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Christie F is a Betta splendens hobbyist that enjoys spending time caring for her fish and helping new betta keepers learn the ropes.

Fighting Bettas: Taking a Stance

Betta 6 Originally uploaded by elpono_njg. Q: B wrote, Is it against the law to fight Bettas? There are boys in my class who are buying them to fight and I think it’s disgusting. Is there anything I can do to make them stop? A: Well, you didn’t say which state (or country for that [...]

More on Betta Vases

fish vase Originally uploaded by justmouse. Q: AZ wrote, I know you don’t think Betta vases are a good idea but is there any way to make them work? I have one and I can’t afford to upgrade to an aquarium. A: Betta vases aren’t all bad in their own right, but they come with [...]

What is a Plakat Betta?

We now have a whole page dedicated to the beautiful short-finned Plakat Betta. Learn where they came from and how to pick the perfect Plakat. Q: MJ wrote, What is a Plakat Betta? A: In Western countries a Plakat (pronounced pla-COT) bettas are a short-finned variety of Betta Splendens. The bettas were originally selected out [...]

Starting Out with Bettas

Q: S wrote, I am 12 years old and I want to get an aquarium with one male betta fish. My mom says I can have one if I do the research first and promise to take good care of betta fish. Can you tell me what I need to start the aquarium? Can you [...]

Low Light Plants for Betta Aquarium

Q: PL wrote, Nippyfish, can your recommend some good low light plants for my betta tank? A: There are several great options for low maintenance aquatic plants where lighting is an issue. Anubias, Cryptocoryne, Microsorium and Vesicularia are all excellent choices. Anubias are robust wide leafed plants imported from Africa. They do very well in [...]

Painted Fish: Animal Cruelty

painted fish 2 Originally uploaded by madkiwi. I discovered a wonderful LFS (local fish store) just outside Washington, D.C. that carries an amazing array of marine and freshwater fish. They recently expanded and are heavily staffed with knowledgeable employees and happen to be the cleanest aquarium store I have ever laid foot in. Needless to [...]

Tank Mates: The 5 Gallon

Several Ghost Shrimp can be added to a betta tank Q: LP Wrote, I wanted to ask you if you might make a post about suitable tank mates for a betta, say in a 5-gal tank. I’m getting ready to take the plunge into a 5-gal for one of my bettas (once he’s healed) and [...]

Advice Little Too Late for a Beautiful Betta

Ziggy: 2005-2006 Anyone who tells you that bettas won’t fight to the death is wrong. I know this now first hand. I recently divided my tank with my beautiful pink and purple crowntail male on one side a female on the other. I thought that it would be less stressful having a male in view [...]

Ammonia Test Kits: Nessler vs. Salicylate

Danger Ammonia! Originally uploaded by Pose. Q: What is the difference between Nessler ammonia test kits and Salicylate kits? A: Reagent Based Test Kits: There are several types of ammonia test kits available to aquarium hobbyists but one of the most commonly used are the reagent based kits. These kits come with a test tube, [...]

Water Changes: Frequency

Killer, September 4, 2004 Originally uploaded by flaring. Q: R wrote, How often should I change my betta’s one gallon bowl? Some people say once a week and some say ever other day. I don’t know who to believe. Thank you. A: There are several variables that affect how often you should change your betta’s [...]

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