What another wonderful little death trap for bettas.

And the only thing the azoo website has to say is this:
The AZOO Palm Aquarium is designed to be small and decorative. Aside from traditional glass bowls, the Palm Aquarium gives uniqueness and beauty like no other.
Palm Aquarium Ease
Small and decorative it is. The shapes are lovely and the colors are superb-but these little creations are not in the best interest of the betta or any fish. As any aquaria hobbyest knows-there should be one gallon of water per inch of fish. Bettas are obviously 1 gallon or more fish.

I must rank these little beauties in the same group as little 2 cup hex tanks, aquababies and those silly little round bowls they sell at fish stores.
Some obvious negatives are:

  • There is not enough room
  • Ammonia will spike rather quickly
  • Nitrates and nitrites can never be kept at normal levels in such a small environment
  • When you betta becomes sick (and he will in this) you will not be able to get accurate medicinal dosages to such a small container

Why do this to your betta when you can spend less on a 1 gallon glass bowl and provide a much better home for him?

I know this article has an “opinion” tone, but the facts are there-your betta needs at least one gallon.

My suggestion-use the azoo palm for it’s other purpose. The other purpose mentioned on the site:
Not only are they suitable for small fish but will make a beautiful centerpieces for floral and cacti arrangements.

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  1. Marty Ross says:

    However, AZOO makes no claim that it is intended as Betta tank. It is recommended for aquatic plants, shrimp, and appropriate fish. Unfortunately, the capacity is not listed.

    Killifish anyone?

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