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Betta’s Body Turning Black

Emmy and her plant, originally uploaded by CerLynn. Q: YC wrote, Hi Christie! I love your site and your blog! They are very detailed and I admire how much time and effort you dedicate to this hobby. Bettas are beautiful, lovable fish and it’s nice to visit a site whose owner is not only knowledgeable, [...]

Flavobacterium columnare (Cotton Wool Disease)

Tito, originally uploaded by guerogrande. Q: AS wrote, Hey. I have been in a dilemma over this problem for a whole week. My Betta fish lives in a rather big fish bowl with plastic plant. Recently, the tips of his fins have begun turning white and has two strands of whitish substance stuck to the [...]

Dropsy: Ruling Out Constipation

Photo provided by original emailer.If abdominal bloating doesn’t subside after a few days of fasting, the diagnosis may turn to Dropsy. Q: AC wrote, I think i have a problem, for the last month my betta has been getting fatter and fatter. Until recently I thought it was just a bit of overfeeding. Then I [...]

New Fin Regrowth

MaxEffect.jpg, originally uploaded by Pteropus. Q: MC wrote, Hey Christie, I’ve looked all around for an answer to my question and can’t seem to find it. I hope you can help. I have two beautiful betta fish. One came from an oriental themed store that I couldn’t help taking home because he was close to [...]

A Betta in Sheep’s Clothing: Cotton Wool Disease

Sexta poser…, originally uploaded by Fabiz Rabbit©. Q: KG wrote, I was wondering if you could help me again. I wrote a few months back. I had a betta who appeared to have Columnaris. You suggested that I use a combination of Maracyn and Maracyn II which worked really well on the first try. Unfortunately, [...]

Dangers of Over Salting a Freshwater Aquarium

Betta…, originally uploaded by Fabiz Rabbit©. Q: CLP wrote, I got my male betta – Will on November 5th, so he’s still young. He is in a 2 1/2 gallon tank, heated to 76 degrees. I do weekly water changes of 25% and the pH is at 7.0. My betta has started having fin rot. [...]

Two Parts to Treating Fin Rot

betta close-up, originally uploaded by Stephie189. Q: SU wrote: I am a college student at Radford University. My poor betta has developed fin rot. I have had my betta for almost a year now. He has had ich before and has cleared up fine. But now he has fin rot. I first thought the light [...]

Yucky Floating Debris in Betta Tank

Photo provided by reader JE. Here you can see all the floating debris suspended in the water. Is this detritus or something else? Q: JE wrote, I hate to be a bother but I can’t find any literature that describes what on earth is going on with my Betta Elton. I’ve had him since October. [...]

New Male Bettas Have a Difficult Adjustment

IMG_3573, originally uploaded by +kdis. Q: KW wrote, Your website and blog are very useful to a first time betta owner, but I am having trouble deciding whether or not my betta is sick. I bough two bettas five days ago and have noticed some changes. When I first got them, Redfish was very active, [...]

Changing Color Around Betta’s Gills

Close up of betta gills by EM Photo of fin rot provided by EM Q: EM wrote, Hi Christie- Thanks so much for the website! It has been so helpful to me already, but my poor Betta Warren seems quite sick, so I’m writing for a little more help. It turns out the pet store [...]

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