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When Fish Attack: Treating Betta Wounds

Angry Titan, originally uploaded by ´ú┐Calin. Q: M wrote, I put a betta in with my angelfish and he got trashed. I was gonna put him down because he looked terrible, but then i used the “will to live” rule… and I figured I should at least try to bring him back, so i moved [...]

Spring Cleaning: The Feng Shui Aquarium

Black Velvet in motion, originally uploaded by RyanThomas. HG wrote, I have a black betta fish that is living in a feng shui glass containerwith bamboo and rocks. How would I go about cleaning the glasscontainer? A: I’m not really well versed in feng shui but I can tell you that spring is good time [...]

Bettas and Ich Parasites

Q: JK wrote, I am a new Betta owner and I have a dilemma. I have one very healthy Betta in a Biorb (do you think he hates the bubbles?) and one that is very sick. The sick guy was in a group tank with mollies and a cory catfish. He is (I think) suffering [...]

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