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Aquarium Chemistry, Including Redox for Bettas & Other Fish

Much of this information I will provide is condensed and more basic, but comes a from a couple of very in depth and researched articles on this subject (which readers can read if they desire a more in depth understanding). I will not address the organic chemistry aspect (the Nitrogen Cycle), which involves ammonia, nitrates, [...]

PH Crashes: The Roll of Carbonate Hardness (KH)

Ghost shrimp close up, originally uploaded by Q: CR wrote, I have a general aquarium question I hope you can help me with. I recently had what I think is a pH crash that quickly killed off my ghost shrimp and several small catfish. I can’t figure out what lead to this and would [...]

Indian Almond Leaves: Magical Cure or Placebo

breeding tank overhead, originally uploaded by revs45. Indian Almond leaves (Terminalia catappa) are one of those homeopathic additives Betta breeders swear by. They are commonly found all over Southeast Asia and India and are imported to many western countries and available in the U.S. To the best of my knowledge, no serious scientific studies have [...]