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In the last Nippyfish Poll we asked our readers; which common betta illness has you stressed? The results are in and they are all over the board.

54% (13 Votes) Fin Rot
25% (6 Votes) Swim Bladder Disorder
12% (3 Votes) Parasites (Ich, Velvet, Etc.)
20% (5 Votes) Fungus (Cotton Wool or Others)
20% (5 Votes) Dropsy
16% (4 Votes) Bacterial Infection (Septicemia, Popeye, open wounds)
8% (2 Votes) Other

It’s no surprise that more than half our readers are battling fin rot. Bettas, with their long and flowing fins, are prone to this bacterial infection which is caused by poor water quality. To prevent fin rot, test your aquarium water regularly for ammonia, keep up with your regular water changes and remove any uneaten food and waste from the tank bottom and anywhere that your betta may drag his tail fin. Most fin rot is minor and is treatable without medication. Minor fin rot consists of lightly tattered fins, bloody fin tips or pin holes. More severe fin rot may need to be treated with a wide spectrum antibiotic. We define severe fin rot as rapid or significant fin loss (more than half the fin has fallen away).

This weeks Betta Poll: Do you name your Betta Fish?

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