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I like to think of as the best Betta website on the web but sure as Bettas are feisty, I am bias. Nippyfish isn’t the only Betta-centric site out there, so I thought I would take a moment to nod my cap at some other great sites that offer useful Betta-specific information and advice.

Here is Nippyfish’s favorite Betta fish websites for 2009!

1. Aquamaniacs.netAquamaniacs is a phpBB online community forum with a variety of aquarium-specific categories that members can post in. Several years ago they added a discussion page just for Bettas. This site ranks numero uno on my list for their amazingly talented and dedicated moderators who offer consistently smart and reliable advice. Great place to get help for a sick Betta.


Betty Splendens is run by a breeder by the name of Victoria. Her website is chuck-full of detailed breeding information and sharp wit and she even boasts interviews with some of the best known breeders in the biz. My favorite feature is the Betty Splendens Bettacast, a podcast just about bettas which you can link to on her site or through iTunes.


Healthy Betta is fish care website dedicated to Fighting Fish and is full of easy to understand, well categorized articles that are beneficial to anyone interested in Betta fish, especially those who are newer to the hobby. Nippyfish gives Healthy Betta the thumbs-up for giving safe and conservative advice. A great read for any newbie.


The International Betta Congress (IBC) is probably the single most relevant betta site on the inter-web. The IBC is an international club for Betta breeders and Fighting Fish lovers. They are what “The Academy” is to the Oscars. For a small annual fee you can become a member of the IBC which entitles you to show your fish in competitions and gets you a subscription to Flare!, the IBC’s monthly magazine. They lead the way in Betta-science and help enthusiasts keep abreast of the most current information in the hobby.


AquaBid is the eBay of online fish auctions. If you’re looking for something a little more unique than your average pet store Fighting Fish, you can find it here. Their Betta fish selection is impressive and there is something available for any budget. and Nippyfish: A Betta Blog is dedicated to fish hobbyists like you. We offer Betta splendens general care, illness, and disease information, aquaria articles, book & product reviews and more. A place for anyone who loves Siamese Fighting Fish and the aquarium hobby.

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