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Merry Christmas Betta Lovers!

I can’t believe it’s been another year already. The day after Christmas begins the busiest time of year for Nippyfish. When people all over the world hit our site looking for help caring for their new Christmas betta. For those of you that are new to Nippyfish. Welcome. I’m a betta enthusiast that has been [...]

Changes to Nippyfish.net

Dear Nippyfish Readers, You may have noticed a few changes to the sidebar at Nippyfish.net. We have received a few emails from readers who have found our site useful and have offered to donate. Now you can do so securely though Paypal using your debit or credit card. We have also signed up as an [...]

The Native Betta Habitat – Separating Fact from Fiction

My Sad Introduction to the Betta Myth I recall the first time I ever laid eyes on Betta splendens.  Like most people, I was wandering about a local pet store and thought I’d pop through the fish section.  I had not owned fish since the deaths of my tropical fish in a grossly overstocked 10g [...]