Hyperplasia in Fishes

Hyperplasia is a fancy way of saying abnormal increase in cell numbers or cell numbers "gone wild" leading to a size increase of the affected tissue or organ; it can also be used as another term for benign growth, or tumor. Hyperplasia can be induced by many things, including chronic inflammation, … Read more about Hyperplasia in Fishes

Lucky’s Story

This is the story of Lucky, that I sent to a betta list many years ago, when I was a complete newbie. This is a horrifying account of what happens when the peace lily vase with a betta is sold to unsuspecting people… "On Monday a colleague brought a vase with a peace lily to my office and said, … Read more about Lucky’s Story

Swimbladder Disease

The swimbladder is the organ responsible for buoyancy and when there is a problem with it, a fish can have difficulty rising to the surface ("sinker"), difficulty swimming to the bottom ("floater"), swims on its’ side or swims in the nose down vertical position. The following is a list of the … Read more about Swimbladder Disease