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Q: Anon wrote,

I’d like to buy a doubletail male Betta splendens. Currently my LFS only sells crowntails and veiltails. Can you recommend a breeder or online store that sells DTs? Thanks in advance.

A: Doubletail Bettas (sometimes called twin tail bettas) are beautiful and I totally understand why you’d want one. There are several places you can pick up DT males online including and If you aren’t familiar, Aquabid is an online auction house that is very similar to Ebay only they deal entirely with the aquarium hobby. Betta breeders represent in high numbers and much of the stock offered is very high quality and quite often well documented enabling you to get a detailed breeding history of your fish. With such large quantities of Bettas sold each day on Aquabid, I’m sure it won’t be long until you find exactly what you want at a price that fits your budget., run by Drs. Foster & Smith, is another reputable source for purchasing live fish on the internet. Well trusted in the industry, does sell doubletail bettas; however unlike Aquabid, you don’t have the option to see the exact fish you are purchasing nor can you specify the color or characteristics you prefer.

You may also have luck browsing through the IBC (International Betta Congress) website. IBC members have a page where they can place their own web banner linking you to their personal sites. Since most of these are breeders it may not take you long to find a quality doubletail breeder that is happy to work with you. There may be a little more leg work searching the IBC site but it can offer you an opportunity to link up with a breeder and establish a relationship.

Good luck and happy doubletail shopping.

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  1. Dawn Hawkes says:

    I have a concern. I’ve been looking at Aquabid myself and I’ve seen several full white Bettas of various tail type that I’ve fallen in love with… but with minimum bids starting as steep as $20, should I really risk it? Transporting Bettas such a long way is a great deal of stress to them, and I would hate to spend so much only to have the poor thing not survive long after getting here.
    Should I just keep an eye on my LFS and see if I have any luck?

  2. Anonymous says:

    That depends on how bad you want a white betta. I haven’t seen any in the LFS that I’d want.

  3. Jessie lee says:

    Do you have more??

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