Salt Baths are also known to be very helpful as an additional treatment for any type of fungus or with parasites. The following instructions were provided by a member of Healthy Betta and have warrented many positive results.

Salt Bath Instructions:
Use a one gallon container full of aged pretreated water. Add one Tablespoon of Aquarium Salt. Heat on the stove or microwave until it is warm, around 80 degrees.

Float your fish in a cup in the warmed water allowing him adjust to the temperature. Release your betta into the salted water and let him soak for 15 minutes.

Unless your bettas tank/bowl temperature is the same as the bath temperature, it is important that you be sure to float your betta in a cup allowing him to readjust to the temperature in his bowl/tank before releasing him back into his home. You do not want to put your betta through the shock of a drastic change of temperature.

The salt bath is recommended twice a day for a really sick betta, once a day for a mildly sick or recovering betta.

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  1. Tier Y says:

    You mentioned not to use Aquariam salt in the video however on the above instructions it states aquariam salt. Could you please clarify/confirm. Thanx Tier

    • Christie F. says:

      Hello Tier, i removed the video from this post. Very often salt can help, and I constantly use it.

  2. Fernando says:

    How many times do I ahve to give the betta the bath in salt water?

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