Tips for Caring for Betta Fish in the Spring

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Nippyfish A Betta Blog is on a bit of a spring break while Christie (that’s me) focuses on her crazy busy day job and wedding planning. We don’t want to leave you in the dust though so please use our betta blog search engine to find answers to your fighting fish questions. There are hundreds of articles and reader questions answered there.

For now, enjoy this list:

Caring for Betta Fish in the Springtime

1. With warmer weather comes increased aquarium water temperature. Make sure you have a thermometer in your tank and check the temperature daily. When the summer hits, you may find running a room fan over the surface of your betta tank will help keep the temperature at a comfortable level. What is a comfortable level for bettas you ask? About 76 – 82 degree Fahrenheit with little fluctuation.

2. The days are getting longer and your betta’s aquarium is getting more hours of sunlight. This can sometimes lead to an algae bloom. If you are noticing more algae lately make sure your tank is out of direct sunlight. Increase your water change schedule to reduce the buildup of waste which is yummy food for algae.

3. How long have you had that open container of betta food? It’s good to toss out open food and replace it with a fresh one every few months because once open, dry food like flakes and pellets lose their nutritional value. Stay on schedule by setting a reminder at the first day of each season to toss out the old food and open a new container.

4. Some betta illnesses are more common in cool water while some are more common in warm water. Stay alert by giving your betta a look over each day for signs of illness or disease. In the spring we see increased instances of Flavobacterium columnare a bacterial disease that looks like a fungus (also called cotton wool disease).

5. I like to change my tank around in the spring (of course you can do that anytime but spring works for me). If you are using live plants, trim out dead or dying leaves and remove any plants that aren’t doing well. Add some new hiding places or move around the old ones for a little variety. No one really knows if bettas benefit from these changes but at the very least, it creates some new interest for you.

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  1. Audra says:

    Your site is helping me out so much. I haven't had a Betta in years. I'm trying to get everything ready so that he'll be one happy little fish. I've even started a blog telling my story, opps I mean our story.

    Everyone take a look.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful info!


  3. stupidtoothpick says:

    HELP! I just started reading your blog and you sound like an expert. I actually have a fear of fishes but i tried buying one. Just tonight when i was trying to change its water (because i just put it in a jar, no filter, no heater… is that okay? i live in the Philippines its really hot here.), and i was afraid i would hurt it when i scooped it in a cup and put it in another jar, so i asked my little brother, (he's about 10) and he really has a thing with animals, so i asked him. he was near putting the fish in the small cup but the fish got out of the water! i was really panicking and i even shouted saying, "MOM HELP! MY FISH GOT OUT OF ITS WATER!!! I DON"T WANNA TOUCH IT!!!". now its back in its water but its breathing heavily and wont answer to my hand when i touch the glass and when i try to feed it. i'm afraid its mad at me… what do i do? i'm afraid he might die soon… like the other comments here said… HELP!!!

  4. Celecia Leigh says:


    They are quick to respond and someone had a similiar thing happen to them.

    The site has helped me a lot and Christie has recommended the site.

  5. Christie says:

    It's true Celecia, I do love those guys at Aquamaniacs and defiantly recommend them to our readers.

  6. lulamoskowitz says:

    I just joined this blog congratulation it looks very attractive.
    I bought a package of brine shrimps frozen cubes and went home sure that I would make Plato my veil tale betta, very very happy, instead he looked very very puzzled, he just let most of the shrimps fall to the bottom, he tried to eat some of them but spat them out right away.
    I am very disappointed because I have been reading how much betta fish love this type of food and also I have been feeding him just Hikari Bio Gold which seem to be working fine for him but I thought he is maybe bored of the same food.
    Also how do I store the rest of the shrimps from the cube I thawed?

  7. rosete63 says:

    I've been reading your blogs before but tonight I just had to sign in as a follower. I find you interesting as I wonder how you juggle work (wed planner- wow!) & your love ones- bettas. I spend an awful lot of time with my bettas, to the point, my wife gets a li'l bit jealous.
    I'm Anthony, btw, from Singapore, that tiny diamond like island, south of Malaysia. Its always summer here, except for rainy seasons. I read your blogs to get some caring tips. I have been keeping bettas for about 6 yrs. Started with those cheap bettas bought from a local fish shop. Now I keep 5 competition grade bettas which I bought from a friend.
    Your blogsite is awesome.

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