Do you think betta fish breeders should stop breeding veil tails? Up until a few short years ago, the only betta fish you could find at the large commercial fish stores like PetCo, Petsmart and Walmart were the standard veil tail betta. Double-tail, Crowntail, Delta and Halfmoon bettas were an oddity shared only by breeders. Today all those options and more are available to anyone who wants one. The latest craze is the King Betta which I will get to another day when I’m feeling less cynical.

Of course, if I had the means to start breeding today I would not consider, even for a second, breeding veil tail bettas. Why would I? There is no profit in it and certainly no glory. I don’t attend betta shows (not for lacking of wanting) but I doubt very much that veil-tails are being shown anymore or have been for a long time for that matter. Plus I can completely understand the appeal of the fancier Bettas. Breeders, by definition, are meticulously detail oriented, pushing the envelope and always striving for perfection. They don’t look back. I don’t blame them for abandoning the veil tail betta because I would too.

That said; part of me is sad to see them go. The day I walk into PetCo and see only fancy bettas is soon approaching and I can’t help but feel like I’m loosing an old friend. Maybe it’s because the veil tail betta was the first betta I had… and I had many of them over the years. They are familiar, like an old shirt… but like an old shirt they have fallen out of fashion and must be put away in the backs of our minds as nothing but a nostalgic memory.

What do you guys think? Is it time to move on and put the veil tail betta behind us?

Orange Betta Fish, originally uploaded by sponytales2000.

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  1. Ceph says:

    i had a young veil tail i bought a long time ago at petco fed him right and exercised him daily he made the a true perfect circle that shows look for i belive the veil tail is the best and will come back!

  2. limegum says:

    I really like the veil tail, I want to keep them! They are pretty, and in all honesty, I don’t like to see any breed go out of fashion.

    • Terry says:

      One of my bettas is a veil tail and I love watching him swim. His tail moves like a piece of ribbon in the water — so beautiful and so graceful. I think he’s more interesting to watch swim than the others.

  3. Anonymous says:

    any living creature should not be driven out of existance because they no longer give glory to the people who breed them. a living creature should not go out of style like clothes or old tecnology.
    my favorite betta was a veil tail. he lived for 4 years. his name was Pish and i loved him.
    what if later after all the veil tails are gone, we decide we want them back because the other “fancy bettas” have lost our interest? we wont be able to get them back.

    • Ana says:

      I strongly agree with you! my veil tail betta, Dragon, lived for 5 years. Never had one health problem with him, he was the best kind of betta i’ve owned. Also, he grew very, very big, not just his fins, but his whole body size.

      • nelly says:

        OH WOW that is so cool you named yours Dragon. That is the name of mine as well. I love him so much. I think they should keep the veil tail. I love love love mine. Hope mine lives that long.

  4. Anonymous says:

    ohh yeaa my curret betta Skittle is a veil tail

  5. Anonymous says:

    I still think that the Veil tails are desirable… They are common and yet unique in their own way. My first betta was one I picked out in a Petco as a child. I had never seen them before and my father bought me one my favorite one as a gift. As a child I considered him my best friend, he lived a good 5 years. Getting rid of them would feel like loosing that old friend, I would hate to see them go, even if I prefer the crown tails and half moons now.
    (Personally I don’t see the attraction to the King Betas. I saw them yesterday in fact, when I was purchasing my newest addition to my betta family. I am not really all that impressed, or at least with the few they had in stock. They were actually quite ugly to me.)

  6. Anonymous says:

    The IBC is actually working on a new show standard for veiltails, they are being shown again and many breeders are working on show lines of veiltails, so trust me they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon

  7. Christie says:

    The number of veil tails I have seen in fish stores has greatly reduced so the fact that the IBC is reevaluating their standards for veil tails is good news for these fish.

  8. Mel says:

    I love veil tails I have two of them and they are charming 🙂 Keep breeding those veil tails.

  9. Anonymous says:

    my veil tail is sooo dope. ive had him for 5 years and hes still chillin.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I breed veiltails as well, and i dont understand why breeders stick their noses up at them. Sure the halfmoons and deltas are pretty, but Veiltails are still my favorite.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love the veil tails just as much as the other types. Some veil tails are more beautiful than others, just as with any other tail type. They often look puny in the store because those little cups don’t give them room to show off. I happen to keep a veil tail in my office that is just gorgeous, with very long flowing fins of outstanding color. Co-workers comment all the time. Who cares if he won’t win any fish awards because of trendy standards–he is a beauty in my book.

  12. Anonymous says:

    from a biology point of view we cannot afford to lose the veil tail gene pool now that we have it, if nothing else….
    besides i find the others not as pretty looking actually

  13. Anonymous says:

    veiltails are actually the prettiest ones according to me… the flowy-ness is so calming!

  14. Anonymous says:

    i think putting a certain breed of anything out of existence is like killing gingers cause their ugly or something. (no offense gingers) its wrong. just because YOU dont find them desirable doesnt mean other people feel the same way. for example, the veiltail in the photo is prettier with better coloration than the crowns or deltas that i see in stores. also the personality must be considered.
    none of gods creatures should EVER be eliminated on purpose!

  15. Anonymous says:

    man i love veil veil tail was a great one and i would have never given him up for any other tail.yes i bought a crown tail but he bored me because he wasnt as agressive.NEVER LET GO OF THE VEIL TAIL.and plus the veil tail is a mutant because all the ones in the wild have short fins.

  16. Anonymous says:

    what you said is a bit harsh..
    i want to start breeding vt by december.
    you know why??
    because i think those vts youre talking about have a very big potential.. i will try to make showtype vts. they can be very cool onced unleased his potential. seen plenty of great vts in the lfs but most of them are just unwanted fish by their breeders.

  17. Anonymous says:

    eave the veil tails to the hobbyist breeders.
    let the pros handle the HM’s CT’s and others

  18. Anonymous says:

    Veiltails are gorgeous and elegant. It makes no sense whatsoever that some people consider them “undesirable”. I have three and each one is stunning and with lots of personality too! It would be a travesty for veiltails to disappear. They are SPECIAL.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Long live the veil tail!

  20. Anonymous says:

    they aren’t gone from Petco because i bought 3 veil tails this morning!

    • Mildred G. says:

      1,2,3, you sound like me!

  21. Alejandra says:

    i love veil tails, i am trying to breed my bettas at this very momment and im not regreting it. the will come back in style because they are wonderful fishes 🙂

  22. Bree says:

    Are you kidding? I adore veil tail bettas, they are so sweet! I own 3 right now, one i just bought today for $15 at the LPS and the other a month ago as well as my now, 5 year old veil tail betta.
    Of course, i have never ever scene any other kind of betta in person, but all i can say is taht veil tails are adorable and from what i see they are just as good as any other kind of betta.

  23. wow says:

    some people can care less what breed they are only the true people that breed it does.some people just buy betta fish as a pet plus the price is right.its perfect for a little kid who goes into a pet store and likes what he see KEEP THE VEIL TAIL they are the gateway of betta fish believe it or not! thank u have a nice day

    • Christie F. says:

      I was at Kahoots (A pet supply store here in California) this weekend and they had tons of veil tails… actually, all I saw were veil tails. Somebody has been a busy breeder in our area.

  24. Catherine says:

    “Beau” is a veil tail and they are what I prefer over the others. I love their flowing veils. Hopefully they will continue breeding them. I am considering buying a 1 or 2 more bettas.

  25. Betta says:

    I’m gonna breed veil tails.

  26. Melanie D says:

    They should absolutely NOT quit breeding VT’s! I just started breeding bettas, and I am probably doing some kind of breeding sin by crossing a VT and a double-tail, but I am just tired of seeing the same three types of bettas. VT’s always had more personality! And some of these plakats are getting really boring. Hopefully, there will still be some breeders out there keeping these gems alive.

    • Edward Acevedo says:

      I absolutely love Betta’s. I am fairly new to keeping Betta’s as pets but im so captivated by them. I myself own two VT’s. Squishy – male and Delilah – female. In the process of breeding as well. 🙂 I personally think that veiltails are amazing. My squishy is a real fiesty butthead and a tease to delilah but i love them unconditionally. I had the option of purchasing a black melano or a beautiful halfmoon, but something drew me back to my veiltail and i dont regret purchasing him one bit

  27. Jonathan says:

    I have both a double ray crowntail (Wallyhan) and a veil tail (Bonzai). The CT is bi-color black and blue, the VT is bi-color black and yellow.
    I like both of my bettas equaly and I cannot play favorites because they both have different personalities and traits I adore.

  28. jesse says:

    i buyt a vail tail batta 2days ago and i love vail tail batta

  29. Annie says:

    I love veil tails for the simple fact of how they look just swimming in the water. The fancier types put on a good show, but the elegance of a veil tail when it turns in the water to eye a piece of food or look at you is breath-taking. Its the shape of their fins that does this. The full tail that gradually comes to a point rather than the overblown mass of fin that hangs on the end of the fancy breeds and drags along after the fish. I still love the veil tail best and always will.

    • a little truth says:

      you are right because a lot of fancy breeds that go to shows ARE INBREEDS. and the one that are not have been breeded with VTs to make them better or the wild bettas so in easy talk NO VTs NO GOING NO BETTER LOOKING BETTAS

  30. JC says:

    The veil tail betta is the foundation of the more “modern” betta varieties and like all foundations are becoming overlooked and the result is the veil tails are suffering from a lack of responsible breeding. However like all species if we loose the veil tail foundation the structure of the rest will crumble and we will have nothing to rebuild on. it would be a tragedy to loose the predecessor of the “modern” betta.

    • Christie F. says:

      What an excellent point you make JC. I couldn’t agree more!

  31. jacob says:

    I have a veil tail betta. He is a dark blue. He live in a gallon vase with a peace lily. he is fed every day and the roots are cut way back(for those who think its wrong to house a betta like that) veil tail bettas are the best. I will do anything to keep these little guys around

  32. Erica says:

    It would be a crime to let the veil tail bettas go the way of the dodo bird however I would like to see breeders be selective and improve the genetic quality in the fish than just breed them at will. That said I always found VTs to have more personality than a lot of the fancier types that I have owned. I had one VT who lived out his short life on my desk for nearly 2 years (before he became gravely ill and I was forced to euthanize him) and he just loved being near me. He would always do things to get my undivided attention.

    • Christie F. says:

      I agree Erica. I’ve had so many bettas over the years all of which I loved, but the one that stole my heart was a VT.

  33. kim says:

    Veil tails are classic. Just like a faded old jean jacket or a really cool pair of cowboy boots, they’ll never go out of style.

  34. Bethanie Clayton says:

    Yes I love veil tails I don’t think they should go! Anyway, fish are not clothes so they shouldn’t go out of fashion! I have one veil tail and he’s beautiful:D

  35. Anonymous says:

    Veil tails are just as great as any other purebred. I have two at home- one veiled and one twin tail. I’ve had several other species over the years, and none have ever been so friendly or have so much personality as the veil tail. One that I currently have is very beastly. I can have him perform tricks that my other purebred won’t do (he jumps for broccoli). My point is, it’d be so cruel to lose such a wonderful fish. He’s my best bud.

  36. KelvinChiew says:

    Veil tail should stay……..i have a very beutifull blue veil tail…………..:)

  37. Badriah says:

    I’ve had lots of betta’s over the years, but my favorite was Rainbow. He was only my second ever betta, so I was not very familar with them yet, but now I realize he was a Veil Tail from all the pictures I took of him. I just Loved Rainbow, With his crazy red, blue , green and purple colors. he always seemed to be waiting for me to enter the room, and I would spend hours on end talking to him, reading to him, watching him. None of my other fish have EVER done that, so after a good 4 1/2 years, my fishy buddy died. I was heart-broken. I vote too Keep on breeding them. in fact, I might even make that my own prodgect for a while! 🙂

  38. Heather says:

    No living creature should go to waste just becuz you think that there out of style doesnt mean other people dont lyk them Veil Tail Betta’s are my favorite breed of betta i have one curently his name is Stormy and i love him and ive had lots of great bettas so SAVE THE VEIL TAIL BETTA’S!!!!!

  39. Shelly says:

    Honestly, the veiltail beta is like an old poster-child for the species, especially when paired with the basic red or blue. Being beautiful and fun to watch adds to the fact that they’re dirt cheap. Super, king-sized, manly, buff bettas look like pumping iron with one of california’s last gov. Personally, one doesn’t need an oversized body, fancy fins or even weird colors to represent bettas. And veil tails are all that is betta.

  40. Badriah says:

    I stopped in at my local petco, and I saw at LEAST 50 Veil-tailed betta’s in such poor conditon! then there were some crowntails in the same conditon, a few albinos, and this really amazing male that they were classifing as ‘unknown’ It was good to see the veil-tails, but I was just mad at the pet-co peaple for treating their betta’s like that!

    • betta luv says:

      im mad to but i think betta enthuasist are fighting a loozing battle for some people money is more imporant than the wellbeing of the fish

  41. Deschy says:

    Just because the veiltail is commonly found in stores doesn’t mean its worst than the rest! They are so elegant and very beautiful. Right now I have 1 veiltail and 1 delta and I personally do prefer the veiltail even though I like both of them. It would be unfair to stop breeding them.

  42. Cheri says:


  43. Mia says:

    I have a veil-tail right now! I saved the little guy from the petsmart horror cup. He’s pretty old, his color is already fading, the poor guy. Anyway, all I ever see at pesmart/petco are veil-tails! I do like the other breed’s looks slightly more but, I love the veil-tail personality. Curious and short-tempered! Lolz…my fish attacks my snail sometimes (does’nt hurt snail, because my betta lunges at the shell). My poor little veil-tail doesn’t know his efforts to hurt the snail are usless. So…I actually don’t think the veil-tail is leaving us…at least in my area. THESE GUYS ARE EVERY WHERE!

  44. Mia says:

    @Anonymous says:
    August 16, 2010 at 1:50 am i think putting a certain breed of anything out of existence is like killing gingers cause their ugly or something. (no offense gingers) its wrong. just because YOU dont find them desirable doesnt mean other people feel the same way. for example, the veiltail in the photo is prettier with better coloration than the crowns or deltas that i see in stores. also the personality must be considered.
    none of gods creatures should EVER be eliminated on purpose!
    CHILL! I respect your opinion but, it’s not like people are going to hurt or kill them. I see veil-tails everywhere. AND I MEAN, EVERYWHERE. So no worries, veil-tails are still here and growing…at least in Atlanta, GA!

  45. snukb says:

    I don’t see what’s so wrong if we did stop breeding VTs. It’s not the same as to stop breeding poodles or persian cats.
    VTs came from the common wild type betta, and if we wanted them again we could start breeding for them again.
    Besides, working at a pet store that sells a lot of bettas, I can tell you that VTs are are most popular type. Sure, everyone loves the fancier, showier HMs, but balk at the sticker shock.
    I always thought there was something “elegant” about VTs, like an old timey woman in a bustle dragging her gown behind her. I like ‘em, personally. I don’t think they’re going anywhere.

  46. 'Xandra says:

    Keep The Veil Tails!!!
    Don’t assume because they’re old that they’re worse. If anything, their genes are better because they’ve lasted this long.

    • Anonymous says:

      True so true

  47. betta says:

    To me veil tails are the best I have a male and a female and have never been more impressed with fish before I bought them

  48. Ita says:

    Dear Christie F,
    I am so worried about my male veil-tail betta fish….I need help! First of all, I bought him from a PetCo and he was the most active one there, swimming in his little cup. It has been a little over 6mos. now and I recently noticed he has been VERY lethargic. He won’t swim around, never flares his fins. Only if I tap on his glass or shake the bowl will he stir. But after a few seconds of swimming, he’ll just float to the top or stay at the bottom, motionless. He lives in a 1gal fishbowl with no filtration, some fake plants, fake mini coral reef, and a heater. Twice I have found him floating on his side on a plant, and on one occasion he was at a diagonal angle at the top of his bowl. Other than that, he seems fine. I haven’t tested his Ammonia and pH levels (because my dad says he doesnt wanna buy a testing kit), but I do use Betta Water Conditioners and I have always assumed that it would soak up all the bad stuff.
    So what worries me most is his behavior:
    -Never Flares Fins.
    -Never Swims Around Unless I Shake The Bowl Or Tap The Glass
    How do I fix it? I really want him active and flaring and showy again, just like he used to be. I am so worried right now and praying its nothing serious. . . . . . .WHAT SHOULD I DO??????
    Other Info: I clean his unfiltered fishbowl once a week. Sometimes I let it sit for two weeks. And for getting the right temp, we usually feel it by hand. I feed him Wardley’s Betta Pellets, six pellets a day, three days a week. ALSO: I am only 10 years old and I am worrying my head off. I really don’t want him to die!

    • Anonymous says:

      That once happened to my pet betta, she was never swimming, always laying upside down. I would recommend taking Rainbow back (sad I know) OR buying a bigger filtered tank, also calling the Petstore and asking if poor Rainbow will be alright in his surroundings.

      • Anonymous says:

        OOPPSSS!!!! I mean Clowny.

  49. Katherine says:

    I don’t think so! I love the look of Veil-tail Bettas. I’ve seen some beautiful colors and personalities. My current Betta Lennon is a Veil-tail.

  50. Debora says:

    I don’t agree with the people that say people should stop wasting time on a veil tail. I agree, the beauty of a fullmoon tail is overwhelming. But I can’t stop loving a veil tail! And how can you? 🙂

  51. Myself says:

    No way!
    Sure for show, use the rare super breed non average betta. But for just your every day pet, NO WAY!
    They need to be breed from good breeders so that not all of them are sickly petstores

  52. Ali ZainalAbidin BilFagih says:

    ok, to be honest, I am confusing when read article above.
    currently I don’t have veiltail betta, but I still have big respect for them.
    Is all off You really sure on around next 5 years Veiltail betta will just a picture or photo We can just can see for their remain exist in this world or Veiltail is still be one of our friend at our home ?

  53. Anonymous says:

    I really hope the betta againsters NEVER EVER get up the nerve to eliminate them. Poor things. GO BETTA VEILTAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. savannah says:

    I love my veil tail, blue,,,,, he is the dopest betta on the block….. have had him 4 two yrs and counting love him,,,, dont like other kinds,,,,, think blue is the best betta evaaaaaaa
    keep veiltails 4 eva!

  55. savannah says:

    ita— put him in a five gallon heated tank…… put live plants and a heater, filter, google betta care. is the best website…. ten gallon is best. keep his temp stable…… 75-80 degrees farenheit is best………… put a mirror by his tank and he will flare again……. feed him frozen brine shrimp and live brine shrimp as a treat, he will love you 4 eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. young says:

    yup save the veil tails i got my first betta when i was 5 years old as a gift ( 7years ago) i loved him a lot, following his death, i got about 8 exact colour and pattern veil tail and now , i have a male and female veil tail betta. veil tails should not be extinct! LONG LIVE VEIL TAILS

  57. AquaGirl says:

    When most people hear of bettas they think of veiltails. I’ve grown up with veiltails had my first VT when I like 7 or so. But this past year I’ve recently gotten more into bettas because of my blue veiltail, Enki. He’s really big I didn’t know they got that big! O.O Had him for two in a half years now and he’s doing awesome! 🙂 So anyways I have 2 male veiltails and 4 female veiltails. They are beautiful.

    • lola says:

      yes they are beautiful. infact i got one myself his name is he is a bettafish like yours but with a gray head and a blue beautiful tail. but your fish sound like fun to how about soon you tell me about your fish.i want to know more about your bettafish. write me back soon.
      senserely,your friend lola

    • lola says:

      hye aquagirl i wanted to ask you if you would give me two of your fish because my baby sister wants one your fish because she really loves fish like me so answer if you get a chanse.
      senserely,your friend lola

  58. linda says:

    Veiltail bettas out of fashion?! No way in the world. I started caring for bettas around the same time I started breeding Tiger Oscars(1994- I was 8years old then…) I remember my first veiltail, Crimson, like yesterday. He was a beautiful deep red and his scales had a dark green and black shine as he would turn in his bamboo vase. He lived to be 3years old, and I grew heavily attached to him. I’ve also had double tails, split veils (…basically is a double tail/veiltail cross, has the veil length, but split of the double), crowntails, and although these fancy fish have been pretty, the veiltails have a permanent place in my heart. My eldest(my first – Crimson), largest(Nathan – was about 6inches in length, about half an inch wide. Was really social, people at work really missed him when he passed), smartest(Darkness – was trained to jump for food, and knew my voice from everyone else. Other people would see him and he would go to the back of the tank, as soon as I would say anything, he would be at the front swimming frantically for attention), and newest(Abel – nearing a year old) bettas, have all been veils. I even got my daughter into them(she’s 6) and already wants to try breeding to get her some uniquely-finned and really colorful females(breeders near me have very very basic bland females, to the point they are sadly unappealing 🙁 ) I really hope she does… Even her first was a veiltail female named Miah. So yeah, sorry for the ramble, but I really doubt veils will go anywhere, they are too heavily loved.

  59. cool guy says:

    I’ve got a red vieltail betta called simon, he active and even jumps for food (i feed him regualy) the only problem with veiltails though is if you want to breed fancy betta the viel tail gene is very strong and all offspring will probly be vieltail.
    when simon dies should i get a crown tail?

  60. Simon says:

    I do not see any valid reason to stop breeding Veiltails, I just think breeders should be more picky about stock. A lot of amateur breeders do not understand the importance of ‘selection’ when breeding Veiltails. Healthier fish are naturally better and have healthier more vibrant offspring than when you breed runts. This is true of any species. If the same effort is put into breeding VTs that there is other strains, they can show to be very impressive. The potential is there. I have seen some VTs that put some other fancier and rarer fish to shame-had a Butterfly VT that pretty much made my Double Tail / Crown Tail / Plakat (yes a Plakat/Double-Tail with a crown just like a Crowntail) look kind of dull; normally Crowntails are far more aggressive and flamboyant.
    I do not see Veiltails going anywhere anytime soon. My first fighters were VTs, I learned a lot about bettas from keeping them. In fact, here in Jamaica (yes the island) if you walk into our stores, MOST of the fighters in there are VTs that are bred here. You will see CT and some DT too (as a sidenote If you are lucky a mix between any of the three… but the last two either strain can be pretty rare here at times and there are NO HALFMOON, DELTA OR S/DELTA HERE, PLAKATS ARE EXTREMELY RARE). They are good fish for people who like bettas but cannot afford the big price tag and even then fighters here can be pretty expensive. On average it is about 5-6 USD, depending on colour and size. Crowntails may go for slightly more but make no mistake they go FAST! Just need to be a bit more picky about how they are bred in my opinion still but not stop breeding altogether.

  61. Nick says:

    I know, this will make me hated in this community, but frankly, I think veil tails should go. I believe that the best of the best should be kept breeding (like that drop dead GORGEOUS orange one for the picture,) so that they become more loved and more noticeable than the standard ones at the pet shop. I have seen countless people ignore the veiltails and go for the more unusual ones, and it makes me sad that they go to waste like that. (cont next)

  62. Nick says:

    (cont) they will live their entire lives in a cup, and for what? people think they’re ugly. I love them, don’t get me wrong. but I have heard people say “oh. don’t get that ugly one (points to veiltail). get this pretty one. (they point to a crowntail.) it has cooler fins and is better than the uglier one.” let the people have their fancier ones, and spare the veiltails the torture of being stuck in a cup year after year. let the breeders keep the veiltails so that the people who CARE about their bettas will get one, and so the standard ones in the stores don’t get looked over and ignored because they aren’t fancy enough. it’s like a toy that was cool for a bit, and now, since there are more improved “models” of them, they are left on the shelf for eternity. why let them suffer? what’s the point of making them if nobody really buys them? now for the people who care about them, the would want a high quality toy, not a cheap one, too. so stop the mass production of the veiltails. it will work better for the bettas and for the companies.

    • Ricky1123 says:

      that is so mean people do buy them like i do i couldnt never believe somebody would say that just because there are new species of bettas doesnt mean anything animals do not get old and then thrown away to the back of peoples memorys they are meant to be keppt and loving memories of their pet fish veiltails are the most beautiful bettas and so what other bettas have better finnage not everything is beautiful unless u make them beautiful thats the way tis suppose to go not they way people think about them ints about loving every creature nomatter of its beauty or not

  63. Ricky1123 says:

    i have 4 veiltails and they are beautiful i have a really colorful one and i love him in only had him for a couple of months and i also have a red veiltail male and 2 female veiltail bettas but i also have a crowntail but he is not as pretty as my veiltails if i could breed any of my bettas it would be the veiltails because they have beautiful coloring and tone

  64. Shaina Carey says:

    My first betta was a blue and red VT but I think they should go.

  65. betta says:

    i honestly dont like it when breeds go “in and out of style” so i belive we should keep breeding veiltails:)

  66. bhali333 says:

    In y opinion the Veil Tail Betta is the or was the bread and butter of the species, of course anyone that is interested in breeding or showing Betta’s or even keeping a number of them as a serious collector will be looking for the fancier strains such as half moon and crown tail but the little kid who is wide eyed running into the pet store to get there first Betta will most likely encounter the veil tail and it will be as it has always been the ambassador to the world for Betta fish.
    Does the veil tail still have a place among tropical fish enthusiasts and children young and old? I say Most Definitely and breeders of the Betta should treat them as the dignitaries they are and not let the form pass into oblivion because if that happens it is a crime.
    Power to the veil Tail!!!!

  67. sai says:

    guys pls take care of lovely veil tail betta….. don’t wanna miss them..!

  68. Christopher says:

    The Veil Tail Betta needs to be preserved for the future… Yes, it currently may be out of fashion – but certain people MUST honor this variant and maintain it’s linage for future generations. 100-200 years from now things will be VERY different. Betta variants are certain to explode! Purists who maintain the Veil Tale (and the wild Plakat for that matter) will help preserve the history of the Betta.

  69. HalfFish3 says:

    Veil tales are beautiful. My fish, Neptune, as well as my 3 previous bettas, were/are all veil tales. I think they have a simple elegance to them. Honestly, I’ve looked at some of the short tailed and new breeds…some of them make me want to puke. Like the rose tail- it’s pretty, but not very fishlike in my opinion. Fishies need swimable tails!

  70. fishcrazy says:

    When I first got my veil tail beta – I thought he was a little boring because my crowntail was so extravagantly beautiful. Once I got to know him, my feelings are reversed. His ventral fins are like elegant swords and he has elegant and elongated movements. My veil tail is also much smarter-he jumps out of the water and eats from my fingers.
    Sometimes simplicity is far more elegant!

  71. Machikoneko says:

    having looked at a cobalt blue crown tail, a denim blue halfmoon, several saturated reds (in various tail types), I ended up going home with one of the old school veil tails. Original colors, as well…red fins, blue green body,and the white tips on the pectoral fins.
    Guess i just felt like taking one that’s “too common”.
    Just like all my other adopted critters- flashy looks, no. Personality, YES! (I have 3 adopted cats from the welfare, and if I could adopt a dog, I would!)

  72. Izzy the Fish Girl says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not alone in loving the veiltail bettas. The fancier varieties are pretty, but they are prettiest when the flare which isn’t more than a few minutes out of the day. I love the way veiltails hang down, and I can enjoy that all day long. Veiltails will be the only long-finned bettas I buy anymore.

  73. lola says:

    i saw your fish and i just wanted to say your fish looks just like mine. ijust wanted to ask you how do you take care or a bettafish. answer when you have the time.
    love lola

  74. Domovika says:

    I’ve had Bettas on and off since I was a little kid, and to this day I do not find anything but the veil tails attractive. The others are okay, but they just seem kinda boring looking to me. I have a blue veil tail now, his fins are very long. He lives with an African Dwarf Frog, and the best part is that they’re buddies. I have actually caught them several times sleeping next to each other, touching even, and if that doesn’t say anything about their personalities, I don’t know what does.

  75. Delilah says:

    I am new to fish keeping and have owned a red with purple iridescence VT named Eugene. It was a gift to my daughter from her grandfather and caught me off guard. He was a sickly little thing when we first got him and I actually resented my dad for picking such an ugly duckling. After two weeks I did some research and realized he had fin rot. I treated him and he blossomed into a gorgeous fish – and not only that, but his personality began to shine through. He has captivated my heart and my husband’s and I actually have a love for him like he’s a pet dog. He knows who I am and is a funny little guy. I personally, after going through websites looking at different breeds, have realized that I really find the VTs most attractive because of their delicate feminine appearance and vivid coloration. And besides, the minute VT becomes rare is when it becomes show quality.

  76. chubbybunny says:

    Veil tails may be very common nowadays, but I still believe that they are fantastic.
    The ones in the stores look hideous at first glance because they are kept so poorly in the small containers, but when you take one home…they turn into lively little creatures.
    Their colors begin to show and become very amiable towards you. They liven up, swim constantly around in their new home, and eat their food everyday.
    The one I currently have eats all his food and even the ones that become mushy and onto the rocks below. He makes sure nothing is in his tank and sometimes does a little funny dance and sinks into his cozy hideaway.
    The one I had before would love coming up and asking for food, waiting at the corner of the tank that I give food. He would even get so impatient that he’d just jump right out of the tank. He enjoyed sleeping among the leaves of his plant and would calmly as I cleaned his tank.
    They shouldn’t be eliminated for being so common, because they have such unique personalities. And once they’re all gone, how would our posterity be able to enjoy having one at all?

  77. Springmango says:

    Veiltails should stay! Not all people like or can afford the “modern breeds”. Veiltails are the standard. People didnt stop breeding Labs when poodles and lap dogs came out, so why should they stop breeding veiltails when plakats and half moons come out? My gorgeous female veiltale has lots of personality, and veiltales have certain traits that it would make no sense just to get rid of! I say keep the Veiltails!!!

  78. tealyfish says:

    #RvtVintage….if youve never heard that term before,its a now commonly used word on instagram within the betta fish community! I made it up on account of my first betta, PapaG,MD (swim in peace,buddy!)…Although PapaG was a red veil tail,we use #RvtVintage to refer to ANY red veil tail betta. They are,in my opinion,the most classic,original,and beautiful color/form of betta. Due to breeding and sales trends,it seems to becoming more and more rare to find a true #RvtVintage these days,where they used to be the most common betta available! Thus,the “vintage”….reliable,beautiful and simple,classic.I would strongly oppose the disappearance of the #RvtVintage and wouldgo to great lengths to keep them around. In fact,I’m considering writing to the IBC to keep them around by suggesting a competitive #rvtRvtVintage category within their organization to ensure that these timeless and SPECTACULAR fish never go out of existence! To join the #RvtVintage movement,follow me on instagram @tealyfish, or feel free to email me your thoughts and opinions on this matter at Have a FINTASTIC day! (._.)*bloop*

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