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Tank Seeding: Speeding up the Nitrogen Cycle

Madness? THIS IS FISHBOWL!, originally uploaded by hackett. Q: TL wrote, I recently heard that seeding your tank with gravel from another tank will help the cycling process go faster. Is this true and is there anything special I have to do to seed it? A: When we cycle our aquariums we grow and sustain [...]

Dropsy: Ruling Out Constipation

Photo provided by original emailer.If abdominal bloating doesn’t subside after a few days of fasting, the diagnosis may turn to Dropsy. Q: AC wrote, I think i have a problem, for the last month my betta has been getting fatter and fatter. Until recently I thought it was just a bit of overfeeding. Then I [...]

Would You Like a Nippyfish Betta?

TWO NIPPYFISH BETTAS FOR ADOPTION: SEE PHOTOS BELOW FEMALE BETTA FOR ADOPTION Hi Readers, As you may know I am moving across the country this weekend from Washington, DC to California. I am currently looking for good homes for two wonderful pet Bettas. One is a male Pineapple Crowntail and the other is a beautiful, [...]

Beta Beta Beta: Betta Sororities

Q: KB wrote, I am writing you just to say that I love your site and the blog. It’s so informative and it’s great that there is someone out there who can provide correct information about bettas. I just recently logged on to check out the blog for updates and I saw that you used [...]

Choosing the Best Method for Tank Cycling

Q: SM wrote, I have a question about my tank…I told you in the other email what I have in my tank. I just want to be assured that when I add all the fish, I cannot change the tank,until I meausre the water and the ammonia is really up , then the bacteria starts? [...]

Cleaning a Small Betta Bowl

lowping, originally uploaded by johndeand. Q: Anon wrote, What is the best way to change the water in a 2 gallon bowl? Where do you put your fish while you clean out your aquarium? A: People have different methods for cleaning out their aquariums. Some decisions are based on the type of set up, the [...]

Aquarium Clubs

Ram, originally uploaded by Dusty V. Joining an aquarium club offers opportunities that few even realize. First there are dozens of organizations all around the country and the world. Some clubs have a wide focus and discuss both freshwater and marine fish while many will chose one or the other. Still others are species specific [...]

Sending Fish on an Airplane (With & Without You)

fishes, originally uploaded by phogel. Q: R wrote, HI THERE!First of all, I’d like to say I love your blog! Thanks for keeping upsuch a great site! Second, here’s a q for you! Is it legal to travel with your betta on a plane, in a container, on your lap? Sometimes people travel with their [...]

Calculating True Aquarium Volume & Additives

Measuring Tape, originally uploaded by JamesJordan. Q: AB wrote, Your site is WONDERFUL, soooo much info. My question is how do you calculate the different water conditions? I changed a 10 gal community [tank] this past Sunday & have lost two female bettas & 2 little orange school fish. I’m not good with figuring the [...]

Large Aquariums: Housing Male Bettas with Females

Q: Anon wrote, I have a 20 gal long with some peaceful community fish and I’m currently keeping a male and female in separate tanks. I’d like to add them both to this one tank but don’t know how they will react in the same tank. Is it safe to house them together? A: Generally [...]

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