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Darting Betta Stuck on One Side

Glisten, originally uploaded by liyah73. Q: MM wrote, Hi…I bought a betta about 2 months ago. He was swimming on his side so I bought him on purpose so they wouldn’t just “flush” him before he had the chance to be treated…I treated him with Maracyn-2 and in a matter of a day or 2, [...]

Nippyfish: On Yahoo! Messenger

Hicks watching the fishes, originally uploaded by jonnyfez. Just a quick announcement today folks. I signed Nippyfish up for a Yahoo! Messenger account. If you guys are on and ever want to chat about bettas, aquaria or just say hi feel free to do so. My Yahoo! Messenger ID is: nippyfish Hope everyone had a [...]

Advice on Getting Betta Advice

green & blue, originally uploaded by mivella. Play Podcast: Advice on Getting Betta Advice – LISTEN NOWor Subscribe to the Podcast Thoughts and tips on finding good aquarium advice in stores and online. In the last couple of weeks I have gotten a lot of emails from readers who have gotten false and even dangerous [...]

Bettas and Ich Parasites

Q: JK wrote, I am a new Betta owner and I have a dilemma. I have one very healthy Betta in a Biorb (do you think he hates the bubbles?) and one that is very sick. The sick guy was in a group tank with mollies and a cory catfish. He is (I think) suffering [...]

Chronic Betta Illnesses

portrait of a fish, originally uploaded by olya. Q: SF wrote, I have a betta who is about 2 years old. He’s not well. He is quite lethargic, sits at the bottom regularly, has just developed a few white patches and has had popeye in one eye only for about 7 months. I have tried [...]

Betta Care for the Novice

Black Velvet in motion Originally uploaded by RyanThomas. Happy New Year Betta Blog readers! I hope you had a terrific holiday. Mine was wonderful as I spent it at the not-so-sunny Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fl. No bother, a rainy vacation in Florida is better then a sunny one in D.C. anyway. Still, I’m [...]

Holiday Hugs from

No article today guys n’ gals. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone and their Bettas. May your New Year be filled with peace and love. I will be back after the New Years holiday with TONS of emails from Nippyfish readers and lots more articles and reviews. I have a little something [...]

Giving the Gift of Siamese Fighting Fish

Christmas with Alphie the Betta Fighting Fish Originally uploaded by roy_m. Q: TS wrote, I’m buying a betta fish for my boyfriend this Christmas and am going to keep it with the neighbors so I can surprise him with it on Christmas morning. What equipment will he need to have to keep the fish healthy. [...]

Eclipse System Aquarium Kit: Product Review

Eclipse 3 Gallon Originally uploaded by -Glimpse-. The Eclipse Aquarium System by Marineland I have been meaning to get to a product review for some time and figured now is as good a time as any, especially as people head out to buy gifts for the holidays. For our first equipment review, I am going [...]

Choosing a Nutritious Diet for Bettas

Buddy I Originally uploaded by -Nat. Bettas can be overweight or underweight without a proper diet. The Betta in this photo appears quite thin. Q: Anon wrote, I feed my betta a combination of frozen bloodworms, Hikari Bio-Gold pellets and freeze-dried brine shrimp. Is he getting a balanced diet and also, can you recommend how [...]

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