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Painted Fish: Animal Cruelty

painted fish 2 Originally uploaded by madkiwi. I discovered a wonderful LFS (local fish store) just outside Washington, D.C. that carries an amazing array of marine and freshwater fish. They recently expanded and are heavily staffed with knowledgeable employees and happen to be the cleanest aquarium store I have ever laid foot in. Needless to [...]

Tank Mates: The 5 Gallon

Several Ghost Shrimp can be added to a betta tank Q: LP Wrote, I wanted to ask you if you might make a post about suitable tank mates for a betta, say in a 5-gal tank. I’m getting ready to take the plunge into a 5-gal for one of my bettas (once he’s healed) and [...]

Advice Little Too Late for a Beautiful Betta

Ziggy: 2005-2006 Anyone who tells you that bettas won’t fight to the death is wrong. I know this now first hand. I recently divided my tank with my beautiful pink and purple crowntail male on one side a female on the other. I thought that it would be less stressful having a male in view [...]

Ammonia Test Kits: Nessler vs. Salicylate

Danger Ammonia! Originally uploaded by Pose. Q: What is the difference between Nessler ammonia test kits and Salicylate kits? A: Reagent Based Test Kits: There are several types of ammonia test kits available to aquarium hobbyists but one of the most commonly used are the reagent based kits. These kits come with a test tube, [...]

Bettas Don’t Do Vegetarian

The Morning Stretch Originally uploaded by oliviermela. Q: HB wrote, Can bettas feed off the roots of plants? A: I can only assume you have read the instructions that come with many Peace Lily Vase set-ups. The instructions often say that bettas will live at the base of the plant and pick nutrients or algae [...]

Choosing Food for Bettas

Male Betta Splenden Originally uploaded by nippyfish. Q: L wrote, Is there a specific brand of flake or pellet food that is best for bettas? Should I go with something specifically made for them like Betta Bites or Omega One Betta Buffet? A: There are a lot of great commercial fish foods out there that [...]

Sexing Bettas: The Ovipositor

Q: P wrote, Is there any way to tell the difference between a short finned male betta and a female? I want to buy a short finned male but don’t want to end up with a female from the breeder. Thanks. A: The difference between plakat (short finned) male and female Bettas can be a [...]

Protein Layer: Unsightly Surface Film

Q: HC wrote, There is a sludgy film on the surface of my 2.5 gallon betta tank. I’m not sure what it could be from but I’m worried it’ll make by betta sick. Even if it isn’t harmful I think it looks ugly and I’d like to know how to get rid of it. A: [...]

When Bettas Jump the Tank

Frost, lost to a tragic jumping incident. Q: LF wrote, Help my betta jumped out of the bowl. I found him on the floor still alive and put him in his bowl. He’s on the bottom kind of breathing heavily. He’s not on his side or anything. What can I do? A: Oh, how stressful [...]

Anabantoid Nursery: Cutting the Current

Stop filter current by easily modifying a tank divider Q: BB wrote, I keep my male betta in a large community aquarium. I’m afraid he can’t build a bubblenest on account of the current. Is there any advice you can offer? A: Hunny, I’ve got more advice then I know what to do with. Because [...]

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