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Hey Nippyfish Readers! It’s late and I’m sort of tired so rather than posting the usual Q&A, I’m just going to reprint this really nice email I got today from a reader. It was so thoughtful, it made my day. The emails I get from readers are really what make the blog as successful as it is. So thanks again to you all, the readers for emailing your questions and comments. Happy 4th of July to my fellow American readers too. Enjoy the holiday and stay safe. 🙂

MB, DVM wrote:

I’m a veterinarian who aspires to work with fish and other aquatic animals when I “grow up,” and I just wanted to let you know that your site is a wonderful wealth of knowledge and experience in betta keeping. I was impressed by the content, and I would definitely refer clients with questions about their betta and for examples of good husbandry practice to take a look at your site. I’ve done lots of work with veterinarians in public aquarium and tropical fish aquaculture settings, and I wish that more vets out there understood the importance of knowing at least the basics about good fish husbandry, so laypeople would look to us, not pet store workers (nothing against them, some are very good at what they do, but as you know, some of them aren’t!) to get advice on pet fish health and husbandry. Just thought I’d give you a smile with some words of kindness…
Enjoy your 4th of July Holiday!

If any of you fish hobbyists out there know of a great veterinarian that knows his/her fish and want to share them with the rest of the world, please to let us hear your recommendations.

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  1. Tia says:

    hi my betta fish Arnold is currently getting some white dots that i think may be Ich!! i love him so much and i dont want any thing to happen to him :,(
    heres a link to a photo where you can see the dots on his gills.

  2. Yana says:

    Hello, my betta fish is stopped eating about n12 days ago. She still looks the same. She does not eat any food, I tried several things. She put it in her mouth and then spits it out. She wants to eat but she spits it out! I also changed the water and added a few salt thingies from PETCO and I added some new things to the aquarium. The temp is 74 degrees, so no temp changes. She does also have a white thing on her belly, she has had it the whole 8 months that I have her and she was fine before this. please help!

  3. Mitch says:

    Our betta has a long white stringy thing hanging under his front where the little tiny fins are. We googled it and it said it could be tapeworm so got treatment using Prozi-Pro. It went away after the first treatment but seems its back.

  4. BigBonusmem says:

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