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I am writing you just to say that I love your site and the blog. It’s so informative and it’s great that there is someone out there who can provide correct information about bettas. I just recently logged on to check out the blog for updates and I saw that you used my Firefly for the May 11, 2007 article. I was so thrilled to see my betta boy on your website! I always wondered where you got the incredible betta pictures. Ever since I posted him on Flickr, he’s gotten quite a few views. I actually got him from Petco, as a super delta. He has since hit halfmoon!

I have a quick question regarding betta girl sororities. I have a 5.5 gallon currently going through fishless cycling. I also have 4 girlies who I would love to put together. Is the tank big enough, and would 4 girls be enough to scatter aggression and establish a good pecking order? Two of the girls are particularly aggressive, because they will flare at their reflection.

A: Thanks for writing in. I LOVE that photo of Firefly! He’s a beautiful fish and the photography was top notch for the Blog. Great job. Yes it is true I get the majority of my photos from Flickr.com photographers who make their images available to Bloggers. It’s an amazing resource and the database grows more and more each day. If you ever want to know more about a specific photo or photographer you see on Nippyfish: A Betta Blog just click on the credit link below the image. Also, I’m happy to include photos from readers who write in. They often come in handy when trying to diagnose illnesses and you will occasionally see them included in my articles.

As for your female Betta sorority, I do think a 5.5 gal is a bit small for a girl tank. I probably wouldn’t put them together in anything smaller then a 10 gallon and even that is pushing it. You may still experience aggression issues. Even if they have fairly passive personalities, four females would have the tank fully stocked and the bioload maxed. If you ARE able to keep the peace you will have to be sure to keep up with those water changes to maintain good water quality. The number of girls you have is fine for a sorority tank and for spreading aggression around. They would likely do well in a larger aquarium. If you decide to try it, I’d recommend densely planting the tank and adding them when you have a couple of days free for observation. You’ll definitely want a Plan B ready just in case things get ugly. You know how girls can be. One girl flares at another girl’s guy and all heck breaks loose.

Good luck and thanks for sharing your gorgeous Firefly with all our readers.


Strawberri, originally uploaded by BettaBerries.

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  1. Traceyleezle says:

    Great post. I agree, I just did a sorority and the more plants the better. Seriously! It got to the point where I was thinking…hmmm, how about some water with those plants, but then it’s just about perfect!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the info, I’m getting 6 girls within the next week for my 20 gallon. I will be adding a 7th whom is currently alone in a 5 gallon. Hope it works.

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