Betta fish are a naturally active fish, but due to being kept in a tank they may quickly become bored if left unattended or under stimulated, so in order to keep your fish in a healthy and active condition adding some of these toys to your Bettas tank is a must. Here is a list of some of our favorite Betta fish toys :

1. Mirror

A Small Mirror is a great toy to start out with for your Betta as it stimulates the Betta to Flare up , this Flaring out of its fins and gills is a natural reaction to seeing other competing Betta fish or predators as it causes them to appear much larger then they are. Stimulating your Betta to flair up is a good way to check on the condition of your fish as it gives you a better view of the fish’s scales and fins so you can check for diseases or injury’s the fish may have sustained. Keeping the mirror out for too long may causes excess stress on the fish so it is recommended to keep this down to a few minutes a day as to not cause injury.


2. Floating Log

Betta fish love to play and hide in and amongst their environment, so adding toys for your Betta to hide and rest in is key to keeping your fish happy. A floating log is a great example of this, it is essentially a floating tube designed to look like a log that the Betta can swim through, hide in, and interact with, stimulating your Betta to become more active. It also acts as a area that your Betta can begin to build its bubble nest off of due to the surface area of the log. They can be purchased very cheaply online and make for a good starting point on encouraging a active Betta.


3. Leaf Hammock

A leaf hammock acts as a place for your Betta to rest near the surface of the water such as they do naturally. It is a simple toy designed to stick using a suction cup to the side of the tank and be placed near the surface of the water. It works in a similar way to the previously mentioned floating log so is a good alternative for smaller tanks. You may need to watch the water level of the tank more thoroughly to ensure the Betta can easily swim onto the leaf .


4. Ceramic Log

A ceramic Log is another good tank decoration that doubles as a toy, not only giving an aesthetic benefit but also by giving your Betta another place to hide and swim amongst. They commonly feature several holes giving your fish many different paths to swim through, encouraging your Betta to be more active. You can also hide some of your Bettas food amongst the log to encourage your fish to become more active.


5 . Marimo Moss Ball

Keeping a live plant with your Betta can be hugely beneficial, not only by removing toxins from the water but also giving your fish something to nibble at if its hungry. The Marimo moss ball will keep algae growth down in the tank ,and will help to reduce the amount of toxins in the water. They are very easy to keep alive requiring only that they are rotated intermittently, such as when doing a water change, to avoid the bottom side of the ball from dying. If keeping real plants is out of the skill set then there are also fake alternatives which do similar things, but are more pricey and need to be replaced every few months.


6. Ping Pong Ball

Bettas love to play with things at the surface of the water, and a good and cheap toy to stimulate your Bettas inquisitive nature is a common ping ball. These can be purchased very cheaply and are very easy to introduce. Your Betta will quickly be found swimming into it and moving it around the tank. Before introducing the Ping Pong ball ensure you treat it the same as any other item you are introducing into the tank and clean it thoroughly as not to introduce any chemicals or diseases into the tank.

7. Aquarium Plants

Aquarium Plants are another good starter toy to introduce into the tank, just like the ceramic log they stimulate your Bettta to be more active. Live plants also help by removing toxins from the tank, but simple fake plants also work as they encourage your Betta to swim in and around its environment, and to play with its surroundings.


8. Train Your Betta to Swim Through Hoops

There are hundreds of videos online teaching you how to train your fish to swim through hoops, or to follow your finger, and Bettas are no exception. They’re naturally a very inquisitive fish so they take well to learning new tricks such as swimming through hoops. This is a more hands on approach to keeping your Betta active and will require you to spend a few moments every day to ensure they learn and remember it, but if you really want to get the most out of your fish this is a great first step. Training hoops can be purchased for relatively cheap online and include several different sizes and shapes all making for a learning opportunity for you and your Betta.


9. Train Your Betta to Jump

Training your Betta to jump is another great way to play with your Betta, as well as ensuring your Betta is strong and healthy. By holding food just above the surface of the water when feeding you can teach your Betta to jump out of the water, which stimulates your Betta to find move more and interact more with you, keeping your Betta happier as it isn’t doing the same thing every time it is feeding. It also builds on the skills learnt after teaching your fish to swim through hoops. Be careful however to keep a lid on the tank as you may find your Betta jumping even without the need of food.

10. Lights

Bettas interact well with different lights and will become inquisitive if lights are placed around the tank, things as simple as the light on your phone, will gain the interest of your fish. If you are finding it hard to get your Betta to follow your finger try getting it to play with a light, as it is more obvious to the fish. Keep in mind not to over stimulate the fish with several flashing lights as it may become stressed or dazed.

11. Coconut Betta Hut

Another great Toy for your better is a coconut hut for your Betta to hide in, made from coconut shells the natural hut allows your Betta to hide and relax if it is feeling anxious. It acts in the same way as the sinking ceramic log encouraging the Betta to move around the environment.With many available they have had the sharp areas smoothed down to ensure your Betta is at no risk of injury.


12. Laser Pointer

Just like the lights, the laser pointer is a great way to get your Betta moving as they will naturally be intrigued by the new light. Shinning the laser into your Betta’s tank and moving it onto different objects will cause your Betta to chase the light. So just like jumping from the tank it is a great way to give your Betta some exercise.

Keeping your Betta entertained is helpful in keeping your Betta happy and healthy, as well as getting the most joy out of your fish. Whatever route you choose remember not to over stimulate your fish to the point of stress and keep playing with your fish down to a few minutes a day and you will be well on your way to having a happy and active Betta fish.

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  1. Barbara Wilson says:

    I want to go from two five gallon aquariums – one aquarium for one Betta male – to one ten gallon aquarium that is divided by a screen – because it is easier to clean and see both fish from sitting outside the aquarium (right now one aquarium is in front of another (I have five Bettas) and one aquarium has a burned out light – So I am planning to “solve some problems” and get “above beginner level possibly leaky” set ups.

    Do Betta males “get upset” if they sense the water has other Betta male scents? I know that the “vision in a mirror” of another Betta male is part of exercise. (I do not fight fish).

    Would this cause one male to try to “jump the divider” to get into the other compartment?

    I have chosen a light hood with a “hinge” that allows for feeding and “playing with fish” without having to take off the top of a ten gallon aquarium. So I can add the mirror for five minutes, feed at the aperture of the floating log or over the Betta leaf hammock or Betta Lotus Hammock –

    Do you “have any knowledge or educated guesses” of what I need to do to make sure this is done in the best way possible?

    Thank you for any help you can give me.

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