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Marble Betta Fish – Color Changing Genes

, originally uploaded by prismaviolet. In our last article we spoke about bettas that naturally change color over time. A Nippyfish reader wrote in concerned about some pretty serous color changes. Well, she sent in some photos of her betta fish and it became immediately obvious that she has a Marble Betta. “Marble” is used [...]

Bright Colored Betta Fish – Vibrant Healthy Bettas

Gold Betta, originally uploaded by sponytales2000. Q: D wrote, I’ve looked around the net quite a bit and haven’t found an answer to this one. As you’re the enthusiast, perhaps you’ll know. My betta started out life completely white with a red dot on his tail. After finding a nice home in my 20g tank [...]

Betta Fish Poll Results: How Many Betta Fish Do You Currently Own?

Bettas, originally uploaded by The Wandering Angel. The answers to the last Betta Poll are in: How many betta fish do you currently own? The majority of our betta readers own one betta fish currently but almost as many of you have been bitten by the betta bug and own multiple bettas. A few of [...]

Cycling a Small Aquarium

Betta tank, originally uploaded by deedoucette. Q: CD wrote, I’d like to keep my water as stable as possible, and cycling a tank seems to be the best way to do that, from what I’m reading online. But I have a small “tank” for my fish, and no real place for anything bigger (we live [...]

Antibiotics for your Aquarium Fish

Betta, originally uploaded by keijock. PL wrote, I read your article on SBD (swim bladder disorder) and I would like to know which anti-bacteria meds would be best. A: I’m afraid it’s the usual answer, “it depends”. Different antibiotics treat different bacteria. Some treat gram-negative and some treat gram-positive bacterial infections. Beyond that, some are [...]

Betta Fish Poll Results: Will You Continue to Buy Veil Tail Bettas?

Just one biiig bite and…, originally uploaded by Mean and Pinchy. The answers to the last Betta Poll are in: Will You Continue to Buy Veil Tail Bettas? The masses have spoken and despite the greatly reduced numbers of veil tail bettas available at large commercial fish stores, betta keepers are still interested in buying [...]

Angry Petitioners Fight Tiny Betta Fish Cups

fishy fish, originally uploaded by hessiebell. Petitioners in Scotland are furious that local fish stores are housing their Siamese Fighting Fish(Betta splendens) in small containers instead of larger holding tanks, much like they do here in the United States. While there are laws protecting pet shop animals a loophole in the Pet Animals Act 1951 [...]

Top 5 Betta Fish Websites of 2009!

Betta splendens 3, originally uploaded by copepodo. I like to think of as the best Betta website on the web but sure as Bettas are feisty, I am bias. Nippyfish isn’t the only Betta-centric site out there, so I thought I would take a moment to nod my cap at some other great sites [...]

Betta Fish: The Perfect College Pet

.splendens., originally uploaded by brokenlenses. The first Betta I ever had I bought when I was in college. I kept him in my dorm room my 4th year, where I lived alone as an RA. Many students have animals back home and long to care for a pet at school but housing rules, hectic schedules [...]

Female Bettas: Sorority Sisters Fight Too

Quick Tip Female Betta fish can be feistier than Christian Bale on theatrical rampage. Many fighting fish enthusiasts keep female only tanks because they are more communal than their male counterparts only to be surprised later by nipped fins and missing scales. If your girls aren’t playing nice consider spreading out the aggression by keeping [...]

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