Rather than the usual serious Betta talk, I thought I would try something a little more interactive. I know folks are always looking for fun, funny and unique names for their Bettas. Actually, the whole concept of naming fish seems to be fairly unique to Bettas and a small handful of other fish. Maybe it’s because they have varying characteristics that make each individual identifiable where as with Zebra Danios or Cory cats it’s nearly impossible to figure out who’s who anyway. (I know there is a word for that, but it’s just not coming to me.) Hence names like Redfish, Spot, The Green Monster, or Sushi (the most popular by far). Maybe it’s their attitude that leads to our desire to name them. They certainly aren’t short on personality.

Please, tell us the names you have used for your Bettas or just give us a quick list of fishy names you’ve heard or liked. Post in the comments section of this article. Oh, and if there is a story behind the name… do tell.

Here’s a list of names I have used but they’re no match for the creativity I have heard from others.

Dog (My first Betta)
Blaze (My first Crowntail)
Bone (My favorite of all time)
Ziggy (Most beautiful)
Murphy The Drunken Irish Betta (There is a story with this one)
Flash (Oldest lived)

… oh well, that’s all the names that I can recall off the top of my head, maybe I’ll add more later. Let’s hear yours.

Photo by Hannah Warmbier

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  1. Hi Christie! Love you Blog/Site!
    Here are the names of my Beautiful Bettas:
    Clifford (the Big Red Fish)

    • hey im 14 and got 2 betta fish for a science expirement i havent named them yet but one is bright red and the other is bright blue there both boys and not in the same tank i was scared at first because i was new to beta fish. i have four gold fish named cookies, and cream there brothers, then i have silver which turned to the color orange, and little nemo. i also have i alge fish named buggzy. and my other pets are 4 dogs and 2 cats. ohhhhhh how i love my family

    • I have a “rescue Betta”. He was unfortunately put in a vase and used as decorum at a conference my mother attended. The event runners mentioned in her proximity that they were going to “flush any of the leftovers”. Long story short, she showed up at my door with a fish at midnight. She initially thought there was something wrong with him because he ” looked funny”…my CROWN TAIL’S name has been Shredder ever since. 🙂

    • Here is my Betta name story. . . My boyfriend and I watched the movie sinister, and the very next day, I was given my very first Betta as a gift for volunteering for WSRE TV (PBS). He is a Red Crown-tail. Being my first, and not knowing much about them, I thought I would be able to put other fish in with him, just not another Betta. WRONG!!! I put 2 neon Guppy’s in with him on the first day. Within minutes, he had killed both of them, so we named him BUGHUUL, because he killed everything in site, and ate the children (just like in the movie Sinister) Creepy I know, but that’s my BUGHUUL’s story. We call him The Bogey Man sometimes too. 🙂

  2. What a fun site!
    I only have one betta. Couldn’t think of a name for him for the longest time. But then after I put down a sinking wafer for the oto catfish, I later realized he must have eaten most of it. His belly was huge, and I thought he might die, but two days later he was back to normal. Since then his name has been Piggy! 🙂
    P.S. I don’t use wafers anymore!

      • ther what you feed catfish and i love the name piggy too its so cute im going to name myne that

        • Mine is the same colors but I named it Jabbawakki the I changed it cuz it was wayyyy to long so now it’s blue berry:)

        • I had already named my betta in the store from where I got it. I named him shadow because I love wolfs and it was always a wolf name to me. Plus later on I found out I did good by naming him a wolf name. Here’s why. The same day mom shuffled through all the fish and she found a little fish in the back she loved his color so she said were getting the divider. I was glad 2 fish to meant twice the happiness but hers was not taken good care of because his water had poop all in it and he kind of looked sickly I told mom that he look sick but she was attached. So i called him prince poopy i mostly called him prince.They were fine with the divider. But then we found out the tank and divider had a defect that when the water sloshed or moved at all the divider would move up. Shadow found that out so one day mom moved the tank the divider moved I didn’t see that it had moved so I didn’t fix it neither did she. So she went to look at her fish something wasn’t right there was blood in the water shadow had killed prince. Now his nick name is piraña.

    • that reminds me! my sisters once owned a betta, whose name was Shark, and a little blue fish named I think Marie. they had been poking at each other, then we went out for like three minutes, back in again, and Marie was gone. after that, my sister took Shark into her room and named the fish Jaws.

        • my fish died 3 days ago, i was sad . his name was lucky.
          the sad thing is i never said good bye.it breaks my heart that fish just sit in a small tank and wait to die.i wish my fish only knew how much i loved him. every day i came home from school ,the first thing that came to mind was my fish lucky.people think that oh my fish died oh well, but what they don’t know is that your fish is apart of you. but people don’t see that, they just see a little fish in a bowl waiting to be feed. i remember the first time i saw him, i picked him up and took him home. i knew that i made a good choose.lucky always made me smile.it was true he was apart of me.
          sorry i took up your time

          • i know how you feel i am sorry. i had a fish i loved named leo (leonardo) who i loved so much who died. i will never forget him.

          • I felt that way when my betta Hermes died. there is just something about bettas that i love. Currently I have a betta named Indago, and i think there might just be a way you can tell them how much you love them.

    • my betta fish was named bruce. Its actually really funny how I got that because when I named him I was thinking of bruce jenner from the kardashians. he was also sorta lazy kinda like bruce I swear if u put a couch in his tank he would sit there all day. he aldo did like taking naps. 🙂

  3. Our betta fish’s name is Yen Chi. He is really a a great little fish with personality plus!! I am very worried about him as he has developed white patches around his mouth. I hsve treated him with Betta Fix several times, he seems to do better and then the patches return Is this mouth rot? He swims around all day and seems to be having a good time so far.

  4. I’ve had a couple bettas, but i dont remember the names of any of my past ones except for one i had when I was about 9, and his name was Fishy. Clever, I know.
    Anyway, I currently have a betta named Steve 🙂 I don’t really know where that came from, but I just looked at him and he looked like a Steve.

  5. Steve is a great Betta name. I have a cat named Dave and people give me “the look” about it all the time… I’m just like, “hey, that’s his name.” 😉

  6. Hi there! Our betta’s name is Ruby, he’s red. I have knick-named him Roob-a-Doob. I’m glad we found your website, it’s been a godsend. I sent you an email with some questions for you about filtration. We will definately be reading here more frequently! Great site.

    • my first crowntail betta , body is blue and fins are purple . his name is EURO CASCADE . euro – currency . cascade – pertaining to waterfall . i dropped him in my purple tank . feel free to comment and post for breeding wanted.

  7. Tracy, I can’t check my Nippyfish emails from work but I will take a look at your filtration email tonight when I get home and will get back to you. 🙂
    Wow, the names you have thought of are wonderful. I really have to hand it too you’all.
    Yen Chi is beautiful… I wonder what it means.

  8. I couldn’t decide between two bettas, so I ended up geting both and a divided tank. One was very dark blue, and the other was red with some blue shading. I couldn’t seem to think of any good names until I told a friend that I was considering Redfish and Bluefish, which they really liked. So now they are the Dr. Seuss fish.

  9. My friend and I keep our bettas at work. Mine is Mobius Blue and my friend’s betta is Alpha Betty. Thanks for all the great information about bettas — Mobi and Alpha Betty are happier fish for it!

  10. I recently acquired my Betta about 2 weeks ago and his coloring is that sold me on him. I named him Gianni because he reminded of the bright colors of a Versace dress,haha. This is the first fish I’ve ever owned and I can’t believe how attached I am to the lil guy!!

  11. I love to see other people´s names for their Betta´s…
    Me and my boyfriend have an group of 4.. one male and his three girls.. ( yes!! You heard me right.. they´re all in ONE tank.. but let me explain why 😛 )
    First we have
    Mitsurugi : Our extremely gentle cuddly ( he´ll swim to our fingers and keeps brsuhing past to be ´petted ´) and sweet calm Betta Male.
    Aoi : Japanese Kanji for Blue.. since ofcourse.. yes she has an wonderful blue shimmer over her. She´s gentle but can be very jealous at her Mitsurugi if hes flirting with our Guppy female, Dotty!
    Sakura : our pinkish female, she can be snappy at others.. but in the end she´s an big cuddly bud and softie 🙂
    Shinobu : Or purebred white albino Female.. at first she was all stuck up and puffy… but now she´s calmed down and adores to play with our female guppy who also lives in the tank named Dotty..they chase eachother or go tease our bottomcleanerfish together..
    I chose Japanese names cause i have an japanese fetish.. i hope in the end of the day we´ll be able to breed with these sweethearts who have stolen my heart…These fish are truely all charachters on their own!
    Shiva, from Nynäashamn, Sweden.

  12. I got a betta a few weeks ago. He is blue with red shading. I immediately named him Tsumi(I have no idea where that name came from). He’s doing very well so far. My sister is crazy about teaching him things like the alphabet. Crazy.

  13. i have an adorible white betta named bingo i have had many bettas over the years and i have to say he is my all time faverite!!!! i have never seen a betta that was white untill i saw my adorible little bingo he also has sort of a blueish tint on his scales and his eyes are blue to im not sure if that means hes an albino thoe but all i know is that he is absolutely beautiful! until i saw him i thought that i would allways like only the skarlet red betta fish i have never seen a guy as breath takingly beautiful as this little fish befor ever and i hope to have him with me fore ever! but sadly betta fish dont live that long but hey you never know how long an animal will live its all up to mother natere after all but i have a felling this little quity will be with me for a long time p.s if any one knows if hes an albino pleas post it for me THANK YOU!!!

    • He is a breed of an albino Yes. But usual Albinos i see like my use to be fish beiny was an albino fish……. He was All white with red eyes, He was a beutiful fish yes but he he died fast…..

  14. I have had 3 bettas…
    My first ever was Shiden (japanese for purple lightning) because he had a beautiful purple shimmer over his blue and red colouring
    he did last summer though 🙁
    My second and third betta are Joey, and Bunny. Joey is red, and i named him such because i love the name and he has a sort of ‘childish’ character which the name seems to me as childish…
    Bunny is blue and black. i named him Bunny because it seemed fun. He isnt very much of a fish for the name, but i couldent find a name for him. Hes a sweet fish, but aggresive to anything thats smaller than him… ^_^ he waits for me to get up in the morning, and starts dancing when i do. Joey plays with me and stuff, i fell in love with him right away 😮
    Anyways! Bettas should have names that fit their personality *nods* ^_^

  15. This site is really cool.
    I have one betta fish, his name is pink floyd, because he’s pink and I thought Floyd the fish sounded cool. He’s really cute and has such an interesting personality. I never thought I could get so attached to a fish, but there you have it. He’s my favorite pet and I’m happy i got him.

  16. my betta fishys are called…i got three
    the red one is called **kiwii**
    the blue one is called **bubbles**
    the white one is called **angel**

  17. wow!
    i had heard of betta fish before but i never thought of buying one until thursday when my sister bought one for her boyfriend.
    i just got my betta fish today and ive got to say im in love!!
    i never thought having a fish could be so much fun!!
    there truly amazing..
    i read your blog and decided to name my red/orange beautiful betta Blaze!
    thanks for the idea!

  18. wow! so many funky names! ive had a few bettas over the years since my boyfriend and i got together
    Aoi=male=of course as someone noted earlier, its japanese for blue! he was the most brilliant blue ever! very shiny and very well mannered!
    tenchi=which is japanese for heaven and earth, i found this poor fellow in teh sunday market in a very very small plastic container with low amounts of water, i feel sooo sorry for all the fish there!! i bought him…and because he was mistreated, he is shortsighted and is scared and angered easily, i love him to bits and because of that, his name is tenchi (he mustve survived bad times) and he is my heaven and earth…he is living longer than my other fish! what a true fighter!
    sasame=my boyfriend and i love anime (japanese anime) and since we got sasame a short while after tenchi, we named her after a character that liked tenchi in an anime! she was very wild mannered but very lovely to nibble food off ur fingers
    and i got two more, yet to be named hence i came across this site for ideas!
    thanx its a great site!!
    Vanessa from Adelaide, Australia

  19. hello ppls how are u all doing well i bought a beta like 1 wk ago and i still have not decided how to name him at first i thought o bubbles, X-man, hercules… but i still dont know i am love with this fish that i want to be a really unique name… but i will let u all know what i named him

  20. My fish names are finella ice gilligan and anabella. I wish i had a story behind the names of my fish but i dont i do love them all in a different way finella is more laid back, gilligan for some reason hates my sister and anabella just has spunk

  21. Hi! I have a few names, because I am doing a science experiment on bettas to see what food gives them the most energy. I plan on naming one Skittles (the one I get to keep,I am giving the others away), but I don’t know what to name the others.
    Here are some names I thought of:
    Sparkles (One Of My Current Platy Fish)
    Skylar (Sparkles Baby)
    Bubbles (My current goldfish)
    Thank You,
    P.S. Some of these are names of my past fish.

    • My Betta is shiny, silver and pink so what should i name him? I also have a gold snail and i named him Goldie do you think he should keep his name?

      • you should name the fish Michelangelo cause mixed colors are basicly great art and Michelangelo probably did a painting like that and yes the snail should keep his name

      • I love the name Goldie for a snail – how cute! I think your betta sounds like a “Luna”. Have you come up with a name for him yet?
        I do not yet have a betta but am watching a friend’s betta and have fallen in love with him! He came to us in just a small bowl with no plants or other comforts of any kind. We have bought him a plant and some pretty marbles and he is truly like a whole new fish in just a few days! He swims around alot more and seems to be much happier now – he’s even making quite a substantial bubble nest!
        I have spied a turquoise blue betta at the pet store – I’m going to get him this weekend and name him Himmel (German for sky/heaven). My daughter wants to get a cobalt blue one and name him Blueberry, and my son wants to get a red one and name him Optimus Prime.
        Can’t wait to get our bettas! They look so sad in their little bowls in the pet store, and it will be fun to get them some nice new homes that they will thrive in…

  22. I named my betta fish Kenney because he acts like this one guy who’s name is Kenney
    Albino betta fish are copletely white
    and have pink or red eyes I can’t remember which.

  23. Heh, I named my first Betta fish Roy. Oddly enough it suits him, because he’s red and hyperactive. Plus he’s really territorial–acts as if he’s the king of his land. Hence ‘Roy=Roi (king in French).’
    That’s just me though. If I had a blue Betta fish, I’d name him Frosty.

  24. My first betta’s name was Hammer. He really lived up to it. He was very aggressive!! He’d flare at me or anyone who was near his tank. I had him for over 2 yrs. When he got old I had to almost hand feed him. He had a hard time finding his food. He died a few weeks ago.
    I now have a crown tail that I named Sniper. He’s very gentle. He likes to hang out and watch me when I’m on the computer. He’s very social and sweet.

  25. Hi Everyone,
    My first 2 Betta fish names are (blue) Double and (Red) Trouble.
    Another second fish name is Whoaaaa
    Third (white)fish name is Snow Ninja.

  26. Someone I know had a beta named “trout”
    I let a bunch of kids name two betas I had in my sunday school class. The first one was named “blueeyes” (it was a tie between blue, and eyes… a compromise)
    The second was rainbow (not so creative)

  27. Splat….i was buying a goldfish from petsmart (i have a bad history with fish) and the guy handed me the bag and i dropped it. I named the fish splat and hes been living ever since.

  28. Hi Melissa here, just wanted to say how much your site has helped me out with the care of my 1st Betta(and still living strong).
    His name is
    Samuel Von Frankfurter Sammy or Frank for short. He needed a classy name, to suit a classy fish ;D

  29. I just found this site. It’s great! Let’s see. I’ve had tons of Betta fish. Besides my dog, Scooby, (he’s a chihuahua, Betta fish are the best pets ever. I love them. I have had about 20 – 25 of them in the last ten years. I have 8 right now. I’m still trying to pick names for 3 of them, (just got today), but my other names are
    Papa Smurf
    Frick and Frack (they’re twins, yellow)
    I have one female and two other males that I have not decided on names for them yet. I rescued Harley and the other three tonight from Walmart. The store closest to my house does not take care of them at all. If I had of had enough money, I would have brought them all home. Unfortunately, I could only rescue 4. The female and 3 males. The female barely had enough water in her “cup” to even cover her, no room at all to swim. I bought a glass vase for her, she’s so happy now. She’s been swimming ever since. Her fins weren’t even open in the store, because she didn’t have enough water. But since I’ve had her home, she opened her fins out and is really swimming now. 🙂
    I would like to tell you all, if you do have Bettas, be careful what you have them in. Make sure in the winter you have it where they will be warm. I was devistated about 2 years ago. I had 9 males and 1 female that all died. The weather was crazy that year, everything froze over, power went out, no heat in the house and they all froze to death. I cried for a week. (sorry i’m a big softy for animals, especially my Bettas)
    I don’t remember all the names I had back then, but I do remember one was Mr. Purple and the female was Little Mama. I had to many fish then, that I had to write their names on the tanks to keep them all straight. Now they’re all somewhat different colors and I can keep the names straight a little better. 🙂
    Ok, sorry rambled long enough.

  30. Hey guys!
    This is such an informational site!
    I’ve had 3 past betta fish. My first was a beautiful light red betta (almost a little pink) named Blaze. Sadley he died over the first night I had him. Boo hoo! My second was a red betta named Buddy. (not a very interesting name, I know)I had him for about 2 and a half years. My third was my first female betta. I had the hardest time picking out just the right name for her. After looking at names online I chose Adara! It means “beautiful” in greek! She died after three months. I’m not too sure why though. That was about a month ago.
    I haven’t had any since but am planning to get a new betta fishy next month. Can’t wait!! I have no names yet because I’m wait until I can acually see what he or she will look like. Just in case!

    • It seems you have a hard time keeping them alive…
      Maybe you should think about doing some research on betta fish care before you purchase your next fish.
      I purchased my betta after doing minimal research. I have learned a lot about betta fish since I got *Chandler*. (Yes, he is named after Chandler on Friends. I love that show. I plan on getting a female and naming her *Monica*. 😀 )
      We’ve had our ups and downs, but he’s a very happy and active little guy He spends most of his time swimming back and forth along the walls of his tank. The only time I’ve ever seen him still is when he is napping. I have a feeling he will be a little mischievous if I get another fish, and that means his name with just suit him perfectly.
      I hope you have much better luck with your next fish. 😀

  31. Hey! Love your blog!!
    I had a betta fish last year that I named Bo… he was a pinkish color with a dark red mixed in. He was beautiful and very hyper. He sadly died of a disease.
    My little brother had a betta fish also that was named Ben. That fish was hilarious because he wouldn’t eat his food when you were around, but if you hid he would eat it. He named his fish after the basketballer Ben Wallace.

  32. I just bought my betta today. He’s cream with burgundy stripes along his fins. I named him Tamashii, Japanese kanji for soul.

  33. my blue veintail betta is named Boo, as in my little Boo and also after Monsters Inc 🙂

  34. ok, so, i hgad a beautiful goldfish for 5 days named angelina, because she had giant lips like her namesake
    my new fish is an albino betta
    hes actually kind of ugly, but hes got this adorable little personality, which is why i chose him over the snooty fancy one next to him
    hes pale, with red eyes and bright red fins
    and i couldnt think of a name for him for the longest time
    and then i walked into my older sisters room, and she was plaing weezer, and i was like, thats it!
    so now i have an amazingly awesome rocker betta named buddy holly, after the weezer song and singer interchangeably.
    hes awesome, and comes to the front of the tank when you say his name

  35. I have a betta fish, it’s name is Kara-Himatsu which is Japanese for Splash of Color. I chose the name cause if you saw my fish, you would agree there’s a lot of colors on him. Please check out my blog, it’s . Hope you like it, even though you’ll see that it is full of bmx stuff, it will have some stuff about my fish. I just got my fish today, so I’m kinda excited.

  36. First time at your blog…love it! I stumbled across it while looking for reasons why my poor betta Atari (full name Commodore Atari) had stopped being able to find his food. I think he’s actually gone blind, unfortunately, so I will try your suggestion of holding his food pellets with tweezers, but I was wondering if you had any other advice.

  37. Hey Christie! What an awesome name! 🙂
    I just got a beautiful white betta with red and light blue fins. I named him Marley. Yeah, I’m a huge Bob Marley fan, and I always liked the name anyways.

  38. I just got my first betta today, (thanks, Petco!) and he’s a beautiful halfmoon male. His body is black at the head fading to blue, with a lighter blue iridescent streak going down the top of his back. His fins are a brilliant yellow fading to blue at the tips, and he looks just gorgeous when he flares them! I’ve been mulling over names for hours, and finally decided on Kio.
    It’s perfect for him, short and sweet. And cute. (:
    I also love the names Chi or Zen, probably because my last yoga class was two days ago.
    Anyway, love this blog!
    It’s helped with with all the preparation necessities for my little Koi!

  39. I just got my first Beta fish like two hours ago, and the remnants of Hurricane Ike are coming through Cincy right now, the winds are crazy, and they just blew my window shut in my dorm… so, I’m naming my blue/red beta Ike, and the tiny neon tetra i got to keep him company Hurricane. “Hurricane Ike”, unique right? Lol…

  40. Our betta was original named Hot Wheels, then my son saw the Incredibles and changed his name to Dash. Fits him perfect since he is red. I think that our betta is dying since he lies at the bottom flat and will not eat. This has been going on for three weeks now. Every once in awhile he swims around only to go to the bottom once again.

  41. I have 6 Bettas, I just named them based on Color.

  42. Hi Christie! This site/blog is so awesome and helpful. Thank you for creating it.
    Right now I only own I betta. When I was still living at home I always had one. I owned 3, all males. My first one was a deep blue and purple, he got named Bruise..kinda looked like one, hehe.
    My second one was dark red that faded to orange and had a purple shimmer. I called him Blaze.
    My 3rd one was kinda green and blue, he went nameless for a couple weeks, then my mom came up with Marmaduke, like the dog in the comic, lol.
    Sadly they all died, but they all lived good lives, except Blaze…darn bottom feeder sucked the life right out of him 🙁 …
    Right now I have a white male betta with a pink body with a purple shimmer, and the fins are a almost like a blood red…but he has no name. Any suggestions would be great!
    Thanks again, this site has been very helpful.
    Tara-lee, Ont, Canada

  43. We have 3 male bettas. I named the first one Fred and my boyfriend named the second one Jason, so I named the third one Chucky.

  44. Well, finally came up with a name for my newest betta. I swear it was all my boyfriend, lol.
    After a week of him pushing the name ‘Bater’ and me telling him “No”, it finally just stuck. Im happy and sad right now, lol.
    Im happy cause he(my betta) has a unique name, but sad that its that one, lol. The name has grown on me, its not my favourite name, but it is better than ‘Fish’ lol.

  45. my mom got a purple betta fish and my little brother and sister named him Fierce the Fighting Fish!!
    I am planning on getting a blue betta this weekend!!
    Love the site!!

  46. He are some good names
    Mr. T (My friend’s cat’s name)
    Clear waters (for a blue fish)
    Fire (Red and active)
    Bubbles (I named mine that cause He opens his mouth and a bubble comes out)
    Good luck!!! 🙂

  47. I just bought my first betta 2 weeks ago. She was fine this morning (she wass dark blue and was swimming around happil)y than about 1/2 hour ago she faded to white and died. What is that all about?

    • Well she might of had a desiese that didnt know about or she had a bad time in the store if it was from walmart im not surprised…

      • My oldest son begged me for a fish while we were at Walmart. I finally conceded and the poor little fishy was dead before the next morning. Now we only get our fish from Petsmart. They are in much better health.

  48. My betta’s name is Boris. I got him at the pet store with my little brother in tow and on the ride home we were arguing about names. He liked Boris because it reminded him of some badass in a movie he saw, but he just looked like a Boris to me. Maybe he was in the Russian mafia in a past life…

  49. Fabio is the best betta name ever. I love him. My room mate has one named Biggie…after the Notorious BIG. Biggie smalls (as she chokes on hummus is yummis) 🙂

  50. Sweet!
    Mystic(my first Betta he was very colorful)
    Ares (Red Betta)
    Ikari (my latest betta)

  51. I just got my first Betta and I love him!
    After careful decision, I decided on the name Caesar. 😀
    My friend has a Betta named SharkBait, I thought it was a good name too!

  52. I adore bettas, although I tend to have better luck with females. My first betta was bright red and I named him Poseidon. I lost him after a few months. Then I decided to try two females, who I named Phoebe (She was a pinkish color) and Kat Von D ( She was a cobalt blue-ish color) after the famous tattoo artist. They lived for a few years. I took a break from bettas after that, but eventually decided to give it another shot and picked up what could have been Poseidon’s twin and named him Rowdy. He died within 2 days 🙁 After another lengthy break, I’ve decided to once more get a betta, a female again. I’m getting her tonight! I’m so excited. I’m thinking of calling her Rosalie, but it’ll really depend on what she’s like 🙂

  53. i named mine after people in movies
    my first 2 ever i named rambo and rocky and my current 2 that i got today i named bill and ted, like from the movies bill and ted’s excellent adventure and bogus journey
    im only a 15 year old boy so the names i come up with arent very thought through i name whatever comes to mind first

  54. I saw this and had to share mine, even if they do not seem as good as everyone elses’.
    Rainbow and Blue.
    Rainbow had his from the fact he was all white with different colors all over, while Blue was a ray of shades of, well, blue.

  55. I had a blue fish named Mr.Blue(creative I know) for some reason he absolutly hated my mom and would stretch his gills out only at her or moving inatimate objects. He passed away resently,but I got a new baby and I can’t decide between these names:
    Baby Blue
    Buddy(I already call him that for now)
    or Hiro(pronounced hero)

  56. I had a betta who died two days ago and i am getting a new one so that is why I found this site looking for new names. Thanks everybody! My betta’s name was Princess Peach and my brothers was Yoshi from the Nintendo DS game Mario Kart. We got our betta’s three years ago and at the time we were obsessed with our new Nintendo DS’s. My other fish’s names are Coral and Fin (Serpae Tetras)

  57. Hey everyone, this is a cool site!
    When I first got my betta fish, he didn’t do anything except lay at the bottom. But recently he is swimming and flaring Bobby, my black moore, which is good,so to me he seemed like a fighter so I named him Rocko. I had a previous betta fish that lived for three years and her name was Pagenta.
    R.I.P- Pagenta 🙁

  58. Well, in the past 4 years I have had 7 Bettas, the only type I have had luck with are the Crowntails… the rest seem to get fin rot and die.
    Oreo (lived the longest)
    Spectrum (he was gold with streaks of color)
    and my newest fish might be named Rusty, I don’t know if it suits him yet.

  59. My beloved 3 year old betta died a few weeks ago and I got a new one, it is blue with red on his tail they are called blue/red veiltail bettas and his name is Midnight , my old fishes name was Princess Peach

  60. My fish is named Tako he is pink and periwinkle with some white he is my love and my friends think i take overly good care of him.

  61. I love the little bit on Betta names. My first Betta no knowing at the time resting a lot on the bottom of the tank was a sign of sickness I named my first Salta (Atlas spelled backwards.)
    After that I got Murphy. I would love to hear the story about your betta named Murphy, but I named my that since when I bought him I had the Dropkick Murphy’s on my mp3 player and he strait off the bat flaired at me and tried attacking though the jar. Love at first sight.
    So it’s

  62. I just got a Betta. I named him DW ( dunston-winston ) because I originally named him Dunston but kept calling him Winston. 🙂

  63. Oh and before DW, I Had BELD (big eye little dot) because i was young, and thats all I could think of

  64. well i got my first betta about a week or 2 ago. named him phish after the hippie band. he would dart erratically around the bowl then just lay at the bottom for a few minutes and repeat. sadly, he died 2 days later. I got my second fish today and put him in the bowl and was trying to generate name ideas through music and when “use somebody” by kings of leon came on, he began to move around happily, thus my new betta is named leon.

  65. About a month ago my boyfriend and I were at Walmart looking at bettas and he decided to get one. When we looked in the back there was a cup with barely enough water in it with a little tiny female betta. I decided that I was going to save her. She is a Cambodian and her name is Sasha after one of our university’s mascots while my boyfriends is Shasta after our other mascot. Since buying Sasha I have been obsessed with female bettas because they have such personality. I have since bought 4 more a white one which was just a fry when i found her whos name is trixy because she is always off in her own little world. The second is Midge who is a short fat black halfmoon betta. Then there is Ginger who is a beautiful red fish with aqua rays. My latest female is yet to have a name but she is a black and blue female crowntail.

  66. I just bought my male Crowntail yesterday. It’s been so long since I’ve had a Betta, I’m excited.
    He has a black head with a dark blue/teal body then teal fins with thin lines of deep red. He’s spunky and kind of aggressive right now, but that’s probably just being in a new place. Anyway, I named him Jinhai which is Chinese for golden sea. It doesn’t match his coloring, but it just seems to fit him. Jin’s my little baby.
    I also have 2 Calico Fantail goldfish named Charlie and Chandler.
    A little striped catfish named Gypsy, and a plain little catfish named Lulu.
    And finally, a Chinese Algae eater named Edwin (fully Sir Edwin IV of Birmingshire). He’s a classy little thing, and is so sweet. My last one was very aggressive. 🙂
    I love my fishies!

  67. Mine’s name is Mizu Rin, but I call him Rin for short. Mizu Rin means Water Companion in Japanese. 🙂
    I’ve only had him a few days and he’s still a little avoidant, but he seems happy so I hope he’ll warm up to me. He stares at me and follows my fingers around the front of the bowl because he’s curious. I’ve gotten very attached to him. My roommate got one too; hers is named Zoltan. 🙂

  68. I’ve had 4 so far. My first, Leonardo, was named because of my random thought of a DiVinci painting when I saw his bright blue/green/purple/red colorings. My second Betta was a little pink guy bought on impulse and named Valentine because along with being pink he was a sweetheart. We lost both of them around the same time last month.
    My two current ones, I just got yesterday. The bigger one is jet black with a silverish stripe on his fin. His name is Ninja. And the other one is a small white/blue/pink oddish looking one who was just so interesting looking I had to have him! Still doesn’t have a name though!

  69. I just got my Betta 4 days ago. And i Just came up with a name i think i will stick with. Plesioth. Its a monster from a PSP game i play

  70. hello, ive had a beta for about 6 months. in a 5 gallon tank with a filer. i recently purchased 10-20 small feeders 2 pink kissers and a plocostomus. i woke up this morning to discover my beta has 1 normal eye and 1 heavilly clouded eye. he also has a patch of notice able discoloration on his rear fin. on the same side as the bad eye his gill looks abnormal and “fuzzy” agiain on the same side he has what looks like fuzz growing out of his scales. i dont think its the ick becouse ive heard that looks like sugar sprinkled onto the fish. but this looks more like a fuzz, i was told to take him out of the tank so not to infect the other fish. Can you please give my poor beta a diagnosis and a treatment plan, im sorry i dident have any photos but i couldent figure it out with photobucket.

  71. i had a fish that lived 4 years i think he was blind when .he died anyhoo.. his name was Pish
    my mom used to call him silly little pish so he kindda adopted that name.
    his first name was bob. (verry creative)

  72. Pump1er, I am sorry I did not see your post in time to offer you any advice. It was burried in an article from 2 years ago. I am so sorry for your loss. If I can assist you in the future, please feel free to email me directly.

  73. I just bought my first Beta two days ago. He’s very beautiful…colors range from a dark head to greens and blues and reds. I named him Rainbow. I was a little worried about him because he did not eat the pellets that I bought for him for the first two days. I pinched off a little tiny piece of frozen cooked shrimp and he immediately swallowed it. Does anyone know if this is good or bad for him?

  74. i still need a name for my red double tail here is what i come up with but didint stick.
    twofer=two tails for the price of one
    bogo=bought one fish got a second tail free
    bogey=cause he reminds me of a fighter jet
    help me he needs a name.

  75. My son and I just got our very first bettas today. His is a little female that is light pink with purple fins and tail. He named her Heidi. Not really sure where that came from but who knows what goes on in the mind of a 6 year old. I’m still unsure of what to name my male. He is also pink with darker pink fins and tail that have purplish splotches on them. Hopefully I can find the perfect name for him soon. 🙂

  76. My bettas, Cammy and Leonardo, who both died, were very lovable. Cammy was crazy, and got eaten by our cat, Harmony. Leonardo was a random name I thought of. He got old. Now I have a blue and purple male betta, whom I just got today. He doesn’t have a name yet, but I think I’m going with Pedro:

  77. Flash is your oldest lived? i just got a betta fish named flash 3 days ago and he died yesterday. ironic, huh?


  79. I have two bettas, one is Sweeney, after Sweeney Todd because he is hell-bent on killing this one particular rock, and the other I recently got. He’s a dark steel blue, and sits and flares at his reflection all day. Thinking about Cassius or Thorpe for a name. Cassius because he’s vain, Thorpe because it’s the sister dorm hall of Sweeney Hall. (Roommate suggested that one.) Or even Perelli from Sweeney Todd because he’s blue…and vain….hmm….Idea!

  80. I just got a new Betta. I never thought I could love a fish as much as I love Leopold!
    That’s his name. My eight year old cousin thought it was the funniest thing she ever heard. Here all dark blue Betta is named Moonlight, so, go figure.

  81. I just got one but havent named him yet. My other one was named Izzy because his plumage was co puffy and green and purple so he reminded me of Izzy Sparks the guitarist

  82. I had a pretty orange betta and named him blu unfortantly he passed away a couple of days ago. I miss him 🙁 Now I have blue and green half moon betta named Barnaby. He’s a silly little fish that trys to chew on his own reflection on the glass of his tank. I love him already 🙂

  83. i just got my betta for my birthday yesterday.. he has a greyish-orange head and body with grey and blue fins..
    i named him Kyogre >.> i know its a pokemon name lol
    but my moms birthstone is sapphire and i figured kyogre suits him cuz hes a fish and if your a pokemon fan you’ll know what i mean..
    lol open to better suggestions tho 🙂

  84. I had a beautiful very active red and blue male betta named Sam who died because of a purple dye in his rocks. 🙁
    Then I had a blue/green/purple male betta named Gus who had fungus and died. He must have had it when I purchased him, because his aquarium water was crystal clear and it happened overnight. 🙁
    Now I have a purple/white male betta who doesn’t have a name yet. He is very active, beautiful, and loves Hikari Betta Bio-Gold. He is doing great! 🙂
    I also have purple/pink/red/blue/white female betta. Her name is Sushi and she is beautiful! Lots of color for a female betta, doesn’t like to share food.

    • Sushi is an evil fish name! Imagine living your life named “Meatloaf” or “Sausages” or “Steak”. uh? not cool. 🙂

  85. My older brother and I have had bettas in the past and I named mine angel until i found out it was a male (i was like seven) so I named him bubbles (a little manlier hehe) he lived for a few years and the passed on. But just today my little brother and i got new betta fish and my little brother named his Mr. Fishy like right off the top of his head. But mine is still left nameless for the time being… So i was looking for names and stumbled onto this site!! Great site, really helpful!!! Thanks! 🙂

  86. I just got a betta and kinda like the name scruple. one of its meanings is a little or small amount, and my male betta is quite that! but it sorta sounds like a disease…. i need a name…:(

  87. We recently bought 2 male Betta fish my daughter and I named them:
    “Brutal Brutus the Betta Fish”~deep puple/w blue
    “Leonidas Spartan” ~ he’s salmon/w puple & blue
    We really love them!!

  88. i just got my new beta tonight! i debated for a long time, thinking about an original name, and after looking at this site, I finally decided on Dasani. hes a purplish blue with small pokadots. he’s so pretty and i saved him from the evil walmart! my last betta – twilight, lived for two years and it was only til i left for a vacation did he die =’( i felt like crying. but now i have Dasani! cool site by the way

  89. I just brought my betta yesterday and I love him already!!! I think that I am going to name him Shyloh.

  90. I just got my first betta fish on Monday. I named him Holden after the character in Cather in the Rye.

  91. I can’t get over the creativity of this group. I love the names you come up with. I named my new bettas, Betty, Thelma and Louise. Louise is such a snot though, she’s nipping at the other girls. I’m going to have to step in I think.

  92. We’ve gone with historical figures, but most of them have less formal names for everyday use: Genghis Khan (aka GK), Henry the 8th (Mr. Big), Catharine the Great (Fat Girl), Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, Maria Theresa of the Hapsburg Empire, Ivan the Terrible (Ive), Archimedes (Arch), Leonardo da Vinci (Nard), Merlin, Louis XIV (Cur), Alexander the Great (Alex), Blue, and my very first betta, Mr. Fishface. I think it’s time we had a composer/musician name next…

  93. I have had 10, one passed before I could name it and one of the boy betta has been adopted out. The other 8 boys and another girl has a name. The girl is Snow White. The 7 boys are:-
    Sushi-he has a dark blue and black body with red and blue fins. Big on personality this Crowntail boy.
    Sashimi-a rescue Crowntail from Wal-Mart who has since been adopted out. He is dark red with green.
    Wasabi-beautiful blue marble Crowntail. Died yesterday from Dropsy. Broke my heart. Wasabi is my favourite betta of all times.
    Sake-green and red finned Crowntail with opaque and greenish body.
    Unagi-butterfly red Crowntail.
    Ebi-butterfly lavender Veiltail.
    ET (yes ET from the show)-orange Dalmation Veiltail rescued from a petstore after the girl with no name died. I went back for a refund and got this guy.
    Yoda-my new addition to help cure my heartbreak from Wasabi’s death. He is a Veiltail with opaque body and cloud blue specks on his body and his fins are red and cloud blue colour mix.

  94. I’m going to buy my son a betta this coming Thursday!! I went yesterday but they didnt any left..guess it’s a wonderful pet!
    It will be my son’s first pet,then again he’s only 16 months old…hehehe
    i’m soooo excited!!

  95. Bettas are a great teaching tool for children, even very young ones like yours. While your son is little you can teach him about how fish live and as he gets older he can learn about their anatomy and help with water changes. For older kids they are a good way to learn responsibility.

  96. I received a beautiful blue crown tail betta for Mother’s Day. When thinking of a name for him, I almost immediately thought of Chico. It stuck! I looked it up and apparently it means “small” or “a boy” in Spanish so it fits perfectly.

  97. I have a lot of bettas because I use them for biochem research (no worries, its all save, they live)
    Pez- my fav purple butterfly (only non research fish)
    Waldo – he hid all the time so it was ‘where is waldo’
    Shamu – black and white
    Chester – solid red
    Casper – translucent
    Monet – pastels
    Jimmy – blue
    Monday, Tues, Weds, etc… – Had to buy seven at once…
    Giles – (most aggressive fish ever)
    Shmoo – (old cartoon that relates to biology)
    Anyway, I found the best way was to wait for the beta’s personality to show before naming it.
    If anybody is curious about the research, it turns out that when medications are thrown away, (garbage, sink, etc) the chemicals get into the water cycle and effect the fish. I studied prozac’s side effects on bettas using a a panel of students for a blind study and the fish were less agressive and were slugges with a loss of appitite. So please for all the wild fish out there try to dispose of your medicines properly.

  98. White with red and blue fins. Got him from Petco. Named him Wellington, he lived for 4 years. He was odd, he was the only betta I’ve ever had that would come to the top of the water so you could pet him. Didn’t have the heart to just flush him so we buried him in an ibuprofen box along with his Tiki Man he had in his tank. Gonna go buy another one today! Thinking of naming him Don Quixote… not sure yet though.

  99. my fish has a long and funny name. but it is one of those that you had to be there to understand, but anyway his name is Buddy Best Friend Fishstick Ringo Fruity Pebbles

  100. Buddy Best Friend Fishstick Ringo Fruity Pebbles!
    That’s my new favorite betta fish name.

  101. My betta’s name is Xiu Yi (pronounced “shoe-yee”). Xiu Yi’s just the name of a character from one of my favorite Taiwanese shows. 🙂

  102. My husband named our first betta, Fin. He has since gone to fish heaven, and now we have Deuce

  103. Dark blue “Muchacho Jesus” (my 1st, my longest) lived 4 years. I thought he was a gone-er in year 1 after I found him dull ‘n’ dry when flipped out of his tank. He sunk straight to the bottom after swishing his tail twice. I came home 2 hours later thinking he’d be dead. He was swimmin’ ’round like nothin’ happened. Resurrected? Aha, “Jesus”. He even jumped out on my manicure table. He looked like a powdered deflated baloon. He lived through that too. And he still liked to play Follow the Leader.
    Since I’ve had:
    Bluman Capote (yes, blue)
    Truman Carp Otey
    Kai Otey
    Cray F. Inola (red)
    Fin E. Us
    San Fin Cisco
    Castro (rainbow)
    Slurpie Poo
    Slushie Hee
    Icee U.
    U. Sea Me Gurr
    Yello Shnow
    Iota Snow
    F. Inny Outy
    Skosh Sheemie
    Willy U.B.
    Mariann Me

  104. I have 5-year old twins, so we have had:
    Batman, (renamed Spiderman due to getting some red in his coloring)
    Ranger (short for Power Ranger Guy)
    Beauty (short for Sleeping Beauty)
    Beauty is also called Princess – and is a “girl” due to being pink!

  105. My first beta fish, a male, was royal blue with lighter blue fins, and his name was Beta (i know, not the most original, but it was actually kinda cute..lol) Anyway, I recently got my second beta fish today, he’s red, purple, and a hint of blue, and I named him Finley. Something about his personality made me think of that, but I think it’s the way to go 🙂

  106. Pyro, (A red betta that has an explosion of redish colors.)
    Pinky,(Named her that because shes pink.)
    Sabrina,(I don’t know, my girlfriend wanted to give her a normal name. And she’s a bunch of weird colors like orange and a dark purple with huge black eyes.
    Kumar,(I got him the same night me and my friends were watching harold and kumar escape from guantanamo bay so, why not? And hes a real dark blue color with a streak of dark green on him.)

  107. My female betta is Skittles. I aquired her for a science project and she’s been really enjoyable.

  108. I currently have three bettas, two veiltails and one delta (what can I say… I’m an addict). These are not my first bettas. ^_^ I’m hopelessly in love with the species.
    “Grumpy” -died 3 or 4 years ago. RIP my friend. if you’ve ever paid attention to the way their faces look you can understand the name.
    “Lapis Lazuli” -named for his coloring. He looks like the precious stone. I call him Lapis or Mr. Fishie too.
    “Nudge” -one of the new bettas I got today. I call him nudge because since I brought him home he’s insistently pushing his nose against the cup. Almost like ‘let me out of here’. I might give him a more serious name later but right now Nudge suits him.
    “Nocturne” -named for his coloring and his serious almost emo-ish personality.

  109. Hey! I have had 5 bettas, all males, and here are their names.
    Bluey (Lived longest)
    Bluey 2(i missed the first one)
    Bluey 3
    Paul( i wanted to mix it up)
    and the one i have right now is named Bill or as every one calls him Bill da Betta

  110. I just came by a Twin Tail Betta from my LFS (they think he might have been sent by accident since they don’t normally get anything besides Veil, Crown, and Delta tails). Since he was red-ish and his tail reminds me of a ‘v’… I named him Vendetta.
    Now I have four. Also, I’ve introduced Lapis (who is in a 10 gallon tank) to some new friends. I’ve added 3 White Clouds, 1 Corydoras Catfish and 1 Kuhli Loach to the tank. He seems to be okay with them so far. We’ll see how it goes. *crosses fingers*

  111. Forgot to mention… one of my fellow employees at work thinks I should name the next Betta I get “sushi”. I bet someone has done that before.

  112. I used to have one named Fin, but mine named Elmer does have a short story. I like betta fish friends, so someone suggested I name him after Elmer’s Glue “so he’ll stick to you.” I love my fishy <3

  113. I currently have four Betta fish. Their names are:
    Finley (red with a hint of purple)
    Carl (purple, white, and a hint of blue)
    Dwayne (Royal blue with lighter blue fins)
    Waldo (light blue with a redish tail)
    I lOVE fish!! Especially Bettas!! But I have a question, My biggest fish, Carl, always hides under the shells in his tank, Is that normal?? Or is he just a shy fish?? lol 🙂

  114. I went on a trip from ontario to a small town in new york.. i was on a mission to find a crowntail betta..
    The small pet store only had one and he looked the healthiest even tho his small container was full of poop!!..
    looking at him i quickly decided his name will be “Chester”.. Normally it takes me a few days to name something but this one just clicked..
    Checker has a pinkish body with a redish head.. his fins are a nice purpley-blue (mostly blue) and the tips are a dark red..
    when i first got him though.. he was very pale looking and his colours were very light..

  115. Bingo
    Blue berry
    coa coa

  116. I love fish! They are pretty and graceful. I might be getting one. I had like 4 or 5 fishys when i was in preschool and when i looked they died the next morning……. Oh well we are trying again, but say come on i’m just 13 years old…….. kk bye.

  117. Hey yo yo yo! wassup, fishys and fish fans!
    I love fish dont you?
    they make great pets!

  118. Here are some O.K. Betta fish names. I dont have any, but am getting one in a couple of weeks. These are some of the names i came up with… hope you like them!
    crimson star (or just crimson)
    google (i know… its weird… but i like it 🙂 )
    Simson ( he,he…)
    aquamarine (or just aqua, for short)
    Dino (if your betta is aggressive, i strongly suggest this name… 🙂
    minty ( does your betta smile? ;}
    Perry (does it look like a platypus? or does it remind you of Katy Perry?)
    And Now for Some Really Awesome Names That You Will Probably Like!!
    Bella The Betta (or just Bella for short)
    Jasper ( sounds evil and mysterious, right?)
    Emmet ( is it strong?)
    alice ( is it graceful?)
    Rosalie (it is blonde? 🙂
    Carlisle (does it look like a doctor?)
    hope you liked these names!!!! Plz tell me if you did!!!

  119. HI! I just got a betta; he is so cute! He is a pinkish-white color with red and blue fins. I want to name him something that starts with “A”….any suggestions???

  120. Ok so i had a betta fish and he was red. I nicked named him ‘My little shark’ because he’d eat like a shark. He was so cut but he died He was my so far favorite.Now I have a new one He’s blue and i dont know what to name him any suggestions????

  121. We named our last crown betta fish, Gladiator. Get the double meaning??? Glad he ate her. Since they love to eat their mates. Plus he is a fighting fish, thus the Gladiator meaning.

  122. I’m glad I’m not the only crazy person who loves my fish to distraction & mourns when they die. I just lost Alpha (gorgeous 3 year old deep red male) & was told he was “just a fish”.
    I have a blue & red very flashy male with huge fins whom I call Rufio after the character in “Hook”. He’s crazy for live mosquito larvae. He puffs up & chases them all over the bowl.
    My daughter had a male called Stick.
    I just got a new red long-tail. He’s still very shy so I guess I’ll wait until he lets me know his name.

  123. I’ve been checking out Betta sites & found the name! Bettas are “of the family Osphronemidae (order Perciformes)” so I’m going to call him Perci!
    He looks & acts like a Perci.

  124. i have named my first betta Shredder…
    my current betta is named Eritrea, after the African country..my cory cat is named Whisk (after its little whiskers)…my guppy is named Sudan, after the country, and my little Barb is named Abaco (after a horse breed)

  125. Hey ppl wazzup, I got a fish yesta day I named it Blueberrie. Its sooooo cute my name is Ali and I ……… LOVE BETTA FISH:)!

  126. I love betta fish! I just got a new one and have been trying to think what to name him. Here are the names of my past fishies:
    -Filet (he committed suicide jumping out of his bowl)
    -Bubbles (my favorite blue fish)
    -Flounder (after Animal House)

  127. I recently got a betta fish for the first time, and desperately coo over him.
    I never had many pets growing up – despite always wanting a fish – and finally, at nearly twenty, have one. He has beautiful full, long red fins, which was the inspiration for his name: Tina Louise.
    Tina Louise, for those that don’t know, was the red-headed bombshell who played Ginger on “Gilligan’s Island”. Now, I realize that my fish is a “he” and I have given him a rather…feminine name, however, from the name I generally refer to “him” as “she” or “her”…he hasn’t seemed to notice the difference…haha 😀

  128. Wow, this blog is a few years old and I just happened to stumble upon it. I’ll add to it anyway. Why not? : )
    I have three girls. My goldenrod colored betta is sassy b/c she was very aggressive in the beginning. Little Blue is well blue of course and I usually just call her blue, she is very chilled out. My red one’s name is Piper, no reason really, it just came to me.

  129. haha i got a betta a couple weeks ago, i named him pudge from the fish in finding nemo, and sometimes i swear he does control the weather! i got my wisdom teeth pulled and the whole time i was recovering it was cloudy outside, but just as i got better it got verrrry hot haha I <3 the little guy

  130. We’ve had a lot of bettas over the years. Merlin, Oogie, Spooky, Cornelius, Lolita, Betty (who was a male), Foo, Stardust, Ganymede, and I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting. I currently have an adorable little pink/white/clear betta boy which I have no idea what to name. I’ll have to wait to see his personality to be sure. Spooky originally was the same coloring but once I started feeding him actually good food he changed colors and ended up being half light colored, and the rest was blue/black. It was crazy.

  131. this place is cool, i’ve seen food that you can give to bettas and make them change colors, i’d like an opinion about that. My third betta is a king, male so i decided to call him King, hes pretty active in his larger tank.

  132. i currently have a betta he’s just a little red guy and he lives in a five gallon tank all by himself. kinda seems funny for a betta to live in a five gallon tank. i dont know where i came up with his name but i named him captain fancy fin. he’s my first betta and he’s a very active happy little guy!

  133. My betta just died. He was perfect. He was purple, with dark blue fins ending in a bright tourquoise color. He also had a fan tail with maroon in the center. I have never loved a fish of mine more. When ever I put my finger up to the side of the tank he would follow it around,or fight with it; depending on his mood. When I would wake up in the morning and look at the tank he would swim to the top, waiting for his breakfast. When I first saw him, I felt sorry for him in the little cup at Petsmart. I brought him home and put him in a five gallon tank; he just didn’t seem happy though. He seemed crowded. We had this one twenty-nine gallon tank in the garage and we set it up for him. He was so so happy. I put him in my room and everytime I saw him, he would make me happy.
    -Thank you Odis, for the joy you gave me.
    Rest in Peace.

  134. I got a male crowntail betta yesterday. He is teal on the top and part of his fins and the rest is a brilliant red color.
    I names him Saer.

  135. I have 2 bettas, one that I just bought today. Yogurt is pale on his body, and spotted with blues and pinks and purples on his fins and has a red face. Rufio is the betta I just bought today. He has a black head and dark blue/green/purple on his body and bright neon orange streaks through his fins. I had been struggling with a name for him going from Fancy Pants, Freak (after the song Super Freak as it was playing through my mind while buying him)to Flash and Frodo (I like the Lord of the Rings). But once I saw the name Rufio mentioned on this site (one of the characters from the movie Hook) I knew it was his name. It fits him perfectly since my betta is full of cocky arrogance. Thanks for giving me my bettas name!

  136. I have a Betta fish named Lonely Joe. The name came about because I figured he wouldn’t get a companion and because I played a game with a walking suit of armor called Lonely Joe.
    My other Betta, Tiny Tina has already moved on. She was named Tiny Tina because she looked much smaller compared to the crowntail Lonely Joe and Tiny Tina was the closest name to Tiny Tim. They lived in separate tanks, by the way.

  137. I’m planing on getting a betta fish in a little while. One name I think would be funny is Yoko(as in Yoko Ono) I just find it funny, and it means “Ocean Child”.

  138. Being a sci-fi geek I named my betta after a significant battle cruiser he happened to look like on my favorite show (Babylon5), the Drala Fi. My fish became known as Drala Fin and if you google Drala Fi you’ll see why. I assume the guys creating the ships for the show must have had a betta!

  139. I’ve had a Sushi, a Sashimi, and a Wasabe. Sushi was my favorite. He would eat off my finger (jumped out of the water to get a pellet!) and liked (I KNOW, it’s weird!) to be petted as long as I didn’t touch his fins. I am currently without a betta, but I think I need to get another this weekend!

  140. I just got my first betta today, although my mom had one when I was younger, whose name was Elmo. After much consideration of the names Howard, Calypso, DaVinci and Gemini, I finally decided on Mortimer. It just randomly came to me and it seemed to fit him really well. I’ve only have him for an evening but I already love him!

  141. I have a knew bettta fish shes a girl has a grey body but with wonderful black stripes down her back what should i name her?

  142. Munch and Finn
    from Law and Order:SVU (I also have two of my dogs named Elliot and Olive)

  143. Hi I had a betta named King, he was red, blue, and kind of glow in the dark purpleish
    NOW i have a betta he’s all dark blue and i named him BLUEBERRY…!!
    Commet me back

  144. Yo peoples,
    It’s me again ^.^
    Well, I WAS either going to go to Walmart, Petco, Petsmart or anywhere there 2 get a Betta… actually going 2 get 2 more bettas but… i didn’t have time. So tommorow me going 2 do it. Do you think i should go 2 Walmart, Petco, or Petsmart? Commet back….
    Or E-mail
    that’s me E-mail… you could E-mail back if you wanna..!

  145. They are all pretty simlar. Which one is better sort of depends on the individual stores. By me, I prefer PetCo of the three but at my old house, PetSmart was better. Never been to Walmart.

  146. I just got a betta fish today and he’s absolutely beautiful! A purple body with bright red fins 🙂 Named him Narcissus since he stares at himself all day in the glass!

  147. When I was really little my 2 brothers an I got gold fish. Their names were UT tennesse and vol….. I was like 7 ok…..
    I then got a betta @ my 11th b day party and named him oscar after will smith’s character in the then brand new movie shark tale….. He lived a few years.
    I just got a new betta like 2 months ago and hav been stuck about his name. He has redish fins with a purple body. He’s got a blue tinge to him too. I named it poseidon cuz I was studying Greek mythology but the name didn’t really fit idk…one of my bros still calls him that an my other bro just calls him fishy. But today I have officially decided on periwinkle,perry for short, hehe kinda like my little bros fav show phineas and ferb which features perry the platypus (agent p). So I call him agent sometimes 2…:)

  148. My first betta was named tike (pronounced tie-key)after my grandma’s cat and because he was orange and black like a tiger (lol). sadly i was only five and didnt know better then to keep him in one of those little half gallon octogon tanks =( he died almost 3 months after i got him. Now i have a blood-red halfmoon betta with blue patches. when i saw her in her miserable cup i decided to buy her and she was very appropriately named patch ^^ (i know its a boy name ok?) shes now living happily in my 30 gal with my 6 glowlite tetras and 5 platties
    she practically jumps out of the tank to get at her favorite food- frozen peas!

  149. (almost forgot to mention)
    im getting a 5 gallon divided tank for two crowntail bettas soon=D. one is solid black with a white spot the other is solid white with grey fins that fade to black at the end. im going to put the white one in a black gravel side of the tank and the other in a white. any ideas for names? yin and yang just doesnt stick…
    please comment back!

  150. i have a betta named Niar(rain spelled backwords)
    a betta named Jaws (he jumped at me when we met
    a betta named Sushi (he hates me now!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    and my last betta is Mr.Fish (i know cool rite 😉 )
    Niar jumps at the betta pic on his food packet teehee

  151. My betta’s name is “B2” but I call him “B” for short. Me and my best friend are P & B like “Peanut Butter” so he named my girl Betta (who died) P2 and I named the boy B2.
    He is unbelievable quirky. He’s a lot of fun and gets really excited when he sees me. Even if he’s not getting fed then.

  152. I just bought a betta fish today and I don’t know what I should name him. He is dark blue on his face and then the blue fades into a gorgeous teal. I thought of naming him azul. What do you think? I had 2 other betta fish b-4 this one. The first I named jack(short for captain jack sparrow). The second I named toby(toby mcguire) b/c he was red and blue so he reminded me of spiderman. My brother called him parker though.
    Lizzie =)

  153. I have had bettas for the past 4 years now. I named them Shimmer, Aqua, Lava, Flame, Jem, Rain, Moonlight and Striker. Moonlight is a blue betta and Striker is a red with a hint of green. Those two bettas are currently alive. I usually have bettas that last a year. Thats pretty long for a betta. I love these beautiful fish. They are just so pretty and very easy to care for.

  154. I am debating on what to name my (boy) red beta:
    Couture (as in the ufc fighter)
    Lord Stanley (Stanley Cup)
    Optimus Prime
    or Marley
    Let me know what your think 🙂

  155. I have a SUPER tiny female betta named Razzberry. I thought that was unoriginal so I call her Razz or Razzi.
    Ok, bye

  156. anonymous before me i think u should name him
    HuckleBerry Finn. as 4 me im naming mine Finnigan (Finn 4 short)

  157. I have a red veiltail betta named Ares.
    I want to get a crowntail soon and name him Justice.

  158. swimmie
    (the last three were from my child hood, what can i say, i loved the little mermaid)

  159. I’ve been keeping bettas since first grade. =) I love them.
    My fish’s names are:
    Rainbow (My first betta)
    Storm & Violet (The girls)
    and Christmas (Who was a Christmas present)

  160. i am thinking of naming my red bata fish flair cus he flairs up alot at his reflectin! (:

  161. I have 2 Bettas…. I named one Tuesday and one Wednesday. They are gifts from my fiance.

  162. My daughter and I just bought a betta and we named him Mr. Miyagi… from Karate Kid 🙂

  163. Nifty names, everyone ~
    I’m a bit of a nerd, so my names have come from fantasy/sci-fi/video games
    Betta fish:
    Narciss – named after an airship called the Blue Narciss
    Sapphiron – named after a dragon in WoW
    African dwarf frogs:
    ~ Jade

  164. hi, past betas:
    Freddie ( scarlet red )
    roomates beta: Alpha ( blach head, steel bluebody and fins, tip of fins is red, gorgeous)
    my fishies, my male: Napoleon (iridescent pearl white with purple spots, WOW!
    my 7 females: french flowers
    Rose- scarlet red
    lilas- very light pinkish-purple
    muget- white and baby blue
    cosmos- pearl iridescent pink-turquoise darker fins
    dalia- dark blue
    lys- white and turquoise iridescent
    daisy- beige-light pink with red fins
    im looking for a black male or female, and would name it cacao witch is french for cocoa.

  165. We love Beta’s! We currently have 4! Bubbles, Nukum, Sunkist and we are still thinking of what to name the last one! They make great pets!

  166. my betta is called nes there is a story behind this one, it consists of a song it goes like this “shark, shark, non existent shark to the tune of the harry potter pals “the mysterious ticking noise. it was meant to keep my little brother away because the mention of the name used to make him burst out laughing! but sadly no more any way my nes has such a personality.

  167. I just got a Betta fish yesterday. Ive never had one before but he stood out to me &I had to have him. He’s beautiful. He is blue &His tails are orange so the first thing that came to mind was Gator! As in the Florida Gators.

  168. Hey there! I have two females and one male betta
    Honey- Female- Light yellow body with red,pink & white fins.
    Ollie- Female- Green & blue body with darker stripes,and dark red fins
    Goober- Male- Green & pink body with red & white fins
    Their all so beautiful and have totally different personalities!!

  169. I’ve had my first Betta since August. He’s red and fades to blue but his name is Badonkadonk or (B-DAD) for short 🙂
    My roommate has a blue fish that fades to black and his name is Azul.
    Both are beautiful Betta Splendens. We have other fish, but these are our Bettas 🙂

  170. I have 2 double tail bettas in 10 gallon tanks.
    My dark red betta’s name is Pepito. My blue betta’s name is Blue Jean.

  171. My first Betta was named Milo. I had him for several years before he died.
    I’ve been debating about getting another one for a while and over the Easter weekend I was walking through Petco and this Betta on the corner self just caught my eye. I went over and picked it up and it just spoke to me; I had to have it. I didn’t even look at the other 50 or so bettas, I knew this one was for me.
    Now Im trying to name him, and I am hitting a road block. Its been three days and Im sure it will come to me eventually, but its so frustrating!

  172. I got a new Betta today for my seventeenth birthday and I named him Sushi. Not like he will even become sushi, but I thought it was a ironic name for a fish 😀

  173. i am hoping to get a betta soon. planning on naming him jasper and jazz for short but it really depends on personality i also like the names fabio and eragon

  174. I don’t have a betta yet but i am hoping to get one soon. i am thinking about nameing him jasper (jazz for short) if he is purple. or maybe Fabio. it really all depends on personality though.

  175. Me and my old boyfriend got our betta and named it “oops” because it was our “mistake” haha ; )

  176. i just got my betta yesterday. His name is Finn. Not exactly what i expected to name him but it fits him really well. He’s a little timid and gets scared when say i tried to put the plant i got to day(ended up putting him in the cup he came in from the pet store until i got the plant in so as not to freak him out so much)

  177. I just got a new betta from petco with a 4th of july coloration (red,white, and blue) and I can’t come up with a name.=/

  178. Just got my first Betta. I have 4 cats so in hope that they dont eat it, i ironically named it Mo Shi, witch means “cat food” in Chinese.

  179. I have one fish named Humphrey. Sadly, Clifford died. They were tankmates, but now Humphrey swims alone. The people at the pet store said that I shouldn’t get another one because Humphrey could be territorial now. Oh well. My mom said that I could get a 15 gallon tank and get a lot of tropical fish for my room. Humphrey is in out kitchen. <3 I miss Clifford <3 Rest in peace little guy 🙂

  180. I have had two bettas, my current one, noir (french for black) he is a black crowntail with red and light blue metallic stripes. then my other one who died protecting his tank from my cat the cat was drinking his water so he jumped on her nose and she ran away and left him on my bed. his name was N.E.S. (Non Existent Shark)

  181. I have three Bettas all female (one in a five gallon) and two in a ten gallon. There is a big red one(she’s a dragon) her name is Elmore, one small green one Aspen and one dull blue one Liza.

  182. My five-year-old daughter and I have ten betta fish – five females in one tank (Cassie is a white monster and tries to hog all the food. She’s almost twice as big as the others and we got them all at the samet time. Then there’s Charlotte, Tonya, Claire, and Lindsey) and five males in seperate tanks. The first male we ever got is almost two years old, and when we got him Addison said he looked like he had a pig nose from the front. So his name is Pig. 🙂 The others are Curly (because his top fins curls under), Pinky, Spikey, (for obvious reasons) and Fawkes. Bettas are amazingly bright fish and are so fun for children to interact with!

  183. I love that this thread is so old, and still gets such regular comments! I guess Ill just throw my $.02 on the pile:
    Michel (who i sometimes called fishel)
    My sister also keeps bettas and shes had some funny ones:
    Mr. Man (followed by)
    Mrs. Man

  184. I’ve had a plakat since September 2010 and have never named him. After a few months of getting him, he came very close to dying from an internal parasite infection. He slowly lost weight and appetite, skin started flaking, fins clamped, and eventually lost all strength to swim and would only lay on the bottom of his bowl until he needed to get air from the surface. I tried to medicate him but it seemed hopeless. I thing he was a goner for sure. During the Christmas holidays, he was on the verge of death. I was almost giving up hope and was preparing to buy my next betta. I set up a 2.5 gallon tank with a thermostat heater and a small air pump filter. I put the plakat in the tank to let him at least feel more comfortable in his last days. Miraculously, he started to look better the very next day. Slowly, he began to eat and then regained his strength. Today, he is again a beautiful and vigorous plakat. He’s a real survivor and I hope someone could give me a suggestion on an appropriate name. The plakat is yellow with light blue border on his tail and fins.

  185. I have had several Bettas, but I’ll start from the beggining!
    Bubbles: blue, round tail, male
    Vada the Betta: blue, round tail, male- name was inspired by my mom’s Beta club.
    Prince Philip: pink and white, round tail, male- inspired by Disney, I love Sleeping Beauty!
    Selina Kyle: blue, round tail, female- inspired by Batman Returns, the first one with Catwoman in it.
    Bruse Wayne: Red, round tail, male- I think it’s obveous where the insperation for his name came from.
    Lotus: white, pink, and red, crown tail, female- she looked like a lotus flower.
    Naga: black, green, and purple, crown tail, female- she reminded me of a snake and I had an obsesion with India at the time.
    Red: red, half-moon, male- he had a grumpy look on his face all the way home from Petco and my sister said that he looked irritated. Joking around I held him up like I was talking for him and said “Quit being a wenny and watch the road or you’ll kill us all. -Dumb ass.” Her boyfriend thought it was hilarious so we name him after Red Forman off of the That 70′s show. lol, I know, it’s more inventive than preveously thought.
    Sherry: white, pink, and red, vail tail, female- I wanted to name her something delecate but fisty and that’s what I came up with.- she’s also my current Betta, all the others preveously spoken of are either dead or under new management.

  186. I just got my first betta in years. Just moved to Florida from Pa. I have a beautiful, large glass fish bowl with a cobalt pedestal and thought wouldn’t it be nice to put a betta fish in it and place it in the kitchen for me to watch while I do dishes and cook. Since then I discovered your site and I did buy a small filter for the bowl …it holds 1.5 gal of water. I change it once a week. My betta I just adore and he is very beautiful He is cobalt blue with red burgandy fins so I named him ‘Beau”. I just love him. So far he seems very happy but will reconsider buying a larger tank if I see this isn’t working out. My friends all think I lost it when I begin to tell them about ‘Beau’. Now I want to go out and rescue them all, but I know I can’t do that, but it is so hard.

  187. I’ve had several bettas, but I havent had any really good names:
    Red(my first betta)
    Purpy( I was very young and purple wasnt as good as a name as Purpy, (he was purple))
    Flash saved him from walmart but he was really sick and died young)
    Blizzard(went to petco and saw him almost dead and I wanted to save him so I bought him but I had to wait in the store for awhile because there was a blizzard outside, so I named him that. He lived pretty long after I had him in his new 5 gallon with heater and filter, I think he lived 6 or 7 years)
    Leo(He was my favorite, he died just 4 months ago and I’m still pretty sad he died)
    Dave( He is my current betta and I bought him because he looked so beautiful(hes pure white)).

  188. I have a feisty blue male betta. I decided to name him Hemingway in honor of the Old Man and the Sea. He is happily smimming around in his two gallon tank with his tank buddy Macintosh (a yellow apple snail).

  189. We just got our first betta boy about a week ago. His name is Spring Roll, a.k.a. Old Dirty Benihana Restaurant. Our toddler, who loves fish, wants to eat him and every time she sees him she’ll smack her lips and say “Mmmm!” We’re trying to teach her that he’s friend, not food.

  190. Haha my betta, my first one never had a name… My second one I named Finicky only because the little fish decided to be picky in what he wanted to eat… I had fish pellets but noooo he did not want them. Had to switch to flake food because of him…. And now my newest betta does not like flake !!!!!!!! Gah!!!!!

      • Well I have a girl and a boy and girl Betta in two different cages and the girl is purple so I names her Gypsy!! And the boy I decided to name him Casper hes blueeee!!! And I have had them for three yearsss!

  191. We got a blue betta and I left it up to my 3 year old daughter to name….she decided to name it BBQ Sauce lol, not sure where she got that from but it’s stuck!

    • I didn’t think it was possible, but BBQ Sauce is now my all-time new FAVORITE betta fish name. I’d sing it the Chile’s commercial song all the time. “I want my baby-back-baby-back….”

  192. I just recently got my first blue betta, he is gorgeous!
    I was rather stuck on names…. so for the first 24 hrs his name was Bob… .
    Now his name is Saga (after a bassist in a Japanese band; he used to wear colourful eye patches in the shape of half a butterfly), which is also the same kinda shape as my bettas tail 🙂

  193. I had a beta ,white one,with red just outlineing him. His name,Was Murder Face^_^ i loved him so much

  194. Forgotten is the name of my handsome boy. I like names that make people stop and look when you tell them… lol

  195. Two new additions; only hours new in my life… pink females with red fins…
    Beni Shoga & Aki Gari
    Praying they live

  196. Wow, people are still posting on this thing? It’s 4 years old! I got my first Beta today. It took a while to name him, but I settled on Beethoven. The other names I liked were…

  197. I named mine Ponyo. After the gold fish in Hayao Miyazaki’s film: Ponyo.
    Yeah I know he’s not gold fish and he’s blue and not red, but I just felt like naming him Ponyo. 😀

  198. Ok hi! My name is Bea I’ll tell you betta names here:elmo my betta next,flipper,flizzie,kiwi,Monny,Purpfoot,muddy ducky,fighter,pookie,bling-bling and there!

  199. My fiancée already had her betta when I moved in with her. His name is Torcuato. I’ve never asked her why, but it’s a very elegant name, and he really lives up to it. I found your site because we’re moving 2 hours away, and I needed to find out how to get Torcuato there safely. Thanks for the great info!!!

  200. I’ve had just about 10 bettas over the past 8 years. Some of their names were:
    Neu Neu (1st betta – my “new new” fish)
    Ketchup (he’s was bright red)
    Fred (didn’t do much – gave him a grandpa name)
    Truck (a real tough guy)
    Kai (simplified translation meaning “sea”)
    My newest betta was actually purchased today. He’s dark indigo, but has this unique striping pattern on his tail fin…somewhat like a raccoon. Anyways, I named him Sereno Igne (and no, I’m not shortening it! It has a nice flow). It means “peaceful fire” in Latin. It definitely fits his personality. He is a very calm and gentle fish, but he swims with this sense of power. And when he wants to be aggressive, he’s like a little ball of fire in his tank. So there you have it…Sereno Igne!

  201. I got a scarlet crowntail for my birthday (feb. 14) and named him Vincent! It’s after a video game character (Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy… got my fish on Valentine’s day right??? lol) He likes to eat fish flakes off the tweezers I use to pick them up with and he flares when I turn all the lights off in my room except for his. I try to take pictures of him, but he hates my camera and swims away… he also likes to swim through his cave when I’m not looking just to make me mad, but I love the guy to bits!!! It’s the only pet my parents will let me keep in the house! 🙂 He is SO coming to college with me! <3

  202. hey,im getting my cousins beta fish next sunday and hes gunna be named cookie monster cuz he eats like him (eats lots of food)i wuz gunna name him megamind cuz his head is too big for his body like megamind
    ps.cookie monster the fish is blue

  203. I had a betta about two years ago and his name was Sushi… right know I have 4 that I’m taking care of…

  204. I have Eight Betta,
    four females and one male, I also have one that I can’t distinguish whether or not it is a half-moon female or a half-moon plakat male.
    Here are their names and descriptions:
    Leviathan “Levi”-black to blue-green-teal veil-tail male.
    Akhilleus- smoky black with iridescent blue dappling half-moon double-tail male Plakat.
    Ares- a white and crimson delta-tail male.
    Aegina- a black and brown with blue-grey fins veil-tail female
    Krinaia-a powder blue and white unknown.
    Electra-a cream bodied and red fined female veil-tail
    Cleone “Cleo”-a blue-grey veil-tail female
    Daphne-a black and blue-green with red highlights veil-tail female.
    I also have managed to keep all four females with Akhilleus in a ten gallon tank.

  205. i think great names for Betta’s are…
    1)blaze (boy)
    2)safire (boy)
    3)samari (girl)
    4)summer (girl)
    5)ballo (boy)
    i hope every body enjoys the names i think they are great!!!!!!

  206. i just got a betta the other day and he is beautiful he is red, white, and blue with a shade of purple. I named him sparky he flares a lot and you cant put any kind of fish with him

  207. My bettas, in order were (and are) named:
    Neptune, Hercules, Zero, Asparagus, Finneaus P. Fish, Worthington, Belerophon, Puck, Ray Charles (he was blind as a bat, I never ceased to be amazed by what he could do regardless), Trumpet and my current pair, Ponyboy (the boy) and Shelby Idaho (the girl). They are the funniest couple, when I put them in together to spawn, they never did, but they get along beautifullly, a really loving relationship. They have never fought and always do everything together and so I never had the heart to seperate them, they currently share a heavily planted 5 gallon.

  208. 1. Semour ( See-more) ( Semour Butts for a full name)
    2. Oscar ( Oscar Meyer Weiner- for a full name)
    3. Padro
    4. Havier

  209. I just got my first betta 5 hours ago really I share him with my friend Kyle we haven’t officially named home but we r sorta calling him Frisco I don’t know why but I think it’s Spanish for “fresh”

  210. I’m a betta stepmom. His name is Torcuato. I know there are some famous Torcuatos in history, but I don’t think he was named after any of them; my fiancée just thought it was a good name for him. He’s mostly dark blue with some subtle iridescence; very beautiful (of course!).

  211. A few years ago, as a means of earning the community service hours required to graduate from our high school, my sister and I participated in a local hospital’s meals-on-wheels program. We were given a clipboard with each recipient’s address and name; one person receiving food was Blair Lord, but the name was printed as ‘Lord, Blair’.
    “Dude!” I said, showing the clipboard to my sister, “How badass would it be if the name really was Lord Blair?”
    Most of my bettas since (with very few exceptions) have been named Lord or Lady [something], the first being . . . Lord Blair. 😛

  212. I’ve had many, many Bettas over the years, and I love the personalities they have! I try to come up with original names for my fish. My first Betta was Ghoti (a respelling of “Fish”). then I had I had a white one named Gil (Tolkein elvish for “Light”). Right now I have 2 Bettas. One is red, his name is Amadeus. The other one is a Crowntail that is white, with blue and red fins. His name is Pontus, after a minor sea god. My previous males have also been Panda, Dusky, Saffron, Dorian, Gus, Baron… There are more, but I’m losing track. I also had 2 females who recently passed, named Enyo and Boudicca.

  213. I have not had much luck with bettas and have switched to guppies (i miss the bettas, but i couldn’t figure out whether they died because of something i did wrong or by chance, and it was too much heartache), but the three i had (not all at once) were:
    alamar (‘adornment of gold’ for his pale cream gold color)
    vercingetorix (after a fierce king of the…gauls, i think?)
    and morpheus (mo for short)
    The guppies are all named some variation on tom

  214. i have a deep blue betta and i decided to name him either neptune or cobalt(i know kinda weird but it fits)

    • neptune would be a cool name except i’m not sure about cobalt.
      but for some that fits

  215. well i had a fish called bluey it was my first but others are Nemo ,herman ,jasper and flash thats all i have

  216. I named my fish smish, and my co-worker named her fish oaf, stands for office fish, but pronounced oaf.

  217. I have two recently acquired Bettas (in separate tanks).
    One’s red with slight blue accents and he’s **Tommy**.
    The other is blue with slight red accents and he’s **J. Ross Virginian, Esq.** (for a variety of reasons the least of which is that he was a law school graduation present. 🙂 )
    Tommy was a fish I inherited and he was a bit neglected when he was given to me. He’s doing much better now though! Both of my bettas are funny, but Ross definitely has the bigger personality.

  218. I got my first Betta today. He is a Half Moon Betta.
    He’s is all white, except for a blue gill behind his jaw. I believe his name is ‘Po’, from kong fu panda, but I am still debaiting.

  219. I had 3 male bettas when I was younger (at seperate times) and I sitll remember their names – Bubbles, Rain, and Sparkle.
    I just got a new betta yesterday. He’s red with a couple of blue scales on his face. I’m thinking of naming him Sammy or Flare or something. My friend wants me to name him Cat.

  220. Our boy betta is named Wallace Midnight Smith, and our three girl bettas are named Wanda Blossom Smith (no relation to Wallace), Serena Candy Tsukino,(after Sailor Moon) and Zakuro Okami Fuliwara. (after Mew Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew.
    YAY BETTAS!!!!! :3

  221. Trying to find a name for my new beautiful blue/ green crowntail male
    Past bettas have been named
    Razzle Dazzle Razz for short

  222. I have two bettas one’s a purplish looks like it’s glowing color named Sushi and the other’s an orange color. I just got the orange one and I don’t know what to name him. Any help?

  223. I had a betta named Bloo, as in Blooregard Q Kazoo. I loved him very much! He died after a year and it was very sad. We had a fishy funeral for him. Recently I got another betta and he is really dark blue/red/green all at the same time which gives him a very dark hard to name kind of color…so I named him Shadowcat.

  224. Lenny ~ First one, (Splenden)
    Lily ~ Lenny’s intetional mate
    Ellen ~ Lenny’s second choice for a mate
    Eli ~ Ended up mating with Lily and he nearly killed Ellen
    Lenny got sucked up by his filter and he was pretty beaten up he lived for 3 more months till he finally gave in and died. :’( So Eli ended up with Lily and they had many all of which died exept like 6 which were given away and my sister was smart and picked the weakest one ( He’s actually 5 times bigger then the rest of all the other fish)
    Which she ended up naming it
    Fishy Strumptiouse. . . She’s 20

  225. My first one (still got him but he’s getting up there) is “Fishy”.
    Then came “Mario” (RIP)…
    Then came the Pied “Piper”…
    Then came “Blue” (RIP)…
    Then came the twins…”Harry” Belafonte and “Barry” Manilow
    Then came “Merlin” (RIP)…
    Then came “Elvis” (a.k.a. Blue Swede Shoes)
    Then came “Skittery Fish”
    Then came “Sushi” (my co-worker’s fish…RIP)
    …all boys and veil tails.

  226. I just got a female betta and i named her Azmerelda lol
    I’m taking her to college with me next week so hopefully she takes to move ok!

  227. Well I can tell you that naming fish isn’t just for bettas, though I’ve had a few: Pixie, who got renamed Mr. Bojangles by my college roommate and her friends, and Valdez and Aali – my lovely green mated pair who are about to have beautiful crown/veiltailed babies! 😀
    Other fish we’ve named:
    -2 neon tetras and 1 glowlight tetra named Stop, Go, and Blink.
    -a comet goldfish named Yuengling
    -a royal grama named Van Gogh
    -2 green chromis named Bombay and Sapphire
    -a golded-headed sleeper goby named Limón


  229. As betta’s are “fighting” fish, all of our bettas have been named after WWE wrestlers :>) The first ws Battista, then Jericho and our current betta Is Hogan.

  230. I’ve only had two betta fish ever,
    1. Moonface – I got him from another military family who was leaving to England or Germany and his face was white…I was little at the time and he was a few years old so I thought it was just age like my dog had.
    2. Tokugawa – my current betta, the reason I follow the site was because I needed to learn to take care of him properly, he’s named that because he is much more aggressive towards my mother’s betta – Flash – than he is towards Toku. Also, a quick thanks for one of your previous articles, it’s how I figured out what I was doing wrong to make him sick.

  231. Thresher – first betta when i was a kid, named after my favorite shark for its long fins (was a veiltail)
    Stress – my second betta and best friend, got him as a birthday gift when i turned 20 from my aunt – i didnt want a pet fish cause i told her i couldnt deal with losing pets when they die – she promptly told me to man up. Stress, because though i thought he would cause so much of it – he did the exact opposite. (red male veiltail)
    Torterrafish – my third and current fish i named him after my favorite pokemon ‘Torterra’ due to his likeness in color. He is a brown/green/silver male plakat and became my fish after i quite literally rescued him from a local pet store after initially discovering him 2 weeks earlier (prior to finals week) but didn’t have my tank set up or the time to do so. by the time finals were over i desperately went to look for him thinking he had been sold but to my good luck he was all the way in the back sitting in a small bowl brown from his own waste – bought him up in a heart beat, damaged fin and all!

  232. I currently have two bettas one black and blue and another blue and lighter blue…I have a girl and a boy. The boy is na,Ed kick potouskwy and the beautiful lady’s name is Mona….they make a great couple

  233. I love betta fish!!!!! My first one I was walking around petsmart in the fish section cause our family had this HUGE tropical fish tank well I spotted a blue and green little fish in a cup. I grabbed the cup and ran for my mother she said okay which I was shocked by cause my mom never says okay to anything! So I asked the fish guy about it abd he got me everything I would need. I brought it home and I instantly named it Tinkerbell not caring if it was a boy or girl. Well I later found out his huge tail meant he was a boy so I had a boy betta fish named Tinkerbell it was soooo funny!!! He lived for a year and eight months. I cried for days after that. I didn’t have one for year and then I started wanting one again, well when I wanted one so did my brother. SO we both got fishies! I got a boy and he was ruby red I named him Nico and well he died a week later and I was sad and then my dad took me to petsmart again and I got another red one named Nike. I went back and fell inlove with a pure white bodied betta with black tail and fins. I named her dominque I don’t know why. OMG this fish was the best beside Tinkerbell . Domique everytime I saw her she was a different color!!! When I got her she was pure black and white but then her white body turned pink and her black fins turned gray! And after a month of her being like that, She turned a light shade of blue but her fins went back to black! She was weird but I loved her she lived with me for six months and then she died but I can’t remember how. Haha but I’m planning on getting another one cause I just love them they are the best!!!!

  234. KEVIN because he is various shades of brown and dark red like a little slice of BACON (put the two words in all CAPS together).

  235. My betta fish’s name is Benvolio. I got it from Romeo and Juliet. i heard Shakespeare chose that name because it was based off the word benign, and the character is very gentle and kind. So i named him Benvolio! 🙂

  236. I have enjoyed reading the great names found for fish! We named our first “Posiden” and then “P the II”. The last one we got a little more creative and named him “Eldoris” which means ‘of the sea” in Greek.

  237. My first Betta fish was bright red with a touch of green on his body. I named him Henry. I was going to continue with Henry until I had Henry VIII, but my second Betta didn’t look like a Henry, so my best friend and I were looking through books to see what names would pop out. I picked up Darwin’s Origin of Species and it just fit my pale beige fishy. So Darwin Henry II is his name!

  238. So I just found this site and it is wonderful! I currently have four bettas (all rescued from petsmart). I found the “betta shelves” because I was buying crickets for my lizard and noticed all the tiny containers with depressed looking fish inside. I spent a good fifteen minutes trying to pick one to save and ended up with a large blue boy with pink accents on his fins, just beautiful! On the way home I asked him several times what he wanted to be called but he didn’t answer, go figure. Eventually I decided that he deserved a very elegant name, thus Sir Percival. He is now in a ten gallon tank with several rasbora and corydora buddies and is about two years old. The second betta I named Sir Frederick (notice a theme here?). He was my first crown tail betta and was absolutely stunning with blue accents and a bright red body. He liked to flare at Everything. Sadly he passed away but was given a burial underneath a big shady tree. The other three that I currently have are named Sir Winston, Sir Maxwell, and Sir Edwin. All three are crowntails, as I seem to have a soft spot for them, and all three completely deserve their royal titles. Sir Winston is blue, teal, and red with a black face and is just gorgeous. Sir Maxwell is the most lively and is a white and purple marble crowntail. He enjoys flaring at me and nibbling at my fingers. He was nicknamed Maxwell Murder by my boyfriend because of his ferocity at meal time. The newest addition is Sir Edwin, who is also the smallest and reminds me of Frederick because he is red with blue. He’s still a little shy but is beginning to wiggle at me when I approach the tank. These guys are so special and are truly a part of the family.

  239. I named my first betta Balrog since he was a fiery red and my next one was Saruman the Many Colored since he was white with a rainbow iridescence. I’ve also had a blue one, but I don’t know if I ever named him.
    My current betta is named Dusk since his colors always seem to shift. First he was bluish green, then bluish red, then he got a bit pale, but now he’s healthier and a dark blue/green/purple that’s almost black. I wanted to name him Arwen since she represents the even star, but my brother said I can’t dishonour the queen of Gondor by naming a male fish after her.
    I think that the next betta I get will be green, and I’ll name him Fangorn.

  240. I barely bought my second betta on sat (9/10) and he is a beautiful crown tail male betta. He has a black face with dark blue body when the light his him he turns green. The fins under his body are dark purple with red.. Not quite sure what to call him…I’m debating on: puddles, fruity pebbles, bubbles, midnight, jin hai, idk. He’s still getting used to me, but I can say this, he’s photogenic! He takes some awesome photos!!! It’s like of he knew that I was taking a pik! lol but what I would really like is information on how to take good care of him. like tank must haves and information on what water to use for him, he made me change his pellets for flakes, lol I found that cute (picky little monster! Hehe) lol he’s my lil grumpy gills! 😉

  241. Oh God, let’s see if I can name most of them..
    Rainbow Da Rainbow Tag (first..I was 2 or 3, so that explains the name )
    Mr. BlueJeans (longest lived. Mom named him)
    And my most recent, Mr. Bubbles. Craziest fish ever lol.

  242. I have a blue beta and his name is jumpy guppy because he likes to jump whenever i clean out his fish bowl. He scared me so bad when he jumped and almost went down the drain in my bathroom sink. That was the last time i left any drains unplugged.

  243. I’m new to the world of Bettas. My son brought home a beautiful red crown tail and named him Gustav. Unfortunately, he died within a month or so. I believe that was due to a drastic temperature change. I was sad. My son brought home another Betta a few days ago. He’s gorgeous. I’m sure he was white with some pink when we first got him. Now, he’s changing colours daily. His name is Romeo.

  244. We have four new Bettas– first time owners for the most part. And wow are they full of personality. We have quickly grown attached!
    Their names are:
    And Sushi.
    😮 )

  245. I lyk the names Stormy, Thunder, and Princess but those are the names of my fish i have now haha i love Betta’s im doing a science project on betta fish and what they lyk to eat.

  246. I just got one yesterday and decided to name him Andy Lila. we think he is a boy but sometimes pet store dont really know so andy for the first name since we think he is a boy and Lila as the middle just in case he is a girl. lol he is black with a little red and a tiny bit of white on the tip of his fins. his back tail over laps a little and it make a heart shape. 🙂

  247. I love bettas I have the best betta you could ever have her name is Bubbles. She is a red betta. I LOVE HER LOTS!!!!

  248. I just got my beta fish today and he is SUPER active, I kept on scrolling down the post and was thinking of names. My beta is Blue with a black face and white on the ends of his fins, i think he is just beautiful! I saw one post that said “papa smurf” and it gave me an idea of a name. I decided to name my beta Smurfy! ;D Very unique! I Laugh whenever i think of his name. Here are a few names that you could name your beta:
    Blaze (If red)
    Icy(If blue)
    Snoopy (if white and black, Do they have black and white ones……. hmmmmmmmm)
    Woodstalk (Gold)
    Bob (Soooo Original right?)
    Steve (fits any fish really…..)
    Fishy(I named all my fish this when i was 5)
    Swimmy (When i was 6 i had a lot of “Swimmys)
    tie die
    And I think that is all i can get from the top of my head, i hope i gave some good names ^-^

  249. you could name one Swimmy McTimmy? Or,Fluffy Mcfluff.
    Or…………. Cuddles McCuddles, Bubbles Mcswimmy, Or Steve, steve is a good name ^^ or bubbleflub or fluffils (FLUFF-ILS) Or Finn, Bea, crayon, Rainbowes(rainbow-es) Susheh, Fluffils McFluffpants, Gigi, Cici (or Cece) Gino, kitty, KitKat, swimmy, Squee, Lee, Comet (comeh) nippy flip, Jumper, salt and pepper?
    Well here are some funny and creative fish names ^_^

  250. I love my betta fish! i’ve had for a year and a half now and he’s perfect! My sister named him Azuly (azul is blue in spanish) because he turquoise, blue, and green. he’s so cute and i love him!

  251. When I’m feeling formal, I call my fish Sargent Shinyscales!
    On most occasions however, I lovingly call him Mr. Fish

  252. I have a snail named Flotsam and a Betta named Jetsam. Jetsam is a red violet color with purple fins.

  253. I got my betta fish a few months ago. He is a halfmoon male with a white body and white fins with blue streaks. His pectoral fins are blood red though. I thought he looked big (because of his fins) and he was mostly white (though i am starting to notice that his body is starting to turn a purplish blue, cant wait to see what a pretty color he will turn out to be 🙂 )I named him Jaws (short for Jaws the great white betta fish) 🙂 I love the little guy a lot. He is really active and seems pretty happy (this might be because he has a heated, filtered 5 gal tank all to himself) and is always begging for food when i go upto his tank (you betta fish owners might recognize the side to side fin wagging). Although i havent been able to feed him lately. My mom has been feeding him on the sly (too much i might add. Im always finding jaws with a swollen stomach. I usually feed him bloodworms, but my mom feeds him pellets. I suppose she means well) Anyway, love your blog. i think its awesome and its taught me lots about betta fish. 🙂

  254. I was given a betta about two weeks ago, so far I think he’s happy, though I have to find him a good heater.
    I decided to name him Ike, it was going to be Ikan but then I thought the spelling would be easier at Ike.

  255. I have been considering purchasing a betta fish for quite a while, and got my first two weeks ago. According to the label, he is a Half Moon Double Tail. I think he’s gorgeous – a bluish purple body with flame colored fins (except the pectorals) with blue veins.
    I named him Brynner, in honor of Yul Brynner who played the king of Siam in the musical “The King and I”.

  256. My Betta is a beautiful red and white veil tail male that I won at the state fair. He wasn’t looking too good at first, and being a Betta newbie, my friend and I mistakingly called him a female. I named “her” Cecelia after the saint patron of music [as music is basically my life] but after a few days of suspicious researching, “Cecelia” became Cecil.

  257. Just adopted a betta, named him Twilight Sparkle because his coloring resembles the character from My Little Pony. 🙂 Of course, the character is a girl… but he’ll never know.

  258. My very first betta was a blue one & my little brother named him Dory after the fish on Finding Nemo.
    That was years ago. More recently I have had bettas named: Sir William, Casanovao(crowntail),King Julian, Casper, Jupitor(crowntail), Camaro, Hollywood, Nibbles, Opal(female) and Blueberry is my most recent one also named by my little brother. 🙂

  259. I have had two bettas in the past and just purchased my third today. The first one was purple and red, his name was Filippe, he seemed to have a latin flare. My second was Sebastian after the crab in the Little Mermaid as he was bright red. I haven’t named my new little fish yet, I like to find out what their personality is first, this one seems quite feisty.

  260. Well i have 3 bettas
    Patrick ( he is 1 month old)
    Shayla( dont think she is a girl but she is pink and always hungry )
    Goku gohan justin bieber ( he is probably 2 months and he enjoys making nests ( baby sis fishy))

  261. I have a male crowntail he is orange with red ab=nd blue fins. he likes flare and dance so i call him hot stuff 🙂

  262. my betta’s name is Lady Luck. this is because me and my boyfriend took his 14 month old son to the pet store just to look around, thought he might like it. He fell in love with the betta fish so of corse step mommy had to get him one he picked out a dark blue female. Later that night i was babysitting so daddy could have a well deserved big boys night and while we were sitting quietly watching our newest family member we get the call that my boyfriend, his unkle, and thier best friend had a horrible wreck and were being rushed to the hospital and not just our local hospital, the closest big hospital. At the time our son was too young to know what was going on and he would not leave the fish behind so all three of us piled in the car. have you ever been in the emergency room and seen a whole family and a baby with a beta fish bowl… everybody that night did. All three men that night were alright they weren’t just lucky to only have minor injuries they were incredibly luck to be alive. They flipped an ’87 mustang four times nose over tale… and our betta fish is now almost two years old and we are now married and about to have a baby girl and our little boy still can’t sleep without Lady Luck beside his bed.

  263. 1st fish was a beautiful blue with touches of red, so being a Red Sox fan, I named him Finway. 2nd was a shimmery green and blue so he was named Rory, short for Aurora Borealis. 3rd was a red fish named for a student visiting from France–Thibault Rouge or Roo. My latest is a lovely fellow with long flowing purple fins, nicknamed Gus, for OctavianAugustus.

  264. I have a Veil Tail. He is my first Betta, but I have had many fish. I named My Betta Limpet, he is so smart and shows me what he doesn’t like, so Limpet it was. If you know your Disney movies you will know why I named him as such. He acts like he was a human in a previous life. Lol!

  265. My crown tail betta’s name is Draco Strawberry ‘Le Fish’ Paseuthzang, bit of a combination from everyone’s suggestions 🙂
    I just changed him to a 10L tank…he seemed a bit lost in such a big area, so I though it would be alright to add a few tetras….he seems to be chasing them a lot though… Hopefully they will be okay!

  266. I had a betta named ralph…then he died, and I got another one named lucky (it was an ironic name). and then he died. and now I have Ringo. i love Ringo, he is a badass, and lives on.

  267. My betta’s name is Konami, it’s Japanese for “small wave”. He is blue and white and a very macho little fish! ^_^

  268. Great site. Plenty of good info. Thank you.
    We’ve got a beautiful violet Betta. My wife calls him Oscar; I call him Spike. He’s healthy and active … and spends much time in the front of the tank dancing for our attention. And, yes, he is fed well.

  269. My wife purchased a beta last summer for 99 cents…..so she named him/her, 99. Not the best name, but it fits, and its different. 🙂

  270. I just got my Crown tail betta on december 1st! He is very handsome. White head, fading into ice blue, and then red tips on his tail. I am a japanese minor and really wanted to give him a creative japanese name. So i went with Mezuiro! Which means ice or sky blue. and of course i got ill informed at petsmart (they had me buy a very small half gallon tank) So now he is in a gallon with light and bubbles. He has never been so active! Thanks for all the great advice!

  271. I just bought 2 fish, a pretty white and blood-red female (Looks almost like her finns were dipped in paint), and a iridescent-scaled, cherry-red-finned male (Flashy with a side of pizzaz). The male’s name is Crimson Flare because he won’t stop flaring, and the female’s is First Frost because she ignores him to come look at me, almost like she’s saying, “Watchya doin?” They both have sweet personalities, but the male is moore on the vain side! I found this site helpful in finding a suitable aquarium for them.
    Thanks! 🙂

  272. Oh! These names are cool! I Just got my crownfish betta yesterday! and I heard all of these rumors about how easy they are to take care of blah blah blah. Found out it was all lies!! I’m glad i decided to research! Working on getting the proper stuff for him now
    I happen to absolutly love the movie megamind and when i first saw my crownfish beta he was sweet and chill in his little cup. I felt so bad how they were treating these fish! ( this walmart was horrid with the fish. The worst i’ve ever seen.) I wonder if i could say something about that hmm..
    Anyways My little Minion Started Flaring at me and swimming around instantly! Finally able to stretch!

  273. Lets see…. Bonito,wich is beautiful in spanish was my first betta.
    Sakira was betta 2
    Stumpy,wich is my oldest rite now
    I then found that since Bettas originated in Thailand,and the Phippines and my bff and a couple coworkers are from those places I have learned words in their language to name my newer ones!!!
    Muganda also means beautiful,but in phippino(was a personal favorite that died on accdent.
    Gypsey I addopted from a friend whos son wasnt taking care of him who later commited fishy suicide and jumped out the tank….yeah Ive fixed that for later fishes!!!
    Calypso….beautiful amazing green green!!
    and my 2 newbies are….
    Talla ( wich means star)
    Bua (means moon)

  274. My son named his new betta Tabasco…he is 4,…it amazes me the things kids come up with

  275. My first, and current betta’s name is Confetti. I’ve had him over 3 years. He is a Crowntail. I’ve decided to name my next betta “Ninja” unless his personality shows otherwise. I’m going to get Ninja in a few weeks. I already have a 5 gallon tank set up for him. 🙂 I used to have a 20 gallon tank with some females. Their names were Flo, Daisy, Jumpy (because she jumped out of the tank and survived), and Rose.

  276. my betta fish is name Nami, japanese name for wave bc hes blue and his fins flow like waves in an ocean.

  277. i have a red male betta (his name is Domino) and i bought another one today, a royal blue veiltail which i called flash. hahah the two names sound good together! Domino and Flash!

  278. I am 13 and i got my first betta recently, he is a whitish gold color, his name is Squee.

  279. When I got my betta boy my sisters insisted on Jaws but my mom suggested Finn and it definitely fits because whenever you feed or watch him he gets all excited and flaps his fins.(like a dog waging it’s tail).(;

  280. my betta names are: Rainbow,RosePuff,Toshi,Miki,King,Ribsy,Dynamite,Bojing and Suki.

  281. Just got my first male betta he is red and after four days of him remaining nameless I have decided on the name Dex. This is after watching a movie with the main character’s name being this… Loving betta live at this time and have decided to buy more this weekend!!

  282. I’m going to get a beta on Sat. I visited the site to get some ideas. But I don’t know what i should name him either, flubadub or po, witch one is better?

  283. I have two bettas, one I rescued from young negligent hands two years ago and one I bought two months ago. The first one is a veil tail, black body with blue fins, he was my sister’s and he didn’t even have a name by the time I decided to bring him home. He’s about 3 years old now, his name is Roger and he’s a bully! There’s no way I can put him with any other fish! He’s adorable to me and very energetic! He’s a jumper and he did land a few times in the palm of my hand while I fed him. Since I rescued him from starvation and depressing dark cold water, I think he knows I want what’s best for him. My other fish is called Brad and he’s a turquoise crown tail. I was at the pet shop and was very hesitant to buy any other betta but he really stroked me and even though I wished I could provide him with a better home, he’s on my desk and watches me when I’m on the computer. He’s watching me right now. It took him about a week to get used to me but now he comes out when I call his name and feeds on my finger tip. I also have 4 fancy goldfish in a 55 gal tank named Idiot, Touptit, Daddy and Consuelo.

  284. i have 2 betta fish, one is blue and one is red. the blue one’s name is Rock. i didn’t choose the name. i rescued him from a friend’s house because they kept him in a TINY tank, not even 1 gal, and the water was so dirty, it was brown. i just had to take him! the friend told me his name was rock. he is happy now!
    the red one’s name is King. i rescued him from a pet store that kept him in even smaller cups than walmart, with no room to swim. i named him king because he flared at me inside the cup, and he would swim around the tank like he’s boss. he got over flaring at me but when i put a mirror in front of him, he flares big time and starts strutting around. 🙂

  285. My mom and I had a betta that I named Arminius, after the ancient Germanic chieftain. My own betta (that I just got today!) is named Fafnir.

  286. I have two bettas.
    The blue one is Ticheli and the red one is Zimmer. I’m a band geek and those happen to be two of my favourite composers.
    I’m currently about to treat Ticheli for his dropsy :/

  287. I bought my fish over the Christmas break and now it lives with me in my dorm room at school! I was trying to think of a name and the first name that popped into my head was Chester. And after that, I couldn’t think of a better name than Chester. So now, Chester and I now live happily together…we definitly had a scare moving in when he went flyig out of my hand in his cup when I took a really bad fall on the ice…but thankfully he is fine and has started his bubble nests already lol.

    • I got my Betta from my son (Mike). He is now lasted longer than any other fish I have ever had. His name affectionately is called “Billy”. At night time he is “Billium (for William)

  288. about 2 years ago i got a veil-tail, i think, and named him ernie, because my friend always had a betta named bert. i thought they could hypothetically be friends. 😉
    anyway, he ended up being so much more an important part of my life than i thought and i loved him dearly. he was my ernie-bear. i used to have an infamous video of him swimming around and me saying “this is my fish. he’s pretty old. but he’s a very pretty fish.” now i miss him. he died after a year. a short while after, to remember him and what an impression he left on me as the first thing that had ever completely relied on me, i got a tattoo of him. he was so beautiful, too. his body was yellow that faded into a deep purple and his fins were that purple that faded into this lovely magenta at the ends.
    anyway, im thinking about a getting a girl for my next one. maybe name her lucille.

  289. Hi I named my new betta Moonbeam because he sort of looks like one if you look at him, sorry but I dont have a picture.:)

  290. My boyfriend names his bettas after famous wizards so we tried that route, but couldn’t decide on a name. (Gandalf was the main possibility, but he didn’t seem like a Gandalf–too dark.) Not long after we got the little guy, we were watching the anime Steins;Gate, and decided to go with the main character’s wacky naming convention for his “future gadgets” and add our own nerdy flair:
    “[bracket] insert wizard name here [/bracket] (parenthesis) name subject to change (/parenthesis)”
    We actually say “bracket” and “parenthesis”…we just call him Brackets, now. ^_^ His full name reminds me of the names people give their pedigree show dogs. *laugh* Now I want to name the next one Curly Brace.

  291. I’ve got the cutest little dark blue with deep purple fighter with quite the personality which I’ve named Dimitri 🙂 My younger brother has a bright red fighter who is Damon and my sister has named her multi-toned pink, blue and purple fighter from Fishy to Gutso 🙂

  292. I’ve had my betta for about 6 months? He’s doing pretty well, currently looking for a new and bigger tank for him, one that can hold a heater AND filter! (My house is freezing. Bless Tassie).
    My Betta is a deep, scarlotty red, with bright blue streaks at the start of his fins. After seeing and loving the movie Megamind…. I decided to name him….
    It suits, because he’s my (evil) Minion. Partner in crime Muahahaha.
    His full name is Minion Amoeba AQUA Anastasia Westbury
    (Westbury being my surname)
    He is pretty easy to look after, I mean, he’s my betta and im 14, And he’s still alive.

  293. I have two female bettas at the moment. I did have three, but sadly he died just after a month. His name was Snake. I named him Snake because he sorta reminded me of how a snake looks. He was thin, blue and beautiful with flowy fins. RIP Snake.
    But now I have a tiny, red, seemingly calm betta named Ruby. Because her deep red color. I love her so much.
    And then I have another one named Sweet Tart. She’s my first betta Ive gotten. I named her that because she can be sweet, but when she sees Ruby, she can act like a tart? I just think it’s a cute name 🙂

  294. I got my first betta about a month ago; a red little guy that I fondly named Captain Pickles. 🙂 Why? I don’t know lol. But I love him!
    Thanks for all the great info you have on your site!!!

  295. I just got a betta fish today and named him Tsukichi, He is white with red coloring at the base of his fins. I came up with his name using google translate and found that Tsuki means Moon and Chi means blood, so being a Japanese fanitic I had to name him that. I love betta fish and I had one once named Lucky. I named him that because when I had him his tank had tipped over and he was litterally a fish outta water. I wasn’t home at the time this happened so I’m sure that you can imagine my surprise when I found that all the water was dried up on my carpet and him laying there, still alive. He was a truly Lucky little fishie

  296. A few days ago, after Snakes death, I decided to get another male betta. But this time I bought a beautiful white bodied, blue fins with red pointed tips at the end. I named him Liberty. He’s my first Crown tail betta 🙂

  297. I’ve had lots of Bettas….. these are some

  298. I have two Beta’s male and female Romeo and Juliet. They hit it off right from the start. I love watching them and learning more about them They are beautiful shades of blue and purple. perfect match.

  299. Hi,
    I got my betta fish four months ago. He was really calm until a few days ago. Now when I open my dresser, my fish presses his fins close to his body and acts really skittish. I feel bad for the little guy and want to know what to do. I’m thinking it has something to do with a recent road trip we took. There had been a rocky road and I’m wondering if thats the cause. Thanks!

  300. We named our betta Todd. Due to murder (the cat got him while we were out) and two cases of dropsy, we just lost Todd III. Going tomorrow to get bigger tank and heater and Todd IV.

  301. I have two lovely Bettas right now. One is an older metallic cobalt blue male that has simply been dubbed ‘Big Blue’ or ‘Blue’ for short, just seemed to fit the mellow little fish.
    My other Betta is a mutt colored Halfmoon male. (he was so lively in his little pet store cup that I couldn’t just leave him there) He ended up getting the name ‘Lorcan’ which means ‘little warrior’. A name he earned when he tried to attack my cat and ended up scaring her off my desk.

  302. Antonio ( The oldest and the largest one)
    Jem ( The little, speed baby)
    Scout ( The boss, and the jaws. He tends to attack his food when I feed him. Poor fella probably never ate in the store.. ): )

  303. I rescued a betta from a store, someone had put a male crow-tail in the same container as him and he was ripped to shreds. Got a sales associate to help seperate em and took him home. I didn’t name him at first afraid he wouldn’t make it but now he’s getting better so I named him Butters.

  304. My lil’ guy’s name is Alpha. He’s a red and blue crowntail that I love to watch swim around in his habitat that I made for him. My boyfriend laughs and says I spoil my fish… but we spoil Kratos the snake and Duke the Dog so it’s okay 🙂

  305. My mom was given a betta in a bowl with a plant on top as a housewarming gift the year my grandpa George passed away, so we affecionately named him George.
    Since then, every betta I’ve had, has been named George. 🙂
    Currently, a large, brilliant red one with thin cobalt blue lines in his fins when he flares. So lovely. I was at Walmart, browsing clothes. Not even looking for a new pet, but I decided to check out the pet section. There was one little container, with the filthiest water I had EVER seen, and what looked like a half-dead, dull red betta. The water looked like someone peed cloudy in it. Sick! I took him immediately to the front and asked to speak to a manager. Well, just my (and George’s luck) the corprate manager or top of the totem pole, was there that day. And that’s who I talked to. I let him know that this was HIGHLY unacceptable, not to mention un-professional…Oh, and is considered animal abuse in my eyes. I told him that one of two things was going to happen. He was either going to let me change this fish into fresh water, that I would NOT be paying for, or he would very kindly give me this fish to take home. I let him know, if I was going to be taking this fish home,I would need a fish bowl, water, and food. I walked out of there, with George, his new home and plenty of food. Free of charge. I’ve had him almost a year.
    I just rescued a second one and I’m not sure what to name him. I was thinking about Fred… (Fred and George, teeheehee) or …well… I’m not sure. My husband said Sam. We’ll see. He jumped out and was sticking to the kitchen floor when we got home, if he lives, (hopefully he does) I might just name him Lucky. Cute huh? 🙂
    I love my betta buddies. <3

  306. Hey Christie! I got my first Betta about a month and a half ago after my roommate moved out. It was getting kind of lonely and I had been thinking of getting a fish to keep me occupied for a while anyway. I searched for a pet store for about two weeks or so and I ended up finding a Petco two metro stops from my dorm. As soon as I saw him, I knew that my blue-green veil tail was going to be my little baby for the next few years. His name is Lukas. Why? I’m not sure. I think it might be that I thought a strong fish like a Betta needs a strong name 🙂

  307. I bought my first betta a couple days ago and have named him Cornelius James Wentworth Esquire I, he has an amazing personality 😮 )

  308. I had a red and blue veiltailed betta named Antoine who was my first only lasted three weeks.
    My second was a beautiful blue and red crowntail betta named Lucier who I had for a year and passed away a few weeks ago.
    My third was a pale cream, red, blue, and purple veiltail named Lestat who I had for 6 months
    My fourth was a drop dead GORGEOUS purple and white halfmoon betta named moonbeam who I had for a month and a half before my dwarf gourami killed him
    My fifth is a gold and purple halfmoon betta who I recently named spit fire since it goes so well with his personality

  309. I got my betta in January. He’s all red, except for a little blue streak on his tail fin. Since he was red, I named him Pepperoni. I know, wired name rite? But Im into food, and he was the red shade of pepperoni on a pizza.anyways,I’m worried since I read the part on your websit about low air, cuz he’s been cuming up to get air since before I changed his tank, which was 1 hr ago. Should I do sumthin or just let him breath air on the surface?
    Also, I’m not sure but he mite b albino. I’m not sure wy, but the top half of his eyes are red, and the bottom’s just white. Is that weird?

  310. I’ve only had 3 betta but I also end up naming them some nerdy sort of name (I am kind of a nerd though)
    My first was a cobalt betta with red ventral fins. He was named Enki, after the Sumerian Creator deity and god of water. He was a sneaky lil bastard >=D but I loved him. He died due to my brother’s stupidity >=(
    Then I got a pure black betta which I named Nai (Japanese for nothing). My mother looked in my tank when there were no lights and said she could see nothing and that’s pretty much how he got his name.
    My third betta is an opaque albino and I have to say he’s pretty much my favorite. He’s named Kresnik after a Slovenian legend. Kresnik is a vampire hunting shaman who is the antithesis to Kudlak (the vampire in question).
    I’m wanting to get a pure black betta to keep along with krusnik so I can name him Kudlak, I think that would be so cool!

  311. I just got a pruple and red Betta fish for my birthdyay last month and me and my mom named him kingston

  312. I received a betta for Christmas from my boyfriend. I named him Belvedere. He unfortunately passed a couple weeks after that, but I have recently purchased another one. He is a white pearl color and I named him Ryan Reynolds 🙂

  313. I have one betta named dartagnan i just got him yesterday. But he shares a tank with my sisters (we have a divider) hers is named jasper. My brother also got one he named im peter paul.

  314. I received a betta as a retirement gift. He was in a floral vase with a peace plant on top. Instructions were to feed two or three pellets of (supplied) food daily and change the water about once a year! I didn’t think that sounded right so I beat a path to the internet. BILLYBONG is now a happy Betta in a 5 gallon tank. (And, the peace plant is doing well in it’s own pot!) Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this website!

  315. I have 4 bettas. One is named Atilla which means little terror and that he is. He loves to hide behind his filter and charge you when he sees you getting close. The second is named Kaida which means little dragon. Again it very fitting. He loves to flare a everything fingers, his food, the tv and anything else that he sees. The 3rd and 4th havent got names yet. Just bought them yesterday and i’m waiting to see more of their personalities.

    • We did name the 3rd and 4th bettas. The are Ryuu and Arrgh(like a pirate sound..lol It’s because his beard is jet black and so are his eyes so he looks like a pirate when he flares).. My 13 yr old son bought his own betta and name him Honkie..

  316. I had a betta fish that recently died and his name was bobby joe frank. I actually didn’t name him that I got him as a presant for my birthday from one of my friends and didn’t feel like changing his name.

  317. In Febuary I got….
    a Black halfmoon called storm (not very creative i want to change his name so SUGESTIONS PLEASE!!)
    A Veil Tail X Crowntail with a pink body red fins with glowing blue streakes then a luminous purple outline around his tail his name is <3 Sushi <3
    And lastly Ace a little shortfin halfmoon white body with red fins and milk white streaks going in to his fins

  318. My 3yo just got her very first pet– a blue male beta. She named him Daddy-O. He’s a very cool blue. The name was her idea. She wanted to get an orange one and name it Bodacious, but we couldn’t find oranges.

  319. I have 2 bettas… One is red (male) I named him red! 😉 and my female is grayish blue, I named her skye…

  320. I’ve had many bettas over the years. They are just so elegant and beautiful! Mostly all veiltail males, and a handful of half-moons.
    Rave – my first, he was a veiltail and he was a gorgeous whitish peach color with blood red fins. The base of his fins were a brilliant purple that streaked out and faded. And the tips of his bottom fins were white. My friend helped name him, rave because of his beautiful bright colors. He was great, he loved my cat, as weird as that sounds! He always used to hide in this fake pink plant I had for him, but when my cat(Trixie) was next to the tank watching him he’d always swim over and sit right on the glass and watch her back! It was so cute lol
    Supernova – he was also a veiltail, black with white streaks in his fins, all of his fins faded to white.
    Sushi – he was a half-moon and his body was black, his face was white, and his fins were black at the base and green to the ends. He had a white stripe from his head down his back to the tip of his top fin.
    Taco – he was also a half-moon, though a friend told me he was a butterfly, the sticker on his tiny container said half-moon. Anyways he had a brown body that was orange marbled to the head and his tail was bright orange and brown at the tips.
    Waldo – obviously he was white and red lol. He was a veiltail with a white body and red and white striped fins.
    Sapphire – he was a veiltail and he was a brilliant blue, his head was a deep blue almost black that marbled into the brighter blue. The top and tips of his fins were all dark blue/black. And he was picky, wouldn’t eat the flakes, only pellets and then wouldn’t eat those and decided he liked the flakes again. Very indecisive :p
    Jerky – a red and orange veiltail, my boyfriend named him.
    Orchid – he was the last, he was a purple white and black half-moon, he was drop dead gorgeous! His body was mostly a vibrant purple which was white towards the head and black to the base of his fins. His fins were purple and faded to white. I got him the same day my orchids bloomed, so I decided that was a good name for him, since he was so beautiful like the flowers
    I miss them all 🙁

  321. My first Betta was a Veiltail named Stanley. He was adopted from a college friend who had left him nameless, then left him to go home and get married. I had Stanley for over two years before he went to the big fishtank in the sky.
    I recently got a new Halfmoon Betta. His full name is Ignacio Medialuna Luchador de Siam, Nacho Fish for short. He is a fantastically happy fish, worthy of his awesome name. 🙂

  322. Ive always loved Bettas their so beautiful I’ve recently become adicted to them and I love finding unique ones my husband says I need help as hes laughing at me my room is looking like a fish shop since they each have their own 2 gal. tanks I have 11 right now 2 are females I havn’t named them all yet I’m finding it hard to name some of them so far I have
    vietail female -all fins/tail purplish red w/ white body w/ a pearly glaze look–shes my newest still needs a name
    crown female-fins/tail bright red body lighter red –Ruby
    crown male-tye dyed w/red,white,pink & blue — Tye
    crown male-dark red tail/fins w/blue outline w/drk red & blue body — king
    crown male-bright red tail/fins w/pinkish body w/red & bluemixed around –Prince
    short finned male- completely white with a short round tail –Snow
    Halfmoon male- darker red all over with bright blue lines in tail and down body–Mooney
    fantail delta male- drk greenish black body w/red tail/fins that turn drk blue on edges — no name yet
    halfmoon delta male- realy light orangy yellow w/ black outlined scales– no name yet
    double tail male- white body that fades to bright blue w/blue & white tail/fins w/red spots at the ends– name was purdy but it turned out to be a boy so needs a new name
    short finned elephant ear male- front fins & mouth white rest is maroonish with thin white outline–Puppy (he acts just like a puppy!)
    I love my bettas I take pride in their tanks keeping them nice & clean they’re always happy filling their tanks with bubbles swimming all around their all beautiful and so different pics are way better than words
    but if anyone has any name ideas send them my way please!

  323. Named mine Spitter Jones because he would always spit his food out and eat the smaller pieces 🙂

  324. I just got a Scarlet Badis. I named him Ed, and it’s stuck, unlike the shrimp ladies, who got renamed multiple times. (Now one is Crutch and the other is House, named for the distinguishing features in their tiger markings.)
    I haven’t been naming the new Adonis Tetra, because they all look alike. The shrimp names will probably have to go when I get more of them.

  325. I don’t have a betta but I have two guppies names katniss and peeta (like from the hunger games)

  326. Im naming my first Betta “Ares” – the great Olympian god of war (= seeing how hes a fighting fish. Im not sure what kind he is but hes dark blue in the front and then turns light blue/turqouise in the back

  327. Hi. I just got a male betta and am deciding on names. When my boyfriend gets here, we will vote on our favorite. Here are some of the names we have considered:
    The Fonz
    Pat obrien – for the red hurricanes, my betta is red
    JR – we live on a street named south fork
    Phenergen – we are medical
    Bobby McGee
    Otis redding
    Glen livet
    Ragin cajun
    Hope I could help! Claire

  328. Ive had two bettas the first was named Sea green because of his fin coloring he has since passed but I had him for a while. Now I have another Betta got him in February on the 25 of this year he has gotten big and healthy I named him Nascoto in Bella Vista it means hidden in plain site in Italian. He makes bubble nests sumtimes hes acompanied by two algae eaters in a 3 gallon tank with a filter. The algea eaters are named Ghost and Dark night

  329. I have a girl and a boy. Named them bob and Marley 🙂 my make just started his first bubble nest. I think its the most interesting thing ever

  330. This is going to sound awful but my Betta’s name is Zedd… which sounds harmless unless you’ve seen Pulp Fiction–in the movie, “Zedd’s dead baby, Zedd’s dead.”
    Actually, he used to zoom around, then float to the top of his tank and play dead… what a clown.

    • I love it Marissa! My cats are named Vincent (as in Vega) and Zoe (from Killing Zoe). Can’t go wrong with Quentin T.!

  331. I got a male betta about 2 months ago and i named him Mr.Akai (red) Fishy. He’s red and bluish-purple. About 2 days ago, I came home from school and there was a little white betta in a cup on my desk!!! I was sooo happy! I named him Snowflake because he’s white and tiny. I love my bettas! (and until i found this site i didn’t know that there were so many others who enjoy the company of bettas as much as i do!) 🙂 🙂

  332. I have a yellow rosetail betta named Sunshine and another one named Pikachu.
    #Alisha : I like the name snowflake!

  333. Thanks Diana! By the way Pikachu ist a good name too. What made you think of calling him that?

  334. I got my first betta today and was sure I’d call him Alfonse no matter what he looked like (I thought a fish was okay to pre-name) but when I chose him it just didn’t suit him at all. I guess Alfonse would have had to be more red or maybe fully grown, or just more “French” 😛 Either way, it just didn’t stick. In some lights he is royal blue with a little bit of orangey red, in others he is blue and salmon pink and in others still he is bright green and candy floss pink. That’s every colour of the rainbow but yellow. I tried following the rainbow train of thought but couldn’t get anything that sounded nice. Then I thought his colours would be appropriate for a butterfly but Butterfly sounded a bit uncreative and childish so I called him Schmetty, short for Schmetterling which is German for butterfly. Knowing a few languages always comes in handy when a name doesn’t work in English 🙂 Schmetty also works because it sounds a little like smutty and his head is brown. Schmetty the delta betta has a nice ring to it and I am one happy betta mama.

  335. Humma Kavula is my current betta’s name. From the movie Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. He just acts so much like the charector =)

  336. i have a male fish but i dont now what i should name him. he is blue with ared tail and lines on the back. should i name him guppy

  337. my first betta (still going at a year old), i named doctor frank n furter. i call him the doc for short. he’s such a sociopath, but such a goof!

  338. I love your website. It’s been very helpful. I have only had my Betta for a few months now and all I can say is I’m in love. He was hard to miss. He has a black body with dark violet overtones, and his fins are peach with streaks of teal, purple, and tipped in the same black and violet color as his body. He has quite the personality too. I couldn’t help it, I named him Adonis, but I call him Ady for short.

  339. hi I just found this website and its amazing! so much good advice should’ve checked this out before I started my first filtered and heated tank. I’ve had bettas before named: Ryu (dragon in Japanese) midnight, finnigan
    my first crown-tail is named Finnick Harlou Zayniam (harlou Zayniam courtesy of my 1D obsessed sister) aka bluebayou (courtesy of my mum). Finnick came from The Hunger Games in honour of Finnick Odair who isfrom the fishing district. he is beautiful and energetic and kinda aggressive. beautiful but deadly like his namesake 🙂

  340. I got a betta its purple, red, blue and tiny black Please what should i name it ?
    any suggestions?

  341. I named my superhero … ” Dei Dei Candy ” often called as ” Candy ” … Dei Dei means (in Tamil language) Hey Hey.

  342. My daughter named our’s Weather- he’s every color we see here in AZ-from the bright blue turquoise sky, orange/red sunset, dark purple thunderstorms, pink/yellow sunrise and even a little brown and copper duststorms.
    Fabulous site, very informational for the beginner!

  343. I have had four fish: (in order)
    Shark Bait (a blue betta. Lived the longest)
    Sushi (a red/white betta. Short lived due to poor care in the pet store)
    Skittles (a light blue betta w/a rainbow sheen. also short lived)
    Gibbs (a blue betta. Second longest lived)
    I’m planning on getting another betta. I’m not 100% sure what color, I was thinking the navy/dark blue with red streaks bettas, and naming it Magikarp after the water pokemon 🙂

  344. I have a Blue Betta who normally resides in my office at work. His name is Bud E. Wizer. “Buddy” got his name from the drive into work. When the car hit a bump, naturally he heard “are you okay buddy” and “we’re almost there buddy”. Just seemed like the right name for him! He is my teams mascot and even has a title. Dauntless Defender of Quality!

  345. I <3 this website! I am currently a betta owner, but I have been an owner of 2. My former female's name was Joanie, and my current veiltail female's name is Joni-Marie. Joanie's nick name was "Bubbles"(that was her middle name!), and Joni -Marie's nick names are "Veiltail" or "Marie". Joanie's middle name was "Bubbles",because she would always blow "air kisses!" LOL!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  346. My last Betta just died D’: I bought him when I was 14 and I just turned 19, he was quite the ol’ timer. Anyway his name was Filipe Pebbles, I had just moved to Lisbon, so I thought the Portuguese name fit rather well. I just couldn’t go long without another fishy friend, so I bought two more about a month ago and named them Klaus and his Narcissus. I just liked the name Klaus, but Narcissus, Nari for short, just looks at his reflection in the glass all day, that’s how I came up with the name. Haha

  347. Currently, I have 6 Betta fish: Incendio (red female), Chile (red male), Indigo (dark blue male), Sunshine (yellow female), Shimmer (GORGEOUS female crown tail!), and Scampers (metallic green/blue male). Oh make that 7, I forgot to add Spots (red/blue male). =)