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Heating Small Betta Fish Bowls

Fish Bowl-6, originally uploaded by Melissa Alicia. NS wrote, Hey. I just arrived at my college today and got a fish. I’m currently housed in a triple which leaves very little room for a fish. Before heading out to the store to get my new little bud I was just wondering what type of heater [...]

Selecting the Proper Sized Aquarium Heater for Your Fish Tank

Soma, originally uploaded by J Koyanagi. Q: MS wrote, Great blog, I wonder if you could give me a little advice please. I have a 5.5 gallon filtered aquarium with 1 betta. I am heating it with a 25w Hagen Elite which says on the pack it’s right for the volume of water. Trouble is [...]

Moving Your Aquarium Fish

Fish in plastic bags loaded on a bike, originally uploaded by Jungle_Boy. Q: TF wrote, My wife and I will be moving in a few weeks to a new home. It’s about a half hour drive from our current place, but I was wondering if you could offer any advice on how to best move [...]

Heating Betta Bowls

Betta Display, originally uploaded by Joseph Hoetzl. AK wrote, Hey there, Just stumbled across your website and i think its great. I am a first time owner and am so excited. We named him Jean-Michel, after the famous eighties art star:) So we did decide to go with a 1 gal. bowl. I understand that [...]

Hot Hot Hot! Betta Bowl Temperature Spikes

betta femmina, originally uploaded by altiebassi. Q: AC wrote, I just got a betta fish a few days ago and have been keeping him on a heating pad to make sure he doesn’t get too cold. However, I think someone may have bumped the control accidentally, heating my poor fish to about 10 degrees higher [...]

Upgrading Your Betta Bowl

Jonah, originally uploaded by Jon & Brigid. Q: JL wrote, I have a 10 gl tank that I started in December 2006. I purchased a goldfish and 2 snails. After about a month the goldfish died and I have had the 2 snails in there since. I change the water partially weekly (can you recommend [...]

Betta Care for the Novice

Black Velvet in motion Originally uploaded by RyanThomas. Happy New Year Betta Blog readers! I hope you had a terrific holiday. Mine was wonderful as I spent it at the not-so-sunny Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fl. No bother, a rainy vacation in Florida is better then a sunny one in D.C. anyway. Still, I’m [...]

Heating 2 – 6 Gallon Aquariums

Q: Anon wrote, With the colder weather coming I’m noticing my aquarium temperature is fluctuating a lot and it gets pretty cold at night. What kind of heater do you recommend for a 3 gallon tank? A: Ah yes, with Autumn comes cooler weather and fluctuating aquarium temperatures that can lead to stress or illness. [...]