Giving the Gift of Siamese Fighting Fish

Christmas with Alphie the Betta Fighting Fish
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Q: TS wrote,

I’m buying a betta fish for my boyfriend this Christmas and am going to keep it with the neighbors so I can surprise him with it on Christmas morning. What equipment will he need to have to keep the fish healthy. I’d like to buy everything I need by this weekend. Thanks for your help.

A: I recently posted an article on Giving Bettas as Holiday Gifts and think it’s worthy of reiterating. Remember, Bettas are live animals are can require years of responsibility. Be sure your boyfriend is able and willing to dedicate the time and money needed to care for this pet.

Here’s the direct link to the article as well, It goes over four major considerations of buying the Betta and will help you narrow down what you need before giving a Betta fish as a Christmas present.

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