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Changes to

Dear Nippyfish Readers, You may have noticed a few changes to the sidebar at We have received a few emails from readers who have found our site useful and have offered to donate. Now you can do so securely though Paypal using your debit or credit card. We have also signed up as an [...]

Welcome to the New

Welcome to the all-new website. As you can see we are still under construction as we merge our world famous Nippyfish: A Betta Blog with the articles and information from our old site. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, please be patient. We will be bringing back everything and more. [...]

Nippyfish- Now on Facebook!

Blue, originally uploaded by spyzter. I’m happy to announce that A Site for the Modern Betta Enthusiast now has a presence on Facebook in the form of a group called, “Fans of”. If you’re a fan of or have found useful information on the Nippyfish website or blog, and have a Facebook [...]

Guidelines for Email Questions

maybe, originally uploaded by Silent Bright. Hi Readers! Wow, I can’t believe all the amazing emails I have gotten full of great questions. You guys sure do keep me on my toes and thinking about all aspects of betta care and aquaria. To make things easier I am putting together some helpful guidelines. These guide [...]