New Betta Won’t Eat

Q: FP wrote, Christie, I just bought a crowntail male from a breeder 3 days ago and he won’t eat anything I give him. I have tried Bio-Gold pellets, betta bites and flakes. Is he stressed out from being shipped? I’m afraid he’s going to starve to death. A: Acclimating to a new environment can … Read more about New Betta Won’t Eat

Bubble Nests & Bettas

Q: SS wrote, I’m afraid my betta is sick. He never blows bubbles and I read that only healthy bettas blow bubble nests. Is there something I can do to get him to blow bubbles? A: While it’s true that healthy male bettas tend to blow bubble nests more then unhealthy bettas it isn’t a given that … Read more about Bubble Nests & Bettas

Bloated Betta

Q: CF wrote, Why is my betta’s stomach so bloated? Is he getting fat? A: A few things can cause a bettas stomach to bloat. Overfeeding is the most common culprit. Most fish food containers advise you to feed your betta what they can eat in two minutes. Because bettas tend to bloat it’s better to … Read more about Bloated Betta