Veil-tail Betta Fish

Veil-tail Betta | Photo by Rae134

The veil-tail betta has traditionally been the most popular tail type kept in ornamental aquariums. Its popularity has declined in recent years with the commercialization of what the industry calls “fancy bettas;” fish with unique tail forms like the crowntail, halfmoon, or rosetail, just to name a few. Though breeders have been developing fancy bettas for decades, the veil-tail has remained a popular pet store fish because of its ease of breeding and availability.

Veil-tail bettas are easily identified by their long, asymmetrical caudal fin, which naturally droops downward. The long tail gene, commonly designated as VT by breeders, is dominant and easy to breed. These fish are considered common by breeders and there are no longer categories for showing veil-tail bettas competitively. While the show circles have all but abandoned the veil-tail there is strong resistance among betta hobbyists to let this tail type disappear. Many betta keepers claim that standard veil-tails have a more outgoing personality, often wiggling their tails and moving around the aquarium to get a better view of their owner. Like mixed breed dogs, they often have a pleasant demeanor, are generally healthy and because they aren’t heavily inbred, don’t suffer from the deformities that some fancy bettas do.  Of course it’s purely conjecture to say that veil-tails have a “better personality” but one thing is for sure… loyal betta keepers love their veil-tails and will continue to buy them despite what show breeders are doing.

Swimming Veil-tail Betta

Veil-tails are known for their outgoing personality | Photo By Gabblebee

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  1. jose says:

    question can the veil-tail bettas spread there fins like the ones u have in ur pictures? cuz i had one for a month in a 3.5 gal tank and i havent seen him do it.. i have 2 mollies with him also.. and he has his own hiding spot and a very quite marina internal filter.

    • Christie F. says:

      Yes, veil-tail bettas can spread their fins too. When a betta holds his fins next to his body for long periods of time (days) we call this “clamped fins“. It can be a sign of stress.

      • makayla says:

        what is my beta fish um jumped to the other side of the tank I have 2 male veil tailed betta and I just got them today and one of them jump to the other side but I lower the water in the tank and he hasn’t jumped I tried to jump again do you think that would help

        • makayla says:

          I have another question do blood worms have to be just for a treat or can you give them to last for normal food

          • Nayeli says:

            Blood worms can be given as normal food but it is always good to add variety to their diet.

        • Anna says:

          Make sure you don’t have 2 Bettas in the same bowl or where they can constantly see each other.

      • makayla says:

        my fish aren’t making bubble nests I see a couple bottles here near the top but I won’t see like a nest of bubbles is that normal

        • Anna says:

          Bettas don’t alway make bubble nests. They make them when they are extremely happy. Make sure the water is warm and that you aren’t over feeding them. Also make fire the have a plant to hide in then they should start making a bubble nest.

    • Zen says:

      Um, don’t put mollies with bettas, mollies are nippy and will chew off the finnage of the Betta. I’d suggest neon tetras instead of mollies.

  2. nadia says:

    hi i have a veil tail, very similar in color to the one in the photo here. my question is i think his gills are inflamed, he is healthy eater, i try to make sure his water is changed often he lives in a gallon tank. also i think he nips at his tail because it is a little ragged looking, i have been using a fin/tail rot solution everyday to help his tail. but there is not a difference with his gills is there another thing i could do for his gills

    • jonah says:

      i have a Betta fish and he is fine. i feed him blood-worms twice a day and do a 50 percent water change every week. He is in a one gallon aquarium and it is not heated. for the past few days he has swam back and forth a lot in the same place over and over. is he okay and is there anything i am doing wrong?

      • Elena landry says:
      • maryann says:

        I don’t see much of a problem with your care for your fish but there are two things you might want to consider. First, try and find a bigger tank, I know many say that 5 gallons is a must but a three gallon is plenty of space. Second, try a 20% water change twice a week instead of 50% once a week.
        Hope this helps, and isn’t too late.

      • Beck says:

        You should do a complete water change because he has fungus. mine suffered the same and so he dies three night ago.

        • Beck says:

          I always do a complete water change for my betta. They can’t be healthy living in their poop and urine.

      • Anna says:

        Please don’t feed them twice a day. They can be over fed this way. Feed them about 2 blood worms or 3 pellets every other day.

    • jessy says:

      pick up a water conditioner and i also recommend a larger tank he is probably stressed from being in that small tank. most water conditioners contain special enzymes that replenishes the slimy coat of the fish and reduces stress.

  3. Nathan Jackson says:

    i have a veil tail beta and i recently got a black mystery snail and my beta has been literally “lovey dovey” with the snail and wont leave his side! should i be concerned? is this normal? any thoughts?

    • jonah says:

      it is probably trying to figure out the best way to eat him

      • Elena landry says:

        i dont think so… It’s either my betta is abnormal, or he follows ME around everywhere. He will not try to eat me though. And he shares his snacks with my snail. So obviously my betta and Nathan Jackson’s betta are both very selfless… 😀

  4. Luci says:

    Dear Christie,
    I just got a new veil-tail betta and I have no idea how to take care of one. The last time I had a fish, I was 4 and it was a goldfish. Please explain some things to me! I would also like suggestions for a name. He is maroon in color. Thank you so much.

    • jonah says:

      go to petco and buy freeze dried blood-worms. twice a day put them in and once he finds them let him eat for two minutes. then scoop them out. to change the tank water, fill a bucket up with water wait 24 hours for water to chlorinate and then slowly pour should do the water change once a week or so

  5. Janine Crist says:

    I had a two betta fish and the first one just layed at the top of the water and it would sometimes swim around but then it died his name was Oscar. My second betta fish was named Amos and he was doing great then all of a sudden i noticed a little white bubble spot thing on his side and then he died. I have no idea why could you help?

    • Kai says:

      It is called ick and if not treated properly fish will die from it you should read up more on it on the Internet

      • susie says:

        they have drops you can put in the water to get rid of it if you get it right away.

  6. Janine Crist says:

    Oh yea one more thing about Amos he lost his color he was a dark blueish purple and it turned grayish brown

  7. Julie says:

    Luci, I know I am not Christie F. But I have a few suggestions
    FIrst, you should buy him hikari freeze-dried betta pellets.
    If he spits them out for the first couple of days that is fine. If he continues, buy him a different type of food like bloodworms or brine shrimp. Clean out his tank every week and I think you should name him Ketchup. Hope I helped, Julie

  8. Amy M says:

    this is my 3rd time trying to raise a betta… i have a veil tail and he fans out his fins completely and is a beautiful red. I named him dancer bc he dances all over his 1 gallon tank. I feed him a mix of freeze dried bloodworms and betta pellets and so far have had no problem with constipation like ive heard about from others. I change his water completely and clean his tank once a week and change part of his water every 4-5 days. The two i had before died and from what ive heard it was probly due to just feeding him one type of food and not changing his water enough. I also use a water conditioner for bettas when i change his water and have done my research online on this site as well as I hope this helps Julie

    • Kai says:

      You should only change Dancers water about 1a week and never do a full change unless the water is starting to turn a nasty green or brown if you don’t already buy a small filter that you can get at moats pet stores and when changing water only change about 20-25% hope this helps

    • jason says:

      for me i’m not that king of fan that likes veil-tail betas because i put my veil tail beta fish with my Plakat king beta fish and my veil tail beta fish died.

  9. Amy M says:

    ive recently noticed my veil tails gills seem to be slightly inflamed and hes been a bit lethargic today. he keeps going to the same plant and just laying against it but is still occasionally active and surfacing to breathe… ive had him for 2 weeks now and not been able to notice his gills at all other than when he flares at his reflection occasionally… is this normal or a sign of sickness?

    • Lindsey says:

      If a betta’s water temperature is too cold it could cause him to be a bit slow and inactive. The tank should be around 78 degrees. Heaters are a very good addition to a betta tank though I know that a lot of people don’t want to use them. Also, in your first comment you said that you do complete water changes once a week. It’s better not to do complete water changes unless totally necessary because it does not allow the beneficial bacteria to grow in your tank. A product I use is called Stress Zyme. It contains live bacteria which is good for your betta plus it also helps the tank stay clean. Good luck with your betta and I hope he gets better! 🙂

  10. Amy M says:

    thanks lindsey… the other issue has resolved itself… now he has a white spot on the top of his head so ive been doing water changes more often and that seems to be helping but i dont know what could have caused it. im keeping his i temp at least 74-76 ive been doing complete water changes because his tank is only a 1 gal but i plan on getting a 5 gal next month. i also dont have the test kits yet to monitor his water but hes acting like he normally does and is still eating normally…

    • Jessica says:

      It sounds like Ick to me. The white spots…unless it’s less white spots and more like a cloudy spot on it’s scales, then I’d say a fungal infection. Bettatalk has a lot of info on how to treat them 🙂

  11. Mandi says:

    What is a household food that I could feed my red male beta fish? Besides flakes that I got at the store. Please help ASAP.

    • Kai says:

      If it is a larger beata you can feed him, her leatus… Make sure to chop it up really small … If he is younger than there is not much… Ps beta fish can live up to 1.5 weeks with out food

  12. Amy M says:

    mandi, bettas eat mostly brine shrimp and betta pellets and freeze dried blood worms… they are carnivores so their diet cant be supplemented by veggies… I do know that i give my red veil tail some of a frozen pea microwaved in water to avoid constipation once a week but other than that he gets the bloodworms and pellets…

  13. Anneta says:

    What should I call my betta fish. It has a purple body, red fins with small blue streaks. It’s also a little energetic.

    • Kai says:


    • Moon T. says:

      Prince (like the singer).

    • niko says:

      i named my beta posidon have you thought of mytholgy

  14. Anneta says:

    What should I call my betta fish. It has a purple body, red fins with blue streaks. It’s also a little energetic.

    • Sue says:

      How about Rock or Poper

  15. Anneta says:

    I also want it to be creative

  16. Anneta says:

    I have finally thought of one.

  17. Ita says:

    Dear Christie F,
    I am so worried about my male veil-tail betta fish….I need help! First of all, I bought him from a PetCo and he was the most active one there, swimming in his little cup. It has been a little over 6mos. now and I recently noticed he has been VERY lethargic. He won’t swim around, never flares his fins. Only if I tap on his glass or shake the bowl will he stir. But after a few seconds of swimming, he’ll just float to the top or stay at the bottom, motionless. He lives in a 1gal fishbowl with no filtration, some fake plants, fake mini coral reef, and a heater. Twice I have found him floating on his side on a plant, and on one occasion he was at a diagonal angle at the top of his bowl. Other than that, he seems fine. I haven’t tested his Ammonia and pH levels (because my dad says he doesnt wanna buy a testing kit), but I do use Betta Water Conditioners and I have always assumed that it would soak up all the bad stuff.
    So what worries me most is his behavior:
    -Never Flares Fins.
    -Never Swims Around Unless I Shake The Bowl Or Tap The Glass
    How do I fix it? I really want him active and flaring and showy again, just like he used to be. I am so worried right now and praying its nothing serious. . . . . . .WHAT SHOULD I DO??????
    Other Info: I clean his unfiltered fishbowl once a week. Sometimes I let it sit for two weeks. And for getting the right temp, we usually feel it by hand. I feed him Wardley’s Betta Pellets, six pellets a day, three days a week. ALSO: I am only 10 years old and I am worrying my head off. I really don’t want him to die!

    • Caileigh says:

      You can try getting medicine at a fish store or feeding him less more times a week! I just turned 15 and got my betta for Christmas 🙂

    • stephen says:

      @Ita I have been keeping all kinds of fish since for over 20 yrs and here is my biggest tip for you to save you a lot of money and heartache : the less you do the better! its a fish dear not a dog and they usually get along better if you interact with them less (other than what is absolutely necessary) I would refrain from all those bowl cleanings and no more chemicals. purchase a jug of drinking water from the store and use that to do a partial change of 20-35% every other week to do the change leave bowl (leave fish in the bowl!) intact and siphon water to desired level and replace with clean new water . also keep your hands out please ! room temp is fine unless you live in the extreme north. and last but not least Bettas by nature are an evolutionary masterpeice and too many die untimely deaths because the owners do too much to them and inadvertently kill them, these fish have been made to live in the most inhospitable places nature has to offer so as long as you keep it simple you should be fine. Also no more pellets spend 3-5 bucks for a flat pack of bloodworms it will last you a looooooong time, lastly sometimes you just cant replace nature just hang in there and READ as much as possible . The Thai have betta care down to an art google some sites they can help you GOOD LUCK…..

      • stephen says:


    • Kai says:

      Beta do better in a 3 gallon or more bowle or tank minor filtration is not needed but is a nice thing to have also feed him,her a little less and Only once a day. Never tap the glass it is bad for the fish… Beta like to swim around they do not like small invirments … Hope this helps

    • Anna says:

      Dear Ita,
      I know I’m not Christie F, but I think I can help. Number one, I think that instead of feeding him 6 pellets a day, 3 days a week, that you should feed him 3 pellets a day, 7 days a week. He might be suffering from over eating or bloating. also, try not to shake the bowl or tap the glass often, as it agitaetes betta fish. Before you feed Clowny the pellets, soak them in water for about ten minutes. Try to feed him at the same time every day, like 2 in the morning 1 in the evening.
      Hope this helps,

    • Autumn says:

      im 10 too and i have a betta named Wiz (wizard) he is purple and pink and i get him yesterday. i have had bettas before and my best solution would be to not tap on the glass. it makes them scared to move! good luck to you and clowny! 🙂

  18. Jasmine says:

    Ita im 11 and i have the same propblems!? :’(

  19. JeSsIcA says:

    today my mom just got me a new betta fish today and my lil sis too,we had taken care of two last year and died about a week 🙁 .i don’t want my new ones to die soon again,also is it normal for my veil-tail fish to have a large black eye?and also i don’t know what is a cycle or the disease called Ammonia Poisoning,i am very worry…and when i feed them sometimes they spit out the pellets i feed them.and my sis’s one isn’t very active it’ll swim around a bit and stay there it’s also kinda mean…mine is looking fine and healthy but i heard that the disease i said symptoms are fish gasp for breath at the water surface
    purple or red gills…and my fish is red color and i don’t know if the red gills are normal or the disease…and mostly of his time he would go up i am not sure if it is gasping for air:/can somebody please help me and give me some tips and tell me more about cycling and the disease?i am looking for tips to care for bettas in the internet today but no luck,i found this website useful and helped me with some problems.:)thank you please help me.

    • jason says:

      i think its gonna be by your luck jessica

    • Anna says:

      I don’t know alot about the symtoms your talking about, but spitting out pellets means that they are picky, and sometimes theyll get over it, but other wise get the blood worms instead it is better.

  20. do u mean the EYES r black not like hurted or something…..yeah i think thats normal,i have 6 bettas fish and 2 of them r kinda like tat.i think tats actually cute with big black eyes…:) good luck with ur fishys!

    • jason says:

      ok michelle

  21. Sue says:

    What is the best food to feed a Betta fish? Because i just got one and want it to live a long happy live.

    • Pet lover says:

      Dear Sue your betta should have a large variety of food and there are many on the market I feed my bettas pellets and 2 times a a week blood worms I say give it pellets then flakes and 2 or 1time a week blood worms or brine shrimp as a treat but instead of doing pellets then flakes you can do pellet only or flakes only ontil treet day since not all bettas li

      • Pet lover says:

        ke flakes or pellets and sorry there are 2 parts of my speech! I didn’t mean to hit submit yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • jason says:

        not all betas like pallet or flakes.

  22. Pet lover says:

    I need some help please!!!!! My beautiful red betta Blaze is looking bad, he doesn’t move much and he has torn fins and they look dull, thin, and a bit clear help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. KC says:

    If your bette is sick there is a list of possibilities as to what it could be listed on

  24. Alisha says:

    wow. my betta, Mr.Akai Fishy is kind lethargic too. Is that a bad thing? He still flares and eats but he sleeps a lot.

  25. Kait says:

    I’m new to the betta world and in all honesty, I don’t even own my betta yet! I came across this blog while researching bettas and have found it to be most helpful. I bought my tank first (it’s five gallons), along with a filter, heater, thermometer and water test kit. I’ve been cycling my tank and I’m about a week and half (I’m approximating) from having a fully cycled tank. I was wondering, what is the best type of betta for a beginner? I’ve owned fish before, but just goldfish when I was much younger. I also plan on bringing my little friend to college too in the fall, and was wondering the best way to transport him and his home (especially because I have a cycled tank). Any input at all would be fantastic! Thank you!!

    • Kai says:

      Ok the best type of beta for a beggener I personally think is a veil tail betta they are the least inbread and are the most taim ( for a fighting fish) but personally I think they are much easyer than a rose tail or a half moon tailed betta but this is all an option you might want to read up on this sight beta 201 it tells you obout the moats common beta types…

  26. Gina says:

    I have a Veil-Tail. It is true, these fish are very curious about there owners. We play back and forth head wobbles before i go to work in the morning. I thought when i bought this fish, Bettas were not supposed to have any personality, it is just a fish, right? Wrong. What a great addition to the family!

  27. fish crazy says:

    I just got a beta yesterday and he stays at the top onhis side the whole time. what should I do?

  28. Bob says:

    Dear fish crazy, you should just let the betta calm down for a few days by doing that, do not feed the betta for 2 days then feed the betta a little bit the next day. Check if the betta is recovering or getting more sick. The betta might have amputation. (trust me I have 7 years of fish experience)

    • fish crazy says:

      thank you but he died:(

  29. Bob says:

    sorry to hear that:(

  30. Gynie says:

    i just got a veil-tail beta today, i am a little worried my beta he floats around at the corner of his tank and moves around occasionally . 🙁 also i can’t think of a name for him . he is reddish -scarlet.

    • Kai says:

      I have a 1gallon tank with a small filter … Inside I have a 2 month old blue veil tail betta , a 2 month old pleco and 5 small ghost shrimp … I am going to get a tall 10 gallon tank once I get the money and I have yet to name my betta and my pleco … Lol … I am shocked that the betta has not attacked my Pleco but am ferry happy about it I use to have a 75 gallon tank but then I moved so I had to get rid of my beloved fish… :/ well at least I’m getting started again
      I am feeding my pleco alge wafers and my shrimp like to snack on them to… I am feeding my beta betta flakes and freez dried blood worms… I don’t really have any questions but ya lol well bi

      • Meg says:

        1 gallon is too small for even just a betta!! Plecos can grow huge as well, so even a ten gallon is small. The bio load will be huge and the stress on the fish will be just as. I recommend giving away your pleco, as his growth will be stunted in such a tiny tank. Also, Bettas are tropical fish so installing a heater would be a good idea.

  31. Bob says:

    Don’t worry the betta isn’t sick

  32. Bob says:

    Name the betta Mieka

  33. Eugenia says:

    Whenever I feed my betta fish, he swallows it. In fact , he eats almost all the food. However, there are spiderweblike betta flakes forming a web on top of his fake plant. What is happening!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Eugenia says:

    I also forgot to add that even though I clean the web it keeps coming back

  35. I NEED HELP says:

    i have a male betea i had him for around 3 months and i just got a female and put them in the same tank cause i thought my male would like a friend BIG mistake i went outside for a bbq in my back yard when i came inside i went to check on them and i only seen the female i walked around the tank and i seen the male laying on the bottom so i thought he was dead so i touck the net to scoop him up but he was still alive but his tail looked horrabul befor it looked bad it was fraying out i thought it was from stress but the lady at the pet store said i was just cause he was getting older the next day i went to feed them and he went up for air but it looked like he had trouble swimming and another thing i noticed was when ever i come to feed him when ever he sees me hell come swimming over to me but this time he dident he seemed really sad soo i touck the female out of the tank(1.8 lerters) and now my male is all alone and my female is in a cup. what should i do now????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    • I NEED HELP says:

      I FORGOT the male amd the femail wont eat and now i think my tank in too small it is 1.8 gallons and the femail looks prefitley fime umlike my male

  36. Bob says:

    Dear the person that needs help, your male will not get lonely , if you want to give it some fish, choose peaceful species like cardinal tetras . Give the male betta brine shrimp so he could recover.

  37. Bob says:

    1.8 gallons is not a big tank so i suggest not to put any fish in the fish tank

  38. yordy says:

    can you please help me and tell were i can buy betta fish online please write back

    • betta luv says:

      you can buy them at That Pet Place

  39. betta luv says:

    veiltails are buitiful they should be kept i am hoping to get some soon and mabey evan breed them

  40. Anna says:

    I have a beautiful dark blue with red and purple highlights Veil Tail Betta fish that I got a few weeks ago. I have been feeding him pellets, (though now I know not to) and he has been looking good, and has his fins out and everything. I had been giving him too many pellets, about four or five a day, then I found out that it was too many. Mow when I give him about two in the morning and one in the evening, he pokes his head up. I give him one more and he snatches it up quickly to eat it. I don’t want him to get too much, but I don’t want him to be underfed. Also, He has been making large bubble nests at the top, should I give him a female?
    Please give me advice,
    Anna 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      When a male makes a bubble nest,it does not need a female. it usually means its happy,too.

  41. Rosie says:

    i am about to get a fish and i need infomation on betta’s thanks

  42. John says:

    I just bought a Veitail Male Betta fish today, and i have
    Betta Food.How much food pellets do i feed him per day??
    May I hear from you John

  43. AprilMay says:

    I went into the pet store and marveled at how surprisingly healthy the bettas where. Then I noticed something up on top. There was a tiny grey form floating. I poked her dish she didn’t move. I tentatively picked up her dish for a better look. She moved a little bit but really preferred to lay there like she was dead. Against all reason I bought her full price (they wouldn’t budge on a mostly dead fish). She used to be a tiny nothing but fish bones fish. Her head used to be double the size of her body. She’s gotten fatter now, and surprisingly not grey at all anymore. Her fins are lavender with pokidots her torso is brown with specks of random orange and a white belly. While I am certain she’ll always have a crink in her tail, she’s been a great betta. She loves to be pet, occasionally when she wants she’ll chase my finger. She’s still and itty bitty betta at a half and inch but man she has personality.

  44. Iggy says:

    I received my betta from a friend at school once she was doing doing a science experiment with him at school. I recently moved him from a 1 gal tank to a 5.5 gal and when I checked in on him today I was horrified to see his tail ripped all the way up to his body in multiple places. I’ve taken out some fake plants that may have caused the damage.
    What can I do? Is the damage irreversible? Will this kill him?

  45. Debby says:

    Betta fish overshoots pellets of food. Can he be blind ? He always “shark attacked” when fed, but now he swims just fine, shows no other symptoms, but has to back up and try over and over, sometimes as much as a dozen tries, just to get a pellet of food. Sometimes, after numerous tries, he just gives up ! He has never eaten any pellets that got wet (just spits them out), but I have left some for him, hoping. No go. He does his usual “shark attack” but goes past the pellet each time he goes to grab one. Physically, he looks fine. He seems to poop okay, too, but I am worried that soon he will not be able to get even a single pellet to eat. This has been going on for some time, and he has not getting much to eat for a month or more. What do I do when he just gives up totally ? Help ! By the way, he is a very dark blue veil tail with irridescent turquois-ish fins. I have had him a bit over 2 years with no problems of any kind until now. Is there any way to keep him from dying if he can’t get his food ?

  46. brian says:

    i just got a veil tail betta and he is extremely active when the water temo is at 79 degrees but not at 78 or 80 is this normal. and his name is whiskers, the reason i names him that is because i was asking him what he wanted his name to be and i had a list of 10 different names and when i said whiskers he came to the side of his bowl and flared all of his fins. i feed him the gold bio betta food and i use a stress calmer liquid drops and a freshwater salt to help him better breath. it seems to help. my only concern is the fin under him is splitting it seems to not bother him at this point but it does concern me. how do i fix this or is the splitting normal for a veil tail betta?

  47. NewFishie says:

    I bought a Veil Tail earlier today, but she doesnt seem very active. Is it normal for them to be a bit lethargic at first? I acclimated her to the tank and stuff.I got her from PetCo and choose her bec she was sort of active but now she is being kind of slow… What should I do?

    • Chris says:

      Mke sure your water is at the right temp or just take half the tanks water out and out some worm water with some Betta treatment in the water as well. Or move her some where nice and worm in your house that can get really bad shock if the water is not right to start with like if your tank is to cold and her water was hotter or to much movement in the bag on the way home it’s a little tricky with Bettas to start with I hope all goes well 🙂

  48. NewFishie says:

    Oh thank goodness she is better now! She was swimming around happily but now she relaxed and settled down for night. 😀

  49. Chris says:

    Just woundering why my Siamese fighter has bitter it’s tail it’s kInda like a crown tail one now a the bottom part off his tail and his a veil tail. It’s it coz it was gettin to long and gettin in his way maby haha not sure. I’ll post some photos off him and my other one

  50. eddie says:

    Hey there well I also have a veiltail betta in with goldfish and some other small fish but I want to know will the betta kill other smaller fishes…. because when it speads its fins. All the other fishes run away from it and I already had few dead gold this week so I want. To knw what can I do oh yea and there all in a 1.5 gal tank…

    • Kathy says:

      Bettas are fighting fish!! Take all your fish out! It will kill them!

  51. sarah says:

    my new male veiltail wont eat very much only a tiny bit and its worring me please tell me some possible reasons he might be doing this HELP!!!!!!

  52. Kathy says:

    My veil-tail,silver,sometimes eats his food,and other times he just spits them out. I use top fin betta bits,and just got him three days ago. I am worried! Is there something wrong? Please help!

  53. Blue Betta says:

    Bettas will not always kill fish. BUT DO NOT MIX GOLDFISH AND BETTAS! Goldfish are fast water/cold temp while bettas are the opposite!

    • makayla says:

      don’t be so sure some beta fish will kill other fish it just depends on the personality because every beta fish is a different personality

  54. Blue Betta says:

    Oh and your tank is a bit small….

  55. veil tail bettas areso cute

  56. Michelle says:

    I have a veil tail male betta, I have had him for about 5 months he seems very happy. However he would blow frequent bubble nests. So I went to a chain pet store and bought a nice sized female betta. I put them together and watched closely.
    initially he was timid of her she would approach him and he would back off. After about 10 mins together he would approach her all flared out and attack so after about an hour of babysitting I pulled her out. So this AM he has a bubble nest. I kept their tanks separate all night. I put them next to each other and he started flaring out again and they are not in the same tank just can visually see one another. So even though there is a bubble nest should I not introduce her?

  57. makayla says:

    I have two male veil tail betta in a divider tank and I went to go eat dinner and found one of them in the other side I was so shocked and then I read the internet and found out if you lower the water in the tank the other fish won’t try to jump over because the water so low what is the water is too low they won’t have enough room to swim up and down and they won’t be able to make bubble nests

  58. Jessie says:

    I have a male veil tail betta. I have only had him for about 5 days. He has white fuzz on the tips of his tail. What is it and how do I fix this problem? He is still very lively and eats everyday.

  59. ruth ann says:

    my male beta skin is turning opaque and I don’t know why or what to do to make him better . HELP ME PLEASE !

  60. Isabelle says:

    I just got a veil tail Betta yesterday and he is a blueish purplish color. Any suggestions on what to name him??

  61. Isabelle says:

    Just got a veil tail Betta the other day and he is a blueish purplish color. Any suggestions on what I should name him????

  62. david says:

    I love my new veil tail betta only thing im concerned about is the water in his tank is a little foggy good or bad does it mean I have to change the water I only got him for a day

  63. Danny v says:

    Should I turn off my tanks light at night for veilfish? Please help with any other info. New to fish, aquariums and general maintenance. I have a 3 gal tank. pellets. Blood worms. And conditioner for water. No clue when or how often to change water many diff opinions about it here.

  64. Kayla says:

    I have a blue veiltail betta for just a little over 3 months. At first I had no idea what I was doing but now I’ve got him in a 10gal, heated, filtered tank. But I did not cycle it because I didnt know I had to till after the fact. Now hes been in there about two weeks. He’s eating fine, but hes constantly swimming back and forth again the glass. Which started about 4 nights ago around that time I noticed that hes flaring A LOT but he only does it at night. Then last night I noticed he’s looking a little greyish around his gills, I tried to get a picture with flash on so I could really see it but I couldnt. So today I tested his water with the API 5-in-1 test strips and everything was normal except his nitrite levels were at a 3 so I did a 70% water change (added dechlorinator) which brought it down to 1. I was finally able to get a picture of his gills and with the flash there a green color? I turned to my betta group on facebook but no one could really tell me what was going on. Im at a loss and I just want to know whats wrong with my betta. If someone could please help me, me and my buddy would really be grateful.

    • Nick Barrow says:

      Turn off your tank light. He can see himself, and he thinks it’s another betta. He’s trying to fight himself. That happened with mine also, but now he’s fine.

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