What are Daphnia?

Daphnia, also known as ‘water fleas’ are actually crustaceans that are in the same family as shrimp, lobsters and crabs. These crustaceans are a type of plankton and are classified as invertebrates that sport a hard outer shell. Almost microscopic, Daphnia are only 1mm to 3mm long. Daphnia feed on algae, bacteria and decaying matter. Under a microscope, Daphnia have a transparent body, in which eggs within a female can be seen. Surprisingly, Daphnia can reproduce both sexually and asexually.

Daphnia are well known in the aquarium industry as they make up a large portion of food for small fish. Daphnia is easy to culture as they can reproduce asexually if the right food source is provided.


Daphnia as a Fish Food Source

Daphnia are often given to small fish due to their nutritious value. Daphnia is given to aquarium fish due to their:

  • Constipation relief benefits
  • Nutritious value
  • Great source of vitamin A (for growth) and D (bone production)
  • Source of protein, carbohydrates and fat
  • TLow cost (compared to shrimp)

What Water Species Feed on Daphnia?

  • Tadpoles
  • Newts
  • Insects
  • Small fish (Guppies, Gold Fish, Bettas, Sword Tails and Black Mollies)
  • Salamanders

Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Daphnia for Pets 

The Maximum Nutrition for your fish with Minimal Mess.  

Currently ranked the cleanest freeze dried fish food, Hikari’s freeze dried Daphnia is a great nutrient source for small freshwater fish, marine fish, coral, invertebrates and tetras. Pharmaceutical techniques are used to freeze dry Hikari foods that allows them to taste as fresh as possible.


This freeze dried Daphnia does not cloud the fish tank and comes free of parasites and harmful bacteria. Freeze dried Daphnia provides your fish with added vitamins that can help to reduce stress related diseases. Furthermore, many fish keepers give their Bettas Daphnia if they find they are suffering constipation. Freeze dried Daphnia works as a great natural fish laxative.

Hikari Freeze Dried Daphnia is sized so that even the smallest of fish can eat it without a struggle. The container allows for a ‘no touch’ feeding system, where the fish keeper can simply sprinkle the required amount of Daphnia into the aquarium. Within the container are oxygen absorbers that means your Daphnia will keep for longer once opened.

Hikari Daphnia is ranked highly by all fish enthusiasts for it’s quality and safety through a three step sterilization process. Free from artificial colors and preservatives, it makes the perfect addition to a large range of aquarium fish diets.

Please Note: Daphnia should be included as a treat only. Daphnia should not make up the entire diet of any given aquarium fish. 

Make Up of Hikari Freeze Dried Daphnia

This freeze dried Daphnia will supply your aquarium fish with:

  • Protein in the form of Daphnia
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B12


Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Daphnia can be purchased on Amazon.

A single container of 0.42 oz (12g) Daphnia is priced at $8.50 or two for $12.99.

Reviews of Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Daphnia:

  •  “I would definitely recommend this product if your fish has bloating from constipation.”
  • “My female Bettas ate this food right up! It’s very tiny and can be ground up to be even smaller so it can probably be fed to smaller/baby fish too.”
  • “I like Hikari brand products and have multiple types of their foods. I bought the daphnia just to try something new. Some of my fish love it, some ignore it.”
  • “These are a soft alternative to pellets. My Betta loves Daphnia!”
  • “Took my fish a few times to get used to it, but it’s a great addition to their diet.”

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