s top fin disappeared. That usually happens if you’re overfeeding or not cleaning the tank properly.
      Next time, watch your betta carefully before buying it. Check it for inflamed gills, eyes, rotting fins, and ask the pet store about how they’ve been feeding it. You need to know all about their health before taking him/her home or you may result in it dying after a few days

  106. Luna says:

    Hi, my betta recently stopped eating and whenever he does, he pukes out white, partially transparent things instead. He’s also became a couch potato. I don’t know what to do.
    Please help

    • Samuel says:

      I would seek medical help, if left untreated the fish could sadly die. I hope all goes well:)

  107. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I recently got a betta fish 4 days ago and i’m not sure if he has clamped fins or not. He doesn’t really have his fins open all the time like he is suppose to. My little sisters pet betta has his fins open wide most of the time but not mines. Do you guys have any suggestions to help my fish ;’( ?

  108. Lauren Rubbelke says:

    My Betta is in a heated, filtered 3.5 gallon tank with two snails. Lately he is lethargic and not moving as much. Any ideas what could be going on?

  109. Marka says:

    I don’t usually comment on threads like this. But I am shocked at the mis-information, even from people claiming to be long-time fish-keepers. I really can’t be bothered to go into details and names because i’d be here all day. Use ur critical thinking, understand the hobbie, buy some literature and involve the professionals. Not petco or pets at home. I’ll say this at least, cause some goon at the top dosen’t know jack and was giving other people grief on their lack of knowledeg. Betta fish that we keep aren’t caught in the wild, they are bred in captivity and have been selectively bred for over a 100 years, they have never seen their wild water parameters. pfffft. Sorry if i sound like a troll, not my intetntion. Just some of these comments really wound me up.

  110. Blake says:

    I noticed that when I put my mystery snail in with my betta my betta wasn’t swimming around a lot. Idk if the snail had a disease or he just wanted to be left alone. Someone tell me what’s wrong.

  111. Jaws says:

    My pet Betta Fish is loading it’s color really bad almost to a translucent. I had him for about a year and he was very active and does tricks,now all he does is lay at the bottom of the tank hiding between plants he also lost his appetite what should I do?

  112. Anthony says:

    I got a betta a few days ago and all he’s now practically glued to the filter. He comes out when i put food in, but all else he doesn’t do much.

  113. Alex says:

    I have had a betta fish for a while and he has recently lost color under his lil mouth and its almost like a beard i guess he is red/purple/blue and his face is turning grey and now he keeps bumping into his bowl, he has been in that bowl since i got him and only now is he doing that, i put some food for him and he jusy swims around it…. please tell me what i can do i love charles so much and i dont want him to be sick or lose him please help me

  114. Daria says:

    Hey, my Betta fish has been acting really odd for the past month. He doesn’t swim around at all any more and he stays at the top corner of his tank and just stays there all day. He also started to bubble his food. He isn’t eating any of it but a bubble formed around his pellets and sunk to the bottom. Another problem is that my fish’s eye popped out and now is gigantic compared to the other one. I looked it up and read that it’s caused by a dirty tank but I clean it every week and a half. If anyone can help me with any of my problems, that would be great. Thanks.

  115. Maritza says:

    My Betta Fish is lethargic, won’t eat and he seems to twitch when he swims. He doesn’t have Ich, I’ve checked for Velvet but I think it’s a negative. He’s been like this for almost a week since we changed his water. We didn’t anything different from his normal routine which is why I’m concerned.
    Please help, thank you!

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