A Rant:

I read something so disturbing today that I decided to write about it rather then post the usual Betta splenden Q&A. It most certainly is still relevant, it’s just a break from the norm. The Washington, DC Express Newspaper posts a daily poll and Friday’s question asked,

“Do you think human activity is causing global warming?”

A resounding 67% of Washingtonians responded, “no” leaving 24% who believe humans are causing global warming, 2% that didn’t know and 7% that don’t believe global warming exists at all.

How is that possible that so many people in the District are idiots? Granted, DC might have a slightly higher then average idiot population due to the number of politicians but it’s the capitol city of the United States for crying-out-loud, not some distant third world country without access to television, radio, newspapers or Google. We’re home to such organizations as the EPA, the National Wildlife Federation, The Environmental Defense and the World Wildlife Fund. So how is the message getting lost on middle to upper-middle class, educated, white-collar professionals like the ones who read the Express?

Kids have been taught about the effects of greenhouse gasses on the environment for at least the last 20 years, granted back then the subject was still up for debate. Scientists are no longer even questioning the existence and cause of global warming. unless of course you’re a scientist paid to represent the big oil companies but anyone in their right mind knows to disregard them. You can clump those guys in the same pile with the scientists hired by Phillip Morris to say cigarettes don’t cause cancer. There have been some incredibly compelling atmospheric and oceanic studies done in the last 5 years showing direct correlation between greenhouse gasses and rising temperatures. Sure there have been anomalies throughout the Earth’s history but nothing quite like this. We’re not just talking about something that will effect generations long after we’re dead. We’re talking about loosing ecosystems, food and water supplies, changing ocean currents and rising sea levels in our life time, in our children’s life time and even right now. If you’re still questioning it, turn on the Discovery Channel and watch the emaciated polar bears drifting on tiny ice rafts while you drink your scotch straight up.

I beg you for the answers my fellow Washingtonians. Please tell me what the heck you’ve been doing for the past 20 years while the meager 24% of us have actually been paying attention.

…Ah, I feel better now. End Rant

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