How to Pronounce Betta

Q: T wrote, Hi Christie, I was wondering how you pronounce Betta. Do you say “bed-dah” or “bay-dah”? I know the real way is “bed-dah” but I can’t get used to saying it that way. Even the people at PetsMart say “bay-dah.” A: It’s true, the proper pronunciation of Betta is “bed-tah” and not … Read more about How to Pronounce Betta

Apple Snails and Bettas

Q: SL wrote, Nippy, Can I put an Apple Snail in with my betta? A: Apple Snails often make good tank mates for Bettas. There are a few things to prepare for before buying your Apple Snail. First, like aquarium fish, Apple Snails are sensitive to poor water quality and can be harmed by ammonia, … Read more about Apple Snails and Bettas