A Betta Goodbye

No matter how long we want our bettas to live, there comes a time in our lives, and theirs, when their death becomes inevitable. How can we better grieve for our little guys. No matter how hard you try, your betta's life will eventually come to an end be it to an untreatable illness or old age. … Read more about A Betta Goodbye

What is a Fish Worth?

I recently saw an article in the Buntbarsche Bulletin about how many supposed F0 (wild) African cichlids are actually farmed there at the shore of the lakes. When people are paying premium prices for wild caught fish and they don't get wild caught fish, they are being gypped, aren't they? This issue … Read more about What is a Fish Worth?

Shell Dweller Sampler

My interest in shell dwellers started when I began exploring the smaller species of theLamprologus genus. These fish initially caught my fancy because of the limited amount of tank space that I have. I started out keeping Lamprologus like L. leleupi, L. cygnus, and L. brichardi.These are roughly … Read more about Shell Dweller Sampler