Constipated Betta

Q: LR Wrote:

Hi Christie, I really need you help. My betta is severely constipated
and I have tried to do everything possible, I tried to give him the Daphnia
and he won’t eat anything but pellets. He was eating bloodworms when this
happened. I have soaked him in Epson salt bath, but that doesn’t seem to
help. What else can I do, since he won’t anything other than pellets?
Please Help!!!!

A: Constipation can usually cure itself by fasting your betta for a couple of days. If you find that
after 2 days he still hasn’t pooped you can try to feed him a small amount of cooked pea.
(just the inside not the shell).

To avoid constipation in the future be sure not to overfeed your betta and soak your pellets
in a cup of tank water for about 10 minutes before feeding to allow them to soak up water
before entering the digestive track.

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  1. starr weaver says:

    hi my name is starr and i have a betta, and it’s tummy started to get swollen and all it does is sit at the bottom of the tank and it hardly ever comes up maybe to get some air and sinks back down! i got him for my birthday a few weeks ago and he has been like this for two weeks now! he is starting to lose color now! he eats some but not much! i cut him back on eating to every two days! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont want to lose him!! what can i do to help him?


  2. Claire says:

    Hi, I have a male betta. His belly seems swollen and it has been getting progressively worse over the past few days. His scales are NOT sticking up like pinecones and he seems to still be eating, puffing up, swimming around, etc. It just looks like he’s going to explode any minute. I have been giving him all purpose betta antibiotics since Monday (5-29-12). Am I overfeeding him? I feed him 5 pellets a day. I’m going to try to give him a pea over the next few days (wish me luck). Suggestions, ideas, and any help I can get will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  3. lindsay says:

    should you put it in salty water

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