The answers to the last Betta Poll are in: What Do You Mainly Feed Your Betta Fish? Once again our readers have turned to the polls to tell us what they use to nourish their betta fish. This week, readers could select more than once answer and the results taught us that most Nippyfish readers feed their bettas a combination of pellets and flake or freeze dried foods. Only a few of you are opting to incorporate frozen and live foods into your bettas’ diets.
While there are advantages and disadvantages to all types of betta foods I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage our readers to add more frozen and live foods to their betta’s diet. These foods are closer to what your betta would eat naturally, they contain a lot of moisture and are less likely to cause bloating and bettas love the taste. Brine shrimp, tubifex, bloodworms, blackworms, mysis shrimp or beef heart are just a few of the many live and frozen options suitable for your betta.

78% (18 Votes) Commercial Fish Pellets (Like Hikari Bio-Gold or similar)
34% (8 Votes) Commercial Flake Food
56% (13 Votes) Freeze Dried Fish Food
17% (4 Votes) Frozen Fish Foods
2% (2 Votes) Live Food (Brine Shrimp, black worms, tubifex, etc)

This week’s Betta Fish Poll: How many betta fish do you currently own?

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