Bettas, originally uploaded by The Wandering Angel.

The answers to the last Betta Poll are in: How many betta fish do you currently own? The majority of our betta readers own one betta fish currently but almost as many of you have been bitten by the betta bug and own multiple bettas. A few of you don’t have any bettas yet. Kudos to you for researching before you take the plunge into betta care. Even betta breeders stop by the Nippyfish blog. Welcome to you and all your betta fish too.

6% (2 Votes) Currently own 0 Bettas
50% (16 Votes) Currently own 1 Betta
40% (13 Votes) Currently own 2 – 5 Bettas
0% (0 Votes) Currently own 6 –10 Bettas
0% (0 Votes) Currently own more than 10 Bettas
0% (1 Vote) I’m a Breeder, Too Many to Count

This week’s Betta Fish Poll: Which common betta illness has you stressed?

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  1. Anna says:

    Look at all of the wonderful pictures you have here! I’ve never seen so many beautiful female bettas in one place.

  2. Freshwater Fishes says:

    Wow I had no idea femal bettas could be so pretty. I thought they where all dull. Great informative blog.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have six in total…
    4 males and 2 females.

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