“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”
~ Forest Gump

Forest Gump was right…

How many of us have brought home a betta from the pet store and he/she looks a bit different when we get home?

Reason I bring this up, is because that is what happened when I brought home Manix from the pet store. I was pretty sure that I was going to find a betta who needed a home the day I went to the pet store for supplies. I looked over the hard-to-choose selection for a few minutes, and there he was.

Manix was sitting in one of those undeniably pathetic cups looking like a rag! I thought to myself, “He looks horrible!” I asked the person who was in charge of the fish department that since he looks in such bad shape, could I get a discount if I purchased him. The person said yes and I received 20% off.

I was happy for two reasons, one was that I got a betta for cheap! and second, and most importantly, I am going to rescue you this little guy!

I got him home and took the lid off just enough so he could get some air while still in his cup. I got his home all ready, treating the water, adding salt and putting nice plants and a hidey hole in there for him.

I put him in his new home. He was a little shocked at first, considering he was in such a small space and suddenly had room to swim around. He noticed a neighbor nearby, (that would be the gorgeous Victor) and flared out.

To my surprise, when he flared out, his fins didn’t look like my other bettas’ fins. I posted a picture and asked on The Betta Obsession if someone new what kind of betta he is. Rae responded that he was a double crown tail!

I thought, wow!

He is beautiful and very different than the others! To think that I bought him home as a rescue and he turns out to be the fanciest looking betta I have!

The moral of my story is, “Bettas are like a box of chocolates.. You really never know what you might get!”

crown double tail betta

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